Her Biliionaire Husband

Her Billionaire Husband Chapter 284

Chapter 284 Concurrently Dating Two Women

Veronica was busy with the operations of her bridal company the next morning when her assistant,
Shirley, knocked on the door and entered. “Veronica, there’s someone looking for you.”

As she was in the midst of her errands, Veronica raised her head. “Who?”

“Young Master Xavier,” Shirley replied.

“Let him in.”

Veronica couldn’t understand Xavier at times. She had previously hurt him and his sister at the
warehouse, which had maimed Melissa. As a result, Hendric had immense hatred for her, so why
would he allow Xavier to look for her this time?

When she thought about the time at the hospital’s stairwell and

Hendric’s eventual assault on Xavier, she could not help but feel somewhat complicated.

“President Murphy, what are you busy with?”

While she was pondering on the reason behind Xavier’s visit, Xavier had entered the office.

“What President Murphy? Are you trying to tease me?” Veronica laughed as she gestured at the couch.
“Come, let me grab you a glass of water.”

She rose to her feet and walked to the water dispenser where she made him a glass of tea. Then, she
went over and sat across from him. “What brings you to Encounters today?”

Ever since Encounters Bridal Store was opened, Xavier had never paid her a visit here.

“I have a friend who is about to be married, so I have recommended her to visit your store. That being
said, since we have such a close friendship, you need to give a discount,” he slowly answered as he
took the glass and sampled the tea.

Although he was asking her to give a discount, he was actually recommending clients to her store in

As such, she was grateful. “That won’t be a problem. It’s not a big deal.”

Veronica had a slight smile as she slowly lowered her head, after which her expression adopted a
solemn mood. Then, she asked, “Um… About your sister… Is she much better now?”

She had been forced to do what she did that day, but never once did she feel that she had owed
Melissa anything. Melissa was a young girl who located someone to humiliate Tiffany at Tiffany’s own
wedding by broadcasting that gauche video—all because she liked Matthew.

As a result, Veronica couldn’t help but feel that such a woman was cruel and vicious.

Xavier’s hand that held the glass of tea paused for a second while there was a slight flicker of light in
his eyes. “She’s gradually recovering, but the doctor mentioned that she won’t be able to dance
anymore in the future.”

“It’s such a pity,” Veronica sighed with emotion.

At that, she realized that he was silent and knew that he did not want to elaborate further on this matter.

Then, she changed the topic. “Since you’re already here, don’t leave just yet. Why don’t we have lunch
together? At the same time, you can guide me with some pointers on managing a bridal store. How
about that?”

“Since you have said it, I can’t reject your request, can I?”

After that, Xavier walked to the desk and perused Veronica’s operation plan while holding a discussion
with her.

When the clock struck 12.00PM, the two of them left the office and headed straight for a Turkish
restaurant. However, when they were about to make a move, Matthew arrived at the Encounters Bridal

As he walked into the lobby, he noticed all of the employees were off on their lunch break except for the
receptionist, who was still on duty.

When she saw him approaching her, she quickly walked toward him. “President Kings, what brings you

Matthew was wearing a plaid trench coat that was complemented with a gray scarf around his neck,
making him look slightly younger and even more handsome. His overall profile gave him an additional
touch of attraction.

“Where’s Roni?” he asked as he looked around.

“You mean, President Murphy? S-She just left with Young Master Xavier to most likely catch a bite,”
Shirley replied with full honesty and told Matthew the truth.

However, she did not notice the man’s cold gaze when she spoke.

“Shirley, right?” Matthew walked to the couch at the side and took a seat while pointing at Shirley to
follow suit.

As Shirley did not know what was going on, her voice trembled as she asked, “President Kings, is there
anything you want me to do for you?”

“I’m fine, but I’m a tad bit worried for Roni. She’s from the countryside and isn’t well aware of how
cunning people can be. I’m worried.” He frowned slightly and sighed as there was solemnity in his tone.

It was enough to render Shirley confused because she thought that Matthew and Veronica had a feud
with each other. Why does it look like it isn’t the case? If that’s not the case, why were the orders that
we received before all canceled?

She was doubtful.

Just a mere glance at her expression was enough to tell Matthew what the woman thought. Then, he
explained, “Handling a bridal store is somewhat like an experience for Roni. She can’t even manage a
small bridal store if she doesn’t rely on others. A big responsibility in the future would only create more
embarrassment for her.”

After listening to his elaboration, Shirley suddenly realized something and immediately gave him a
thumbs up. “Wow, President Kings, you are really far-sighted. No wonder we suddenly lost our
business after operating so well. What you just mentioned makes sense. It is only through experience
that Veronica is able to mature and improve. Sigh, you are being so kind to her, but why didn’t you tell
her about your intentions?”

Those words from Matthew were from the bottom of his heart.

However, while he was training Veronica, what he considered was not just relieving her psychological
burden, but to remove people’s perception of her as relying on the Kings Family for support. At the
same time, he hoped that such a method would force her to submit to him.

It was just that he never expected Veronica to be such a tenacious and persistent woman.

“You must not let her know about this. Otherwise, judging from her indolence, there’s a fear that she
won’t work this hard. So, Shirley, in the future, you have to inform me immediately if anything happens

to Roni.”

So much foreshadowing had occurred previously, only to buy support.

Shirley responded, “Ahhh… I can’t do that, President Kings. That would mean I’m betraying Veronica.”

“Roni’s current situation isn’t as simple as you think it is. As her godbrother, I have the duty to… protect

“Gosh, President Kings, you are so benevolent. I’m exceptionally envious since it’d be so nice to have
a godbrother like you.” Jealousy was dancing in her bright eyes, but then she heard the man speaking

“If you need anything in the future, just let me know. You are Roni’s assistant, which means you’re part
of the family.”

The phrase ‘part of the family’ convinced Shirley in a matter of minutes. She hurriedly nodded. “Um,
okay. For Veronica’s sake, if I need anything, I’ll inform you immediately.”

Ding. Dong.

There was a notification for a WhatsApp message.

Conrad, who was in the midst of settling company matters, took his phone and noticed that it was
Yvonne who texted him. ‘5.00PM tonight at Hilton Restaurant. I’ll be waiting for you at Room 88.’

She had reserved a room in advance just to invite him for a meal.

When he saw the message, there was calmness as he stoically replied, ‘I will arrive on time.’

After sending the text, he took his device and searched for a person’s profile in the WhatsApp contact

He was looking for Tiffany’s inbox, after which he tapped on the keyboard with his slender fingers and
drafted a message. ‘Tiffy, are you free tonight?’

A response came almost immediately after Conrad sent the message.

‘Yeah, I am.’

‘That’s perfect. I’ll wait for you at 6.00PM tonight at the Hilton Restaurant.’

It was after he scheduled a time with the other party that he returned to his work. Yvonne, who had
invited him, and Tiffany, who had been invited, both did not know that he was meeting them at the
same time.

Meanwhile, over at Hilton Restaurant, Xavier and Veronica were having their lunch and she had the
habit of sitting by the window. Yet, nobody could have known that they would be joined by two others
while placing their orders.