Her Biliionaire Husband

Her Billionaire Husband Chapter 285

Chapter 285 A Private Battle

“What a coincidence, Miss Murphy, Young Master Xavier. You guys are also here to have a meal?”

The moment Ruka spoke, both of them turned their heads and saw her in a lacy black skirt with an
outer coat that was made from animal fur. Not only that; she was even holding Matthew’s wrist.

Veronica’s eyes zoomed in on Ruka’s hand that was on Matthew’s wrist and found it irritating. She was
cursing herself for such bad luck in her heart since she never expected that she would run into Ruka
and Matthew at such a place.

What a small place Bloomstead was.

Xavier coldly raised his head, but didn’t look at Ruka. Rather, his fierce gaze met Matthew’s cold eyes.
“Since you are here with such beauty, President Kings, Roni and I won’t interrupt you guys.”

As a fellow man, he knew Matthew’s thoughts all too well, which was why he decided to block their
path of escape.

“Yes, yes. Since you are having a date with Miss Dame, we won’t be interrupting you guys. Since it is a
couple’s date, it’s better for you guys to head to the private room instead,” Veronica quickly added for
the fear that Matthew would sit next to them and ruin an innocent meal.

Hilton Restaurant was one of the top restaurants in Bloomstead. Although it was not gigantic in size, it
had a quiet and exquisite ambience, which drew both the middle and upper class to visit the place
often. Yet, not many people chose to have their meals here.

When Matthew looked at Veronica, there was a trace of luster and resentment in his dark eyes. It was
as if to say that she would always treat him to eggs and milk. If not those two items, it would be the

cheapest dish that she could purchase at One Piece Restaurant. Why is it that she’s treating Xavier at
the upper class restaurant like Hilton Restaurant?

Such a stark difference in behavior was enough to irritate him.

“It’s better to be alone than with someone,” he commented before looking at Ruka. “Ruka, do you mind
that we share a table?”

It was evident that Veronica and Xavier were seated there, but Matthew turned the tables on them and
did not allow them to speak since he knew that he would be rejected, regardless of who asked.

Ruka turned to the side and her beautiful, angelic eyes gazed at the noble man in front of her as she
felt the arrogance that he had in front of Veronica. Such a feeling only left her feeling awful.

Yet, she nodded. “Since I’m well acquainted with both Young Master Xavier and Miss Murphy, I won’t
mind us sharing a table.”

“Hang on a minute.” It was enough for the unhappy Veronica to protest. “Excuse me, you should be
asking for permission from me and Xavier.” Are you treating me as invisible?

“Roni, you are being sneaky again.” The corners of Matthew’s lips curved upward into a smile as he
spoke gently, but there was an element of tenderness in it.

Then, he directly took a seat next to Xavier while Ruka sat next to Veronica, which left the both of them
feeling squashed.

Ruka found herself swearing, I have never lowered myself to such a level, except … this time.

“Hello, what would you guys like to order?” When she noticed Matthew and Ruka, the waitress came
over and handed the menus to them.

He did not accept the menu, but rather instructed, “The same as what those two are having.”

“Sir, what they have ordered is the couple’s meal,” she explained.

Hearing that, Matthew’s expression dimmed. He was so displeased that he answered, “It doesn’t

Since he had arrived at such a decision, Ruka had no choice but to follow his order and closed the
menu while saying to the waitress, “In that case, a set of the couple’s meal, please.”

Although it was forced on her, at least she was dining it with him. Even if she was dissatisfied with him,
she could only silently endure it.

“I will make it clear. Since you guys were adamant on joining our table, you… you will have to pick up
tonight’s tab,” an arrogant Veronica noted as she glared at him before snorting.

“What did you say? I didn’t hear it clearly.” Matthew narrowed his eyes and shot a warning in her
direction as if he wanted to threaten her with something.

She then subconsciously thought of what happened last night.

Before she could even answer Matthew’s words, she heard the people at the next table having a
discussion. “You know, when I had my meal at One Piece Restaurant earlier today, officers from the
Bureau of Consumer Protection and the Health Safety Department conducted their checks there. I think
it must have been something serious.”

“Oh, really?”

“That’s right; I heard that someone reported that the restaurant has overcharged diners.”

“Well, it is true that the dishes at One Piece Restaurant are expensive.”

“There is a reason for it, I’m sure. The chefs that the restaurant has hired have prepared dishes for the
state banquets. All of their ingredients are guaranteed to be the freshest and the best. Not to mention, it
is all sourced from natural methods without the use of additives. What you pay is what you get.”

Veronica suddenly felt guilty when she heard the conversation. When she looked at Matthew again,
she noticed that he had a fiercer glance, which left her resting on pins and needles.

She tried to flatter him. “Hehehe, since we have bumped into each other, how can I allow you to pick up
the tab? Let me pay for tonight’s meal.”

When she brought Xavier over for the meal, she had intentionally perused the meal while the waitress
clearly informed that there were discounts today, such as the couple’s package being offered at half its
normal rate.

As a result, Veronica was still alright if she had to pay for it.

“President Kings, you’ve brought your girlfriend out for a meal and Roni has to pick up the tab for you.
Don’t you think you are being a bit insincere?” Xavier took the glass of water on the table and sipped
on it before he commented lightly.

“It’s the thought that counts.” Ruka didn’t allow Matthew the opportunity to answer as she immediately
responded, “Don’t you think it’d be exhausting to be calculative with everything in life?”

“Is that so? Miss Dame, you must be an open-minded person.” Xavier’s mouth twitched slightly as he
observed her with a complicated expression.

Veronica, who had her head lowered, raised her head and caught him peering at her. She mysteriously
felt that his look was sending chills down her spine.

After a while, the meals were delivered to their table one by one—foie gras, salad, cuttlefish ink pasta,
beef wellington, and a bottle of red wine.

Now that he was ready to eat, Xavier held his cutleries and sliced the steak before speaking loudly,
“Eat this, Roni.” He then reached out and placed a sliced steak on her plate.

Such a meticulous gesture had moved Veronica, but it also left her feeling distressed. She had
repeatedly expressed her feelings toward him as she never fancied him but as long as he wanted to
glue himself to her in enthusiasm, there was nothing she could do.

As those things surfaced in her mind, the first thing that she saw when she raised her head was not
Xavier, but Matthew. She only saw Matthew’s emotionless gaze and his lackadaisical posture.

Ruka gave a slight smile. “Matthew, look at how Young Master Xavier adores Veronica.”

Such a description seemed to have unintentionally reminded Matthew that he couldn’t adore anyone in
the same way that Xavier treated Veronica.

However, when she heard it, she felt uncomfortable and immediately replied, “Did you hear it or not?
Miss Dame is suggesting that you are not capable enough of looking after others. Heck, you are not
even helping to slice the steak for her. Better make sure that Miss Dame doesn’t ditch you for another.
Otherwise, you’d be a loner until your old age by then.”

After saying that, she set aside her cutleries and added, “Excuse me for a second. I need to head to
the ladies.”

Since she saw that the trio were upset, she wanted to search for somewhere quiet to calm down.

When Ruka saw that Veronica was leaving, she also placed her cutleries down and removed the
napkin on her lap. “I’ll go with her.”