Her Biliionaire Husband

Her Billionaire Husband Chapter 281

Chapter 281 Rescuing Yvonne

Beep. Beep. Beep

The phone rang several times, but no one answered.

“Why isn’t he picking up?” Veronica muttered, panicking the entire time.

Since the first call was not answered, she dialed Conrad’s number once more. Alas, he picked up.
“Who is this?”

“Uncle Conrad, it’s Veronica. Where are you now? Are you busy?” she asked, questions flying out of
her mouth.

“I’m not busy. What is it?”

Even over the phone, he could sense how anxious she was.

He was certain something had gone wrong.

However, before he answered, he could not help but think about how odd the entire situation was. Why
would she call him instead of Matthew?

“Uncle Conrad, Yvie is in trouble. She has been kidnapped. She will be at the international airport soon.
Can you come and save her with me?”

She knew what her limits were, so she had to ask Conrad for help.

“Okay. I’ll be there soon.”

After a few more questions about the situation, he hung up.

Nevertheless, Veronica still kept some of Yvonne’s secrets, and she did not mention Zac’s name.
Otherwise, Conrad might back out in fear of Zac.

When the call ended, she heaved a sigh of relief and handed the borrowed phone back to the driver. It
was then that she realized the driver was staring at her in fear through the rearview mirror.

Sensing that she spoke too loudly earlier, she was speechless for a while.


She had just spoken about Yvonne getting kidnapped in the back of his car. Anyone would be afraid
upon hearing that.

“Don’t be scared, sir,” she said with a chuckle. “My friends are playing a murder game, and this is their
latest script. It’s a very fun game.”

“Oh, I see. Haha. I have heard of that. You scared me just now.” The middle-aged taxi driver had been
scared to his wits.

He seemed to have believed in her placating words as he eventually calmed down.

“Kids these days have very interesting games. Isn’t it a little too much to go to the airport for a game?”

“Well, it’s all in the name of fun. Plus, we can claim the expenses.” She always had a great poker face
when she was lying. She sounded so frank that her lie was believable.

Soon, her taxi arrived at the airport.

After paying the driver, she then wandered into the airport while listening to the call from Yvonne. What
she heard then made her nervous.

“Let me go, Zac. Even if you kidnap me to Castron, I will not marry you. Don’t touch me! I won’t go on
the plane.”

Hearing that, Veronica knew they were already somewhere in the airport.

However, she was not a powerful woman. There was no way she could enter the private section of the

Just as she was hesitating, Conrad ran up to her. “Veronica!”

“You’re finally here, Uncle Conrad. Quick. Yvonne is boarding the plane right now. A moment longer
and we might be too late.”

She dragged him into the airport as she said so.

“Don’t worry,” said Conrad. “I’ve contacted the crew of the airport. They will find a way to stall them.
Still, you must tell me who is trying to kidnap Yvie.”

After all, not everyone could afford a private plane.

Not to mention, an international flight!


Her eyes glistened with hesitation. In the end, she caved in. “It’s her fiancée. Well, to be accurate, it is
a man her father has betrothed her to, but she doesn’t like him.”

“Stop trying to beat around the bush.” As an ex-policeman, Conrad could tell that Veronica was trying to
hide the kidnapper’s identity.

There was no way Veronica could continue lying. She had to respond. Hence, she replied, “It is… Zac

“The youngest prince of Castron?”

Conrad knew who Zac was in a second.

There were plenty of people who had the same name, but it was rare to find anyone with as much
wealth along with the name.

Veronica responded with a nod sadly.

Yvonne had asked her to keep the engagement a secret, but after what happened today, Conrad was
Veronica’s only hope of finding her friend.

While Conrad’s help would be great, revealing the kidnapper’s identity late would only hurt him.

Hence, Veronica did not even try to lie and said, “I know you can’t really lay a finger on him, but you
just need to take me inside.”

Even so, she only said that when she saw hesitation flicker through Conrad’s eyes.

It was normal to have bodyguards.

Nevertheless, he would not simply anger the youngest prince of Castron in order to protect the Kings

Even Veronica herself was mildly shaking with fear.

If Yvonne had not rushed to rescue her without hesitation last time, Veronica would not be doing this

“Let’s take a look inside first,” Conrad said, not willing to agree to anything yet.


They entered the airport and headed for the special lane that would let them reach the inside section of
the airport as fast as possible.

Conrad had even arranged for someone to lead them straight to the plane.

“Over there,” the crew member said, pointing to the plane they were heading toward.

The door of the plane was still ajar, which meant the plane would not be flying soon.

Hastily, Veronica dashed over, leaving Conrad behind.

Inside the plane were two bodyguards who instantly stood up and stopped her. “Halt! This is a private
aircraft. Get out!”

“Oh? A private aircraft? That is impossible. I just saw someone walk in.”

Veronica deliberately acted like a fool to lower their guards, then she struck swiftly. After a few blows,
the two men were crumpled on the floor.

When she charged into the cockpit, she saw Yvonne, gagged, and tied to her seat.

Yvonne’s eyes sparkled with joy when she spotted Veronica.

After all, Veronica was a smart woman. She would definitely come to her rescue.

“Are you Zac?”

Veronica glared at the man in a suit, seated next to Yvonne. He had curly, golden hair and a pair of
sapphire blue eyes. Combined with his freckles and pale skin, it was obvious that he was a foreigner.

Seeing him, she realized why Yvonne did not like him.

There was nothing special or pretty about him other than his eyes.

“Mind your own business, Miss.”

Zac shot her a contemptuous look while his legs were crossed with a magazine in his lap.

It seemed as though he thought she was in over her head.

“I don’t care about other people’s business, and I don’t even have the energy to. However,” she said,
pointing to Yvonne. “She is my friend and I will not let you kidnap her.”

Veronica spoke with such self-righteous anger that she had the air of a great hero.