Her Biliionaire Husband

Her Billionaire Husband Chapter 292

Chapter 292 Matthew Coughed Blood

Matthew’s visage darkened as he placed the phone on the table while trying to contain his temper.

“I’m not done yet. I’ll leave after you finish this.” Veronica lightly shook the apple in her hand before
exclaiming, “Given the way you talked, I guess the accident wasn’t that serious anyway.”

Receiving no response, she quietly peeled the apple before giving it to him. “Here.”

The man stared at her coldly with his tightened brows before glancing at the apple. “I repeat, get out.”

“Matthew Kings, look what I just did for you. And what’s with that attitude of yours?” Then, she calmed
herself down by reasoning that it was understandable for a patient to be in a bad mood. “Fine, I know
you’re in a bad mood, I understand. I’ll feed you, how about that?”

Having said that, Veronica proffered the apple to him. He looked at her delicate and slim fingers that
were adorned with manicured fingernails and the images of her hugging Xavier conjured in Matthew’s

In a split second, the heat ignited in him and he shoved her hand away. “Get out!”

The dropped apple rolled on the floor and Veronica felt the stinging sensation of pain on her hand.

Her cheeks were tinted red in rage as she looked at the fallen apple. After a moment of silence, she
piped up, “Matthew Kings, are you nuts?!”

The blazing fire in her could not be appeased as she had no clue to the reason behind Matthew’s
sudden anger, but there was one thing for sure—she did not owe him anything. Getting used to his
terrible mood swings did not mean that she would give in all the time.

Veronica hurled the dagger in a fit of pique and the pointy edge plunged deep into the table, indicating
how much strength she had exerted to let off the steam.

After grabbing her bag, she bid him goodbye. “You should see a neurologist for your brain. You can’t
act like a child who throws tantrums all the time; it’s not like the world owes you anything.”

She left and slammed the door with a heavy thud, causing the brittle glass on it to shatter and scatter
on the floor.

As the witnesses of the mind-boggling scene, Troy and Ruka exchanged glances in confusion. What’s
going on? She just went in for three minutes and came out so livid! There’s no signs of them fighting

However, Ruka did hear Matthew warning Veronica to leave. Thus, Ruka thought that he was genuinely
angered by the recording she had shown to him the other day.

With hindsight, she lifted a brow and smirked as things were going according to her plan.

After Veronica left, Ruka rose to her feet and trod into the room where the man she loved was resting.
Now that he was completely hurt by Veronica, she thought she should stay by his side to give him the
warmth he needed the most right now.

“Matthew, a-are you alright?” The smile on her face was replaced by distress and concern. “Veronica is
just worried about you, so you shouldn’t—”

“Leave!” Matthew glowered at her before she could even finish her words. His brief order was enough
to show his aloof disposition.

Ruka froze on the spot and her expression went stiff for a moment before she pursed her lips.
“Matthew, I know you’re upset, but I—”

“Leave. Don’t you understand?” He frowned and no warmth emanated from that face of his. His sharp
gaze was as frosty as the winter breeze, which could bite one’s skin and make one shudder easily.

She gulped in fear; questions flooded her mind as she wondered what Veronica said to make his
hackles rise. “Okay. Just calm down. I’ll leave.” Clenching onto the hem of her shirt, she trudged out of
the room.

Now that Matthew was all alone, he took a moment to regain his composure and looked at his phone.
He unlocked the screen to reveal the image of Veronica and Xavier hugging together on bed.

The photo of her arms wrapping Xavier’s waist tightly was enough for Matthew to picture how steamy
the lovemaking was to the extent that she was so exhausted. Even her neck and arms were covered
with hickeys.

It seemed so real that there was no flaw for him to be suspicious. It did not help that Veronica herself
had admitted that the photos were true.

Enduring the stifling churning in his chest, he deleted the message and the pictures vanished from his
sight. However, the truth was that the hickeys on Veronica’s body were merely drawn with a special
pen, but he did not know it.

Matthew placed his phone on the table, after which a surge of liquid rushed through his throat and he
began to cough blood.

Troy, who had been watching from outside, thundered into the room when he saw the red stains.
“President Kings? President Kings?”

He supported Matthew with one hand while ringing the bell with another and shouting, “Doctor! Quick!
Call the doctor!”

The room plunged into a ruckus and Matthew was sent to the emergency room. After a thorough
check-up, the doctor advised, “He’s coughing blood because of stress and anger. You should make
sure he gets a good rest and you mustn’t provoke the patient.”

“Got it. Thank you, doctor.” Troy nodded profusely as his head was filled with doubts. Just where did it
go wrong? Or, did Veronica tell Young Master Matthew something that made him livid?

Since Troy was Matthew’s assistant, he could not investigate it without Matthew’s permission. Thus, the
mystery was left unsolved.

Matthew stayed at the hospital for three days before being discharged. Only his liver and forehead
were injured from the accident; everything was fine except for the internal injuries. However, the
stubborn man insisted on a discharge, hence, he started to work despite recuperation.

A month flew by and it was now the second half of the year. Veronica was surfing the Internet in the
office and she came across another headline of Tiffany.

The title was nothing out of the ordinary. It was either indicating Tiffany’s appearance at a charity,
disaster relief service or her deeds in the old folks homes and orphanages. The same old stories.