Her Biliionaire Husband

Her Billionaire Husband Chapter 290

Chapter 290 Beware of Conrad

“You’re finally awake.”

A sudden voice scared her.

She then turned around to see Xavier curled up due to the cold with a pillow on him.

“Why are you here, Xavier?”

Scratching her head, Veronica clearly remembered that she had a bit too much to drink yesterday at
Kings Residence and was about to ask the servants to send her back when Matthew insisted on taking
her home instead. So, why is Xavier with me now?

“I called you last night only to have Conrad pick up. As he didn’t know where you lived and was
suddenly preoccupied, he drove my car instead, wanting me to send you back. It was only when I
picked you up that I realized you had moved. So, I could only bring you to a hotel under those

Xavier sat up from the sofa, rubbing his neck. “My neck’s all sore after sleeping on the sofa.”

“Are you having a stiff neck?”

Feeling somewhat apologetic, Veronica got out of bed. “Should I bring you to the hospital to check it

He moved his neck around and answered. “It’s fine. I can bear with it.”

Since he had put it that way, Veronica did not say anything else. “I’ll freshen up, and then we can go for

“Okay.” He agreed.

Going into the bathroom, Veronica stood in front of the sink and looked at herself in the mirror while
sighing lightly…

I was too careless this time.

How could I have fallen asleep in Conrad’s car after getting drunk?

In the end, I didn’t even know how I managed to get here.

Thank God it was Xavier who was with me yesterday. If it had been Conrad, I wouldn’t even dare to
imagine what would have happened. One could never be too careful.

I was really careless.

She scolded herself.

Xavier freshened up after she was done. At half past six, the two went down for breakfast.

Because the hotel had a breakfast buffet, Veronica insisted on eating in the hotel to save money.

They separated after breakfast.

From the start till the end, Veronica did not tell Xavier her new address.

Reaching home, she changed before going to her company.

Knock, knock, knock.

She had been busy at work until someone knocked on her door at noon.

The person who opened the door was none other than Yvonne.

With a box of desserts in her hand, she placed it happily on the office table. “Here. A treat from the little
princess, me.”

“The little princess?”

Leaning against her chair, Veronica pouted. “Ew, don’t you feel disgusted?”

“What? Doesn’t it sound sweet?” She stated smugly.

She thought, It was very nice when Conrad called me ‘little princess’ that day.

Looking into the box, Veronica found a black forest cake, tiramisu, and other desserts.

She looked frowningly at Yvonne. “What made you so happy? Just spit it out if you can’t hold it in

It seems like she has something joyful to share with me if she came here so early.

“Hahaha, you sure are smart.”

Yvonne then sat down on the sofa before hugging the pillow and looking at Veronica. “I’m in a

Her expression made her seem like she was experiencing the innocence of puppy love all over again.

Veronica was holding the tiramisu in her hands when she paused. “Who is it?”

“Aren’t you asking the obvious? You can’t possibly be thinking that I’m dating Zac, can you?”

“Is it Conrad?”

Veronica felt her heart skip a beat as the dessert in her hand suddenly lost its taste.

Putting it back into the box, Veronica set it aside before she walked to Yvonne’s side and sat on the
sofa, asking in a serious tone, “When did this happen?”

“Erm…” Yvonne smiled slyly. “It happened last night. I had promised Conrad that I wouldn’t tell anyone,
but you’re different. After all, we risked our lives together, so we’re kind of allies now.”

Veronica found the crux of the question at once. “Did Conrad not want you to tell others?”

“It’s not that. It’s because I am still entangled with Zac, so I was afraid that he might not leave Conrad
alone if he came to know about our relationship. I only did this to protect him.”

Up to this point, she sighed deeply. “I suddenly think that Conrad… I mean, Conny, is quite a pitiful
man, having to date me so sneakily. But, it’s good that he still accepted me. No matter what happens, I
don’t think I’ll regret this.”

“Stop, stop, stop!”

Rubbing her temples, Veronica asked, “What do you mean, ‘he accepted you’? Does this mean you
confessed to him?”

“Yup. You’re right. Didn’t he step in to save me the day Zac came? As thanks, I treated him to a meal.
But, I just confessed to him since I liked him. I didn’t think that he would feel the same about me.”

Yvonne stated this while immersed in her own imagination of love, as her brain was filled with the
memories of her and Conrad the night before.

Her look was one of love sickness.

On the other hand, Veronica had a stern expression, as not only was she not happy for Yvonne, she
also looked like she was in deep thought.

Sighing, she walked to the window.

It was then that Yvonne noticed her mannerisms. “What? Are you not happy that I found love? Is
someone getting jealous?” She joked.

With her hands in her pocket, Veronica said, “Yvonne, I told you that Conrad is by no means a simple
person. Have you forgotten about all I said?”

Since Veronica treated Yvonne as a good friend, she thought that she should remind her again.

At first, Veronica only thought that Yvonne’s feelings for Conrad were temporary and that they would
fade away soon enough.

She had never thought that things would progress to the point where that stupid woman would actually
confess to Conrad.

“You only think that there are a lot of baddies in this world because you’ve come across so many
misfortunate things. But, I’m still quite touched, as you are only looking out for me.”

Smiling naively, Yvonne was immersed in her own world, seemingly trapped in it.

Her expression suddenly made Veronica think that she was speaking to a wall.

Flipping her hair, Veronica sighed. “Listen to me and be wary of Conrad. He’s not as innocent as you
think he is. Have you ever thought about how a person that was barely abroad for that long became so
close to the prince of Castron? How many people do you think can achieve that feat?”

It was not good to know the rich and powerful, as trouble might find oneself instead.

However, if one still wanted to do that irregardless, that could only mean that they have a scheme of
their own.

In Matthew’s eyes, Veronica was more of the latter.

“Ugh. Just forget about this. I shouldn’t have told you all this. If you continue to speak badly about
Conny, I will get mad.”

Once or twice was fine, but Yvonne was starting to get impatient the more Veronica badmouthed him.