Her Biliionaire Husband

Her Billionaire Husband Chapter 288

Chapter 288 Conrad’s Ploy

“Of course I am. Why wouldn’t I be afraid?”

Conrad admitted it honestly. “He’s the prince of Castron, who has the love of his citizens. And I am just
a normal citizen. How can I hope to go against him? What I really need is time. Time to make me able
to go against him on an equal level. It’s only by then that I can protect you, my little princess.”

Little… princess?

His sweet words made Yvonne blush instantly.

Lovesick, she could not think properly as she only nodded profusely. “Don’t worry. I won’t tell Zac about
this. No… I won’t tell anyone about this so as to prevent him from knowing about it. I will fight for more
time for you to become stronger.”

Aside from Conrad, even her parents were no match for Zac.

Nonetheless, in this relationship, Conrad was the passive one as she was the one pressuring him. After
all, the person behind her was Zac, a person who could get whatever he wanted in Castron.

She had a responsibility and the duty to help Conrad hide their relationship so that Zac would not
suspect him or get rid of him secretly.

“Okay. I believe you.”

Nodding, Conrad fell into momentary silence before suddenly asking, “Don’t you think that this makes
me look kind of useless?”

“What are you talking about?”

Yvonne smiled and shook her head. “You’re doing great. You’re already the hero in my heart.”

The memories from the previous night resurfaced as she felt that Conrad was her knight in shining

As for Veronica, she felt even more admiration for her.

“We can try to get along for a while. But, if anyone finds out and our relationship gets known to Zac, I’m
afraid that my plan will already be aborted before it even begins.”

“I know.”

Yvonne nodded repeatedly with an innocent expression.

Knock, knock.

Knocking on the door, the waiter entered, and Conrad immediately retracted his hands.

The two then enjoyed their meal after the dishes had all been served.

Conrad, who cut up the steak thoughtfully, stabbed one of the pieces with a fork and faced it directly at
Yvonne. “Yvie?”


Looking up, Yvonne found a piece of steak in front of her.

Stunned, she blushed as her happy gaze met with Conrad’s before she opened her mouth and ate it.
Oh, how juicy and delicious it was.

This might be the best beef wellington she had ever eaten.

It was because the dish was seasoned with a special ingredient: love.

After all, she did not like medium rare steaks.

Soon, an hour had passed while they ate and chatted.

Looking at the time, Conrad said, “Yvie, I’m sorry, but I cannot stay with you for too long. I still have a
client I need to meet.”

“Oh? You need to meet a client?”

Yvonne was even more moved upon hearing this.

Conrad actually made time for me even though he had to meet a client.

“I just came back from abroad, so I’ll be quite busy for some time as there are a lot of matters needing
my attention.” Shrugging his shoulders, Conrad added, “I hope you can understand.”

“No worries. You should go now. I can get back by myself,” she stated.

As he nodded, he took the napkin off of his neck and walked to her side before touching her hair and
kissing it. “This will all be over sooner than you think.”

The sudden intimacy made Yvonne blush like a tomato as she immersed herself in the sweetness of

“I’ll be going now.”

“See you.”

Yvonne only recovered from this affectionate attack after a long time, when the man was long gone.

Biting her lip, she covered her face with her hands. “Oh my god, oh my god. This is so embarrassing.
He actually accepted my confession. Also, did he call me Yvie?”

This was the first time she felt this nickname sound so good.

Naively, she thought that this was the love that she was expecting.

Oblivious to her, though, Conrad exited her private room only to enter the one next to it.

Of course, sitting in the other room with exquisite makeup and an elegant disposition was none other
than Tiffany.

She had been waiting for Conrad to show while sipping on her coffee patiently until she stood upon his
appearance. “Hello, Uncle Conrad.”

It was because of the previous engagement with Matthew that she had come to address him as such,
but she had gotten used to it.

“Apologies for the wait.”

He sat down opposite her.

As the same waiter from before walked in, he looked at Conrad with a shocked expression, but the
waiters had grown accustomed to such a scene.

It was only after receiving their orders that the waiter left. When he shut the door, he cursed, “You
shameless scumbag. I hope you become an eunuch!”

“Uncle, why did you want to meet me?” Tiffany, who looked tired, had been wasting her days away. She
would always hide in her home aimlessly and did not want to go out or see anything. She was as
depressed as one could be.

Observing her, Conrad stated, “I do sympathize with your current predicament. That is why I asked you
out in hopes of providing you with a bit of advice.”

“Oh, please tell, Uncle Conrad.”

Tiffany took a sip of the coffee while listening silently.

“There have been a lot of things that have happened in Bloomstead lately. And you, being the most
beautiful woman in the city with the brains to back it up, would only garner everybody’s attention after
such a thing happened. Alas, the milk has been spilled. But, I still think that you can take the initiative
and do something related to charity to wash away those unsightly rumors about your past. You should
remember something: a diamond will never lose its shine. Such a charismatic woman like you is not
fated to be buried by the annals of history,” he stated all this calmly.

Yet, Conrad’s words only made Tiffany frown as she asked, after a slight pause, “Uncle, did you call me
over just to say this to me?”

“Were you expecting something else?”

“But… Why are you helping me?”

Conrad was obviously planning on her behalf.

Nevertheless, nothing came without a cost.

She knew that he had something to ask of her.

“Frankly, do you still have any feelings for Matthew?” He leaned backward and rested his arms on the
chairs. Peering at her, he could feel a hint of rage in her gaze, so he continued, “Matthew was born with
a golden spoon, so his sense of superiority is second nature to him. I only feel sick, seeing how high
and mighty he thinks he is.”

His words made Tiffany grip her cup as she was unable to differentiate Conrad from friend or foe.

“You should know that even though I am a member of the Kingses, my mother was not one from a
prominent family, so I am also not held in high regard in the family. On the other hand, Matthew had it
all. Isn’t this unfair?”

Even though Tiffany was still doubting Conrad’s words a moment ago, she was starting to trust him a

“I really don’t know how an exceptional individual like you, who by the way, is the goddess of my heart
with the looks and the smarts to back it up, would not be chosen over such a numbnut like Veronica. I
think that he must have wanted to get a taste of what playful women are like.”