Her Biliionaire Husband

Her Billionaire Husband Chapter 280

Chapter 280 Yvonne Kidnapped

Matthew pulled his plate over to himself, yet he could not find the appetite to eat.

After a few moments of silence, he could not resist asking, “Am I going to have just plain bread the next
time you treat me to a meal?”


Veronica awkwardly stared at the food on the table.

“No way,” she replied with a fawning smile. “This is all because the owner of this place is a scamming
con artist. He really deserves death for this! Men like him should be single forever with no kids…”


Suddenly, Matthew shouted.

“What? What about you?” She was confused. What did he mean by that?

After talking for so long, she seized a moment to sip at her water.

Just then, he continued, “Six years ago, I opened up this restaurant.”

“Pffft! Excuse me?” she sputtered, coughing as she spat out the water she was drinking. “Fucking hell!
Oh, I’m sorry.”

The water she had spit out when she choked just so happened to have hit him on the face as well.

He stiffened and slowly closed his eyes. Despite the calm on his face, he was betrayed by how his
trembling hand clenched so tightly that his knuckles were white.

Never had he ever felt so upset.

Not only had she insulted him to his face, but she had also cursed his family line to end with him!

Very… Well.

“You should have said so earlier. How could I have known you were the boss of One Piece
Restaurant?” she said as she dabbed at her mouth with a paper napkin.

She then pouted and continued in a low mumble, “Even so, the food here is quite expensive.”

As she said that, she noticed his face clouding over as if it was the calm before the storm.

With a pounding heart, she immediately stood up and walked over with a paper napkin to wipe the
water off his face. “I’m sorry. I am so sorry. I didn’t mean to… Ah…”

Before she could finish apologizing, he grabbed her wrist and tugged her closer. “What did you just
say?” he asked with a cold stare. “Did you just say I should never have a girlfriend and that I will never
sire a son?”

Those last few words were spat out through gritted teeth.

Matthew was seething with unfathomable rage.

If it had been anyone else but Veronica who said that, they would be dead by now.

Locked in his embrace, she gulped hard. “I… It is just a misunderstanding. Hehe, if I had known you
owned this place, I would never have said that. Look at you, handsome and kind. One glance and I
could tell how generous you truly are. Also, One Piece Restaurant is a members-only restaurant where
the membership fee is over a few thousand dollars. This is such a nice business because you only
target the rich!”

After all, no one who was poor would pay a few thousand dollars for a restaurant’s membership fee.

“Is that so?” He squinted at her. His gaze was so fierce and sharp that it felt like she was going to be
eaten up.

“Yes, absolutely. Of course. When would I ever lie to you?”

Although she was not someone who told lies, she had to concede defeat when it came to the ‘evil
overlord’ in front of her.

She had just insulted his entire family, so there was a good chance that he wanted to tear her to pieces
right now.

Deep down, she was shivering in fear.

His left hand was clamped down on her shoulder, making it impossible for her to even move an inch
while he tilted her chin up with his right hand. “Do you know that if anyone else had acted as brash as
you did, they would be dead by now?”

There was no doubt about the truth of that statement.

She believed it whole-heartedly.

“I’m not like other people,” she said. She wanted to run away while he let his guard down, but he
seemed to have sensed her intention for he forced himself closer to her.

With his arms wrapped around her, she had to watch as he slowly grew closer. His tanned skin was
silky smooth with no visible powers. It was flawless.

He must have spent a fortune on skincare. How else could he maintain such beautiful skin while
looking as handsome as he did?

Her hand subconsciously reached up to stroke his cheek. “Your skin is so smooth. Matthew, what
beauty products do you use?”

The abrupt change in topic stunned him. For a moment, he just paused in confusion.

Then, in the next moment, his arms were empty as she fled his grasp. Like a gust of wind blowing by,
she swiftly grabbed her bag and darted out of the room.

Having just made her escape, Veronica settled the bill before marching out of the shop. She thereafter
patted her chest in relief. What she had said in the room was just suicidal.

Thankfully, she was a fast runner, or she would be dead.

As she walked away from the restaurant, she glanced back at it, shook her head, and sighed. “Con

Ring, ring, ring!

Her phone began ringing.

When she eventually dug it out of her bag, she saw that it was a call from Yvonne.

“Yvonne, call…”

“What are you doing, Zac? Let go!”

Initially, Veronica thought Yvonne was calling because she had something to say, but then she heard
the shriek coming from the phone…

“Zac, let me go! This is illegal!”

“Don’t resist me, Yvie, or your parents will suffer.”

“Just what do you want? Stop it, Zac! I don’t want to marry you. My parents had nothing to do with that
decision. Don’t you find it insulting to threaten me with their lives?”

On the phone, the conversation between Yvonne and Zac could be heard.

Even over the phone, Veronica could sense Zac’s threatening aura.

The youngest prince of Castron was not someone to be underestimated.

While Veronica could take the risk to rescue Yvonne now, she did not know where Yvonne was. Hence,
the situation at hand made her feel so helpless.

“You bastard! Where are you taking me to?”

As if Yvonne heard her thoughts, she began questioning Zac.

“Naturally, I’m bringing you home.”

“Home? Did you come on a private plane?”

Veronica’s eyebrows raised when she heard that. She silenced her phone and hailed a taxi.

“Sir, to Bloomstead International Airport please.”

Since Zac came from Castron, that meant he had to go through the international airport.

While the city had two airports, one only accommodated domestic flights while all international flights
used the other.

It was easy for her to deduce where Yvonne would be brought to.


Alone, she was just a woman. Could she really save Yvonne all by herself?

Just then, she recalled someone who could help her—Conrad Kings.

“Sir, my phone is out of battery. Can I borrow your phone?” she asked the taxi driver.

There was no need for excuses as the friendly taxi driver immediately handed their phone to her.

She looked up Conrad’s phone number and called it using the borrowed phone.