Her Biliionaire Husband

Her Billionaire Husband Chapter 269

Chapter 269 A Little Worried

After a while, Veronica suddenly thought of a key point. “Uncle Conrad came back not too long ago.
How did you two get so close?”

She then looked at Yvonne with sharp eyes without blinking, trying to detect anything out of the
ordinary on her friend’s face.

Sure enough, Yvonne, who had always been a social butterfly, suddenly had a subtle tinge of crimson
on her cheeks.

Veronica narrowed her eyes slightly…

Something fishy was going on!

“What do you mean? Remember the charity event last time when you dragged me to dance with
Conrad? We exchanged phone numbers back then,” Yvonne explained.


Veronica recalled what happened that day, nodded in response, and said nothing more. She merely
glanced at Conrad, who was driving, and fell into deep thought.

Although she was not close to him, he was a comfortable person to hang out with. He was not as cold
as Matthew, but for some reason, she had a hunch that Conrad was not a simple person.

Even Matthew had warned her before.

Conrad and Xavier, who were sitting in the driver’s seat and the passenger seat, were chatting and
laughing along the way. They seemed to get along well, so Veronica was relieved.

After more than an hour, they arrived at Alpine Ski Resort in Bloomstead.

Alpine Ski Resort was the largest ski resort in Bloomstead. In fact, it was the largest in the country.

Not only were there snowboard skiing activities available, there were also tubing, ice sculpture
exhibitions, as well as performances at night. It was a great place for winter travel and vacation.

Since the ski resort was at a high altitude and was on the shady slope of the mountain, it only operated
skiing activities in November every year until March of the following year.

Ski resorts required ski tracks with different slopes. Therefore, the owner of Alpine Ski Resort would
convert the steep ski tracks into paragliding spots in summer while the shorter ski tracks would be
modified to accommodate other activities to ensure that the venue was not vacant and that they had
continuous revenue throughout the year.

Once everyone got out of the car, they saw how crowded it was at the ski resort. Veronica could see
that this place was profiting by the minute and she could not help but sigh. “The business here is really
good. The boss of Alpine must have made a lot of money.”

“Yeah. Just look at the crowd!” Yvonne also sighed.

The endless stream of tourists was equivalent to walking cash notes.

“Yeah. Business is really good. As expected, Matthew is a smart businessman.” Conrad put his hands
in the pockets of his trench coat as he watched groups of tourists walking into the ski resort, looking
like he was sincerely happy for Matthew.

“Is this ski resort under Matthew’s name?”

Veronica was a little stunned because she did not expect Alpine Ski Resort to belong to him.

“Let’s head in,” Xavier suggested.

The others nodded and entered Alpine Ski Resort together to get tickets.

“Wait here. I’ll go and get us tickets,” Xavier offered.

Veronica pondered about it before suggesting, “Why don’t you go, Uncle Conrad?” She then looked at
Conrad and smiled. “You are Matthew’s uncle, so you must be able to get a discount for us. Perhaps
we can even get a pass to play all the activities in the resort to make our visit worth it!”

The cost of a huge resort like this one must have been a hefty amount. In addition to the labor, water,
electricity, and maintenance fees, the tickets must be pricey.

“True!” Yvonne strongly agreed with Veronica’s suggestion, so she urged, “Conrad, I think you should
go instead.”

“Of course, if you want me to.”

The corner of Conrad’s lips curled into a smile. Though it looked villainous, there was a hint of
obedience in his smile. Turning around, he walked to the ticket window while calling Matthew.

“I’ll get some drinks for you girls,” offered Xavier as he walked to a stall and lined up.

Since the resort’s business was booming, every stall had a long line, so it took a while to get what they

While the two girls stood at the same spot, Veronica noticed Yvonne had been constantly staring at
Conrad. It was as if her eyes were filled with stars.

“Cough…” Veronica cleared her throat, pulled the red scarf around her neck to shield her cheeks from
the wind, and asked Yvonne, “What do you think of Conrad?”


Yvonne was taken aback for a moment before she withdrew her gaze and replied Veronica, “Conrad? I
think he’s a nice person. He’s sexy, calm, and very friendly. Combined with his short beard, he looks
really handsome and cool.”

“Is he comparable to Zac Francis, the prince of Castron?” She slowly set a trap for Yvonne.

The oblivious Yvonne tilted her head and looked at Conrad without blinking. After hesitating for a while,
she replied cautiously, “He is more handsome than Zac, of course. Way more handsome.”

“Hmm… I heard that the more handsome a guy is, the more dangerous they are.” Veronica let out an
audible sigh.

It was this sentence that made Yvonne instantly catch the hint.

Her eyes sank and she turned to meet Veronica’s worried gaze. “Do you mean to say that Conrad is a
dangerous person?”

“I’m not sure, but Matthew told me that…” Veronica raised her chin slightly and pointed in the direction
of Conrad. “He’s not a simple person.”

“Tsk! They are all businessmen. Which businessman is not treacherous and cunning? Besides, a
simple-minded person isn’t suitable to run a business, right?” Yvonne snorted lightly, not taking
Veronica’s words to heart at all.

In other words, Veronica tried every means to persuade Yvonne, but her friend did not seem keen on

Sometimes, it was better to not linger on a topic too long, so Veronica decided to stop after a while.

“Can you ski?” She knew that Conrad and Xavier could ski, but if Yvonne could too, she would be

“Me? Of course, I can,” Yvonne boasted proudly.

On the contrary, Veronica pouted helplessly as she felt an oncoming headache.

After waiting for more than half an hour, they finally got the tickets and passed the security check

Since Veronica did not know how to ski, she eventually went to a ski trail suitable for newbies.

Conrad accompanied Yvonne while Xavier accompanied Veronica.

Yvonne stood in front of Conrad while holding the equipment and pouting, “Conrad, I can only ski a
little. You must stay beside me, okay? If you drop me and I get injured, you have to take care of me for
the rest of your life.”

Veronica, who was standing beside her, went speechless. However, she was still a little worried for her

“No problem, leave it to me,” he reassured Yvonne while helping her wear the protective gears.

“What are you looking at?” When Xavier noticed that Veronica was absent-minded, he quickly inquired.

“Nothing. I’m just figuring out how to use these things.” Veronica quickly found an excuse to reply to

“Come on, I’ll teach you.”

Xavier, as always, was very gentle to her. Holding the knee pads, he went on one knee to help her
wear them.

“No, it’s fine. I’ll do it myself.”

Veronica was not used to Xavier’s attentiveness, so she sat on the snowy ground without bothering too
much about her image. Grabbing the knee pads, she put on her ski gear and announced, “All done.”

Once she was done, she stood up with the support of ski sticks. However, before she could stand
straight, she exclaimed, “Oh no…”

Just as she was about to fall, he pulled her into a warm embrace and hugged her tightly as he
reminded her, “Be careful.”

Veronica was a little uncomfortable with his sudden tenderness, so she quickly collected herself. “I-I’m
fine. I should be able to stand properly now.”

Pushing Xavier away, she held onto the ski sticks to stabilize herself on the ground.