Her Biliionaire Husband

Her Billionaire Husband Chapter 296

Chapter 296

A normal explosion from a balloon shouldn‘t cause any casualties. Thus, it was obvious that something
had rigged it up, and she had to keep the evidence preserved.

“Are you the wedding director? Give me back my woman!”

“I knew it! Your company isn‘t reliable.”

“Look at my son! How are you going to compensate for it!”

The couple‘s family members swarmed her, knowing that Veronica was the wedding director. One of
them just furiously grabbed her by the hair and slapped her in the face.

As she was in the middle of searching for the evidence, the sudden assault took her by surprise.
Feeling the stinging sensation on her cheeks, she yanked the woman‘s wrist. “What do you think you‘re

Like a belligerent beast that would pounce on its prey at any time, she barked in a rage, “Can‘t you see
that the balloon has exploded? It‘s obvious that someone has done something with it! Whether it‘s
actually your enemy or my enemy, nothing is confirmed yet! If you‘re going to make a ruckus and ruin
the evidence, you will never find out who the culprit is!”

Then, Veronica flung her hand and the woman stumbled to her feet, after which her family managed to
catch her in time before she fell.

“F*ck! How dare you speak so rudely when you‘re the one who has ruined the wedding?”

“Get her!”

“How dare a mere wedding planner act up?”


Veronica‘s warning went unheeded, and the crowd began to throw punches and kicks at her.

However, the fallen Veronica did not feel any pain. She opened her eyes to see Xavier, who hugged
her tightly in his embrace at that moment.

While he was enduring the kicks and punches, she could hear his heavy breathing and trembling body
in the proximity.

Her mind went blank in an instant as she focused on Xavier. A mixture of emotions surged in her heart,
which ached at the sight of him suffering for her.

At the same time, the rest of the guests had dispersed, leaving only Matthew, Troy, Conrad, Yvonne,
Ruka, and some reporters at the scene.

“Oh my God! What‘s happening?” Yvonne gasped as she covered her mouth. Her first instinct was to
call for Conrad, but the presence of the reporters thwarted her. Thus, she resorted to Matthew.
“President Kings, please help Roni.”

The man in the suit stood firmly beneath the stage. With an emotionless face, he watched the event
that was happening onstage. His brows frowned lightly, and a glint flickered in his eyes.

Troy attempted to ask for Matthew‘s opinion, “President Kings?”

However, the glow in Matthew‘s eyes dimmed as they fixated on the woman, who was held tightly in
Xavier‘s arms.

“President Kings, what are you staring at? Help her!” The distraught Yvonne stomped on her foot.

To her dismay, Matthew averted his gaze and glanced at her coldly before leaving, but the reporters
saw their chance and accosted him immediately.

“President Kings, the wedding director is your god–sister, Veronica Murphy. Do you have anything to
say about it?”

“Is the Kings Family going to take responsibility for what has happened today?”

“It is said that you and Veronica are not on good terms. Is it true?”

“Young Master Matthew, what do you think of today‘s incident?”

“Young Master Matthew, if this is a scheme, who do you think the mastermind is?”

While the cameramen were filming, the reporters bombarded Matthew with questions. Their mics were
shoved so close to his face, indicating how desperate they were for another juicy piece of news.

Since he had encountered such situations multiple times, Matthew remained unwavered as his cold
gaze swept across the reporters. “The fact that Grandma acknowledges Miss Murphy as her god–
granddaughter is proof of the good

relationship they shared, but Veronica‘s words and actions have nothing to do with the Kings Family.”

“So, does that mean you really despise Veronica?”

“Still, she is considered one of the Kings Family. Are you really not going to take responsibility for it?”

“But if it wasn‘t for the Kings Family, President Leonard wouldn‘t have contacted Miss Murphy.”

“Are you trying to cut ties with Miss Murphy?”

As the aggressive reporters tried to pry further, a stoic Matthew looked at them with a murderous gaze,
making them flinch and zip their lips in a heartbeat.

Looking at Matthew standing there, not moving an inch, they sensibly made way for him. The unfazed
man left the scene under watchful eyes.

Stuck on the ground, Veronica could barely peer through the forceful throngs and watch Matthew leave.
Her heart throbbed in pain every time he took a step away.

Suddenly, she felt the pain pervading through every part of her body, and she trembled due to the
extreme pain.

He left.

In the end, Veronica was arrested as the wedding director, while Xavier was sent to the hospital for

That night, when she was at the police station with scratches on her face, Yvonne and Conrad came to
pay her a visit.

Thanks to Conrad, the police were willing to bring Veronica to the meeting room. Yvonne clasped
Veronica‘s hands in concern as soon as she saw her. “Are you alright? What happened?”

Touched by her friend‘s genuine concern, Veronica shook her head. “I‘m alright. It‘s fine.”

She put on a brave face by forcing a smile, not caring a single bit about the scratches on her cheek.

“Stop lying! Look at you! Look at yourself. There are marks on your face.” Yvonne sighed in distress
before looking at Conrad. “Conrad, can you do something about it?”

Conrad nodded. “Roni, please be patient for a few days. Don‘t worry, I‘ll get to the bottom of it.”

“Thank you.” Veronica thanked him and stared at Yvonne. “Yvonne, please check on Xavier for me.”

Xavier had protected her until the end before falling in a swoon. One could easily imagine how bad the
punches were to have a robust man knocked out.

“You‘re already in trouble, yet you‘re still thinking of others.” It pained Yvonne to see Veronica in this

Veronica lightly touched the scratches on her face and acted as if they were nothing. “It‘s no big deal.”

After a brief conversation, the couple left, and Veronica was locked up in the detention room along with
a few leches, who had heard rumors of her. Ogling at her pretty face, they couldn‘t help approaching