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Her Billionaire Husband Chapter 282

Chapter 282 Conrad Knew Zac

When Yvonne heard that, she teared up from gratitude.

If she were not being tied up, she would have pounced at Veronica to gratefully hug her around the leg.

“Ah, I admire your courage.”

Zac scanned Veronica up and down. Currently, she was dressed in a well-fitted outfit with a red scarf
wrapped around her neck. She looked beautiful and sweet with her neatly trimmed hair. It was obvious
she was no mere thug.

“If you can defeat them, I’ll let Yvie go,” he said, pointing to the men sitting around him.

Veronica pursed her lips as she scanned the room.

All of these men were trained fighters who were professional mercenaries at the very least.

However, she had to do whatever it took to rescue Yvonne.

Once she returned this favor, she would never do this again… Well, she would give it a thought before
acting if this happened again.

That was what she thought at that moment.

“Okay,” she solemnly said. “This place is too cramped though. Why don’t you guys fight me outside?”

“You’re a brave woman, Miss,” Zac swiftly said in agreement before shooting his bodyguards a look.

After getting the command, four of the burliest men in the group stood up.

“Even so, it is not fair to overwhelm you with our numbers,” he then continued. “You’ll fight them one-
on-one. If you defeat all four of them, I’ll do as I said.”

Her lips twitched upon seeing her opponents.

No wonder she had found these men so familiar. She had been questioning her memories since she
had never been overseas before.

Pondering on that thought, were these not the men who once kidnapped her and Yvonne?

Furthermore, did he expect her to defeat them all at once?

What a joke!

She could not even defeat one of them.

“To make sure I can fight without fear, please move Yvonne out of the plane while you wait. After all,
what if you run in the middle of our fight?”

As Zac had been speaking English the entire time, there was no language barrier between them.

Even so, she did not expect him to speak so fluently as if he was a local.

“No problem.”

Zac was excited to be challenged by a woman. Thus, he excitedly agreed to the deal and led Yvonne
out of the plane.

There were only about two dozen steps out of the plane. She racked her brain trying to think of a way
to rescue Yvonne.

Although Conrad was here as well, it seemed he only wanted to observe.

While she did not like that attitude, she understood his reasons for it.

Not long after, the few of them left the plane. Standing in the middle of an empty field, she was
quivering on the inside as she stared at the mercenaries.

What the fuck was she going to do now?

She shot Yvonne an upset look, intending to signal her to run.

However, Yvonne was looking away from her and had her gaze fixated on Conrad.

He was smoking while the cold wind blew around him.

Well, that might be good. At least, Yvonne will get to know what kind of person Conrad is. Then, she
will learn to stay far away from him.

“Girl, stop dawdling.”

The burliest man with a scar on his face stepped forward and spoke in English as he curled a
beckoning finger at Veronica. A mocking smirk was plastered on his face.

She remembered him well.

His name was Ben, and he was the leader of the group.

“Come,” Veronica said while ‘calmly’ throwing her bag to the side. As she slowly unwound the scarf
from her neck, she thought hard about how she was going to fight these men.

Just then, an unexpected voice piped up.

“It’s been a long time, Zac.”

Such a familiar voice. Wait… isn’t that Conrad?

Holding her scarf in her hand, Veronica froze as undisputed shock flooded her face.

Did he not choose to stay out of this? What was with the change of heart?


Zac had not realized Conrad was there until he spoke up due to where they were standing.

It was only when Conrad moved to stand before Zac that the latter recognized the former.

In an instant, Zac let Yvonne go and rushed over to Conrad for an extremely friendly fist bump.

“Why are you here, Conrad?” Zac asked, surprised.

“I was going to ask you that question. Why didn’t you call me when you arrived? Have you forgotten
your friend?” Conrad said in a teasing voice.

The two men happily chatted away, ignoring everyone around them.

Recognizing the chance for what it was, Veronica dashed over to Yvonne and removed her gag.

She had expected Yvonne to shout for help from Conrad as soon as she could speak. To her surprise,
Yvonne actually said, “Save me, Veronica. I don’t want to go to Castron with Zac.”

Veronica was speechless.

What the hell!

Was Yvonne blind? Was Conrad invisible?

Was she only asking Veronica for help because she did not want Conrad to be hurt? “Please spare
me.” Veronica rolled her eyes and shot Yvonne a look, indicating her to ask Conrad for help.

“I can’t.”

“Zac will kill him,” Yvonne whispered with a stomp as tears welled up in her eyes.

Veronica frowned and stopped untying Yvonne’s binds. “However, you are not afraid he would kill me?”

“Well, Zac doesn’t kill women.”

Hearing Yvonne’s answer, Veronica did not know what to say.


When the bodyguards saw Veronica trying to untie Yvonne, they hurriedly shouted to stop her.

Just then, Zac turned around and said, “Let me introduce you, Conrad. This is my wife, Yvie.”

Conrad’s eyes followed Zac’s finger, and he saw Yvonne staring at him with a pitiful, teary look.

“She is your betrothed? What a coincidence.”

“You know her?” Zac was confused at first, but then he came to a realization. “You are here with the girl
to stop me from bringing Yvie home with me?”

Conrad glanced back at Yvonne who shook her head at him as if she did not want him to admit it.

“Miss Spencer is the girl’s best friend, and I am the girl’s uncle. Zac, can you do me a favor and spare

The entire time, Conrad held himself back and did not refer to Yvonne as “Yvie” at all.


Stunned, Zac was at a loss on what to do.

After a few moments of hesitation, his cold eyes glanced at Yvonne before turning to bore into
Veronica, frowning.

“I’ll owe you one for this, and I won’t stop you the next time you do this,” Conrad said sincerely.

He had met Zac in Castron. Naturally, he knew just how much Zac loved and adored Yvonne.

He should not have interfered with this matter.


Conrad’s gaze then shifted to Veronica.

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