Her Biliionaire Husband

Her Billionaire Husband Chapter 265

Chapter 265 Finally Starting Her Own BusinessSomething was definitely wrong with Veronica’s taste in
men.“Hello, Hendrey.”Hendrey smiled elegantly and took the initiative to shake hands with
Yvonne.“Alright, have fun chatting. I have to head back to the office to settle some stuff.” Yvonne
withdrew her hand and left the ward. “Sure,” answered Hendrey as he walked into the ward with a
bouquet in his arms. He saw Veronica lying on the hospital bed and halted in his steps.The two looked
at each other and smiled knowingly.Veronica propped herself up with her hands on the bed and sat up
against the head of the bed, covering herself with the blanket.At that moment, the quiet ward made
them feel somewhat restrained and awkward.“Yesterday, you…”“You…”The two of them spoke at the
same time but stopped when they only uttered a few words. When their gazes met, they
laughed.“Ladies first. You should go first.”Hendrey placed the flowers on the table and sat on the chair
beside the bed.Seeing him being so polite, Veronica felt a little awkward.Perhaps, in front of her first
love, she found it difficult to calm down.“When did you come back?” she inquired.“I just arrived in
Bloomstead yesterday, and my friend invited me to watch the jewelry exhibition. I didn’t expect to see
you there.” After saying that, Hendrey hesitated for a moment before continuing, “On the runway
yesterday, you…”“What a coincidence!”Veronica interrupted him while smiling, “We must be fated. I
happened to be a model for the catwalk yesterday, and in order to create a selling point, I discussed
with Ivana of Julius Atelier Jewelry to make up a story for the First Love jewelry series. I never
expected you to show up at all! Sorry for the misunderstanding.”She knew what Hendrey was going to
ask, so she quickly explained the situation to him.“Does that mean you pretended to faint on the spot?”
Hendrey, like the sophisticated man he was, smiled elegantly.“Of course! Wouldn’t it be way too
embarrassing if I hadn’t pretended to faint in that situation?” Veronica raised her eyebrows and smiled
smugly, gloating, “I responded pretty quickly, didn’t I?”She pretended to be nonchalant as if she did not
take what happened yesterday to heart.Her response instantly calmed Hendrey down.He shook his
head and sighed, “You’re still the same as before, you naughty little brat.”“You don’t say.”The two
chatted until they were comfortable with each other’s presence and were not as tense as before.“Why
did you suddenly return after living abroad for so many years?”“Nowhere else beats our own country,

so I’m planning to stay back and settle down here.”“That sounds good. There is also a lot of room for
domestic development. Intellectuals like you are talented and have a bright future.”“You’re getting
better at flattery,” Hendrey could not help but remark as he chuckled. Suddenly, he thought of
something and asked, “I heard that you were being recommended to study at Collins University. How
are you doing now? You’ve studied marketing management, so you should be able to find a good
job.”Veronica did study marketing management at Collins University, but after going to university, she
preferred a major in computer science, so she took up a double degree.Initially, Veronica did land a
good job, but later when her adoptive father was injured and needed money for medical treatment, she
could only quit her job in Collins and come to Bloomstead to work as a security guard. In that way, she
could take care of her parents while earning money.After that, she met Matthew, and her journey had
been bumpy until today.“Maybe I’m too picky, so I haven’t figured out what to do yet.” She did not tell
Hendrey that she owned a bridal store.After all, the bridal store relied on the Kings Family to survive, so
it was not considered a glorious achievement or anything.“There’s no rush in looking for a job. It’s more
important that you take care of yourself,” Hendrey comforted her before raising his wrist to check the
time on his watch.“It’s getting late, and I still have something to deal with. I’ll come and visit you later.
What’s your phone number?”“Sure.” Veronica grabbed her phone and gave Hendrey her number,
adding, “Let’s chat on WhatsApp.”Hendrey tapped on his WhatsApp icon and sent a text message to
Veronica while saying, “You don’t even know how much effort it took for me to find you. I asked the
organizer of the jewelry exhibition and went around to find out that you are here.”The two then
exchanged a few more words before Hendrey left.Veronica rested in the ward all morning, put on her IV
drips, changed the bandage on her knees, and went through the discharge procedures while
limping.Once she had left the hospital and was on the way home in a taxi, Shirley called again to inform
her that all the customers who had booked their weddings had canceled.“Got it. Just do what you have
to,” uttered Veronica nonchalantly.“But… the renovations next door have all halted. Everyone is worried
that Young Master Matthew isn’t willing to cooperate with us anymore.”“Those aren’t things you should
worry about. You still have me, so don’t worry,” Veronica reassured in a low voice and comforted
Shirley, “You’ve been working overtime recently, haven’t you? Take this opportunity to take a rest along

with the others.”“Okay. Sure.”Shirley seemed to understand something but did not say much.The
reason why Veronica left the hospital so quickly was that the task ahead was arduous, and there were
still so many things she needed to do that could not be delayed.In the afternoon, Yvonne called
Veronica. “Roni, I found out who tampered with your shoes yesterday. It was Ruka.”Veronica was not
surprised to learn that it was Ruka as if everything was reasonable.“Okay. I got it.”“That’s all?”“What do
you expect? Ruka is the eldest daughter of Dame Group. Do you expect me to beat her up?” Veronica
snorted lightly and chatted with her for a little before hanging up.After that, Veronica went to the bridal
store by car, held a meeting with all her colleagues, talked about future plans, calmed everyone down,
and informed them that she was going on a business trip for a month.Following that, Veronica bought a
plane ticket to visit several places in other states for a so-called vacation.In Spinfluence Group’s
president’s office, Thomas reported Veronica’s itinerary for the first few days to Matthew.“Miss Murphy
went to Fort Schroas for a vacation, and she also bought flight tickets to Nanos and Downtown Ferris,
which are all tourist attractions. I’m assuming that she’s trying to leave town and wind down a
little.”Matthew, who was processing the documents, frowned slightly as he was puzzled by Veronica’s
behavior.This was not her usual style.“What about Hendrey?” he asked.“Hendrey joined Dame Group
and applied for the president position of Joyous Department Store’s headquarters. He is currently
serving his probation period, so he is pretty busy.”Thomas reported the results of his investigation in
detail.Matthew looked at some reports on the table and squinted his eyes, saying, “Okay. You may go
now.”“Erm… Do you still need me to continue monitoring Miss Murphy’s whereabouts?”“No.”“Got it.”
With that, Thomas turned and left.Matthew stared at the reports on the table, lost in thought.That night,
in the hospital, Veronica’s words hurt Matthew severely.He thought that cutting off the business sources
of Encounters Bridal Store would make Veronica surrender, but now it seemed that it was not the
case.She even went on a vacation!It seemed that she was having a good time.Not only Matthew, but
everyone thought that Veronica was just traveling and even signed up for local tour groups.Nobody
knew that the tour group Veronica signed up for had nine other members who called themselves Black