Her Biliionaire Husband

Chapter 303

Her Billionaire Husband

Matthew Discovered Her Identity

This new batch of private investigators were the people whom Veronica had recruited again afterward.

They were great at fighting and their work was meticulous as well.

If it weren’t for Randall being Monica’s husband, she would not have bothered to deal with all this

Regardless, though, she intended to interrogate Randall personally to find out who was behind all this.

She drove her car directly toward the destination.

It was past midnight, the roads were empty, so she drove at a high speed. It merely took her half an
hour to arrive at the destination she was headed for.

However, before Veronica had the chance to get out of her car, she received a phone call.

She had a bluetooth headset on, so she answered the phone with it. “What’s the matter?”

“It’s bad news. Someone came and broke Randall out.” The person on the other end spoke up.

Veronica was listening to the other person speak when she suddenly saw that there was a car hurtling
in her direction with the headlights on full beam coming from the bend ahead.

Shocked, she instantly pulled her car over to the side of the road. She had a strong hunch that this was
the car of the people who hijacked Randall.

“Is it a black car?” She looked through her rearview mirror and caught sight of the last two numbers on
that car’s registration plate. “Are the last two numbers of the registration plate 73?”

“Yes. Yeah, you’re right. How did you know that?”

“I encountered the car coincidentally.”

She instantly hung up her phone and made a perfect drift as she turned her car in the opposite
direction, making her way toward the car ahead. The car in front was driven at a very high speed, so
Veronica drove fast too.

She continued to trail after the car ahead, and they drove along the wide motorway toward the tiny
country roads before finally coming to a stop at the entrance of a mechanic shop.

Veronica had a cap on as she grabbed an electric baton and got out of the car.

However, as soon as she approached the car in front of her, a sudden click went off, and the darkened
entrance lit up instantly. The white lights shone through brightly. Subsequently, more than ten men
surrounded her.

“Who are you?” Veronica was dressed in male attire, so she forged a deep, male voice and questioned

“You’ve been trailing us the entire way. I’m much more interested in finding out who you are.”

The tightly shut doors to the mechanic’s shop were opened from the inside, and a familiar person
walked out. He was as cold and haughty as before, and he stood there arrogantly. He had both his
hands tucked into the pocket of his pants and he stood straight. As the lights hit his face, his handsome
features were much more prominent than ever.

Veronica’s eyes widened slightly upon seeing the familiar guy in front of her, and she was slightly

She had made quite a few wild guesses as she tried to figure out the person who had hijacked Randall,
but never in her wildest dreams would she have expected the person to be Matthew. Why did he
kidnap Randall? Could he possibly be the mastermind who sent Randall after me?

However, Veronica instantly banished that ridiculous notion from her mind.

Although Matthew had an unpredictable mood, he wasn’t a despicable man at all. Besides, if Veronica
encountered any trouble, it would bring disrepute to the Kingses too.

Bring disrepute? As soon as she thought of that, realization dawned upon her.

It turned out that Matthew was just wearing a couldn’t care less attitude about the trouble she was in.
On the surface, he appeared to allow the situation to unfold, but secretly, he persisted in investigating
the matter.

Matthew directed a question at Veronica, but he saw her standing still without saying a word. She
seemed quite impatient with an electric baton in her hands.

Matthew lowered his head and took out a cigarette from the inner pocket of his suit. He lit it before
holding it in between his fingers. He lifted his fingers slightly, and Troy instantly caught on to Matthew’s

“Get her!” Troy instructed.

As soon as Troy yelled out his command, the men that surrounded Veronica instantly pounced on her.
Veronica was just about to yell out for them to stop upon seeing their reaction, but before she could get
a word in edgewise, the men had rushed forward.

At that moment, she had no other option, so she swung the electric baton at the men rushing toward
her. She lifted her leg and kicked one of them onto the ground.

More than ten men rushed toward Veronica, but because she was a tiny target, they had difficulty
fighting her with their bare hands and feet. They were much more likely to hurt their own men in the

At that moment, the man standing under the light while puffing on his cigarette narrowed his eyes
slightly. He looked at the familiar fight moves used by the person in front of him and a pondering look
flashed across his eyes.

Subsequently, he pulled his lips into a smile as he held the cigarette in between his lips. His smile was
slightly resigned with an indulgent note.

“President Kings, what’s so funny?” Troy noticed that Matthew suddenly chuckled, so the former was
quite confused.

“Bring this man inside and interrogate him,” Matthew instructed Troy.

As Matthew spoke, he turned around and slowly took a seat on a chair by the side. He watched calmly
as Veronica remained in a frenzied fight with the ten men.

Normally, she was quite bad at fighting, but today she seemed to be performing at her peak.

Perhaps it was because she was skillful at maneuvering the electric baton, or perhaps she had too
many frustrations on her mind lately, so she fought hard. In no time at all, she had defeated all of the
men in front of her.

She stood there and panted hard as she looked at the men on the ground. She kept her electric baton
pointed at them. “Is there anyone who wants to come at me again?”

“Gosh, it hurts so much.”

“She fights so well!”

“We’ve underestimated her.”

“My head! My head is bleeding!”

“Help me! My arm… My arm hurts…”

Veronica had a cold and indifferent look on her face as she stared at the men howling on the ground.
Subsequently, she turned her eyes to Matthew, who was seated on the chair.

Angered, she strode forcefully to stand in front of him, and then, she brandished the electric baton in
front of his handsome face. “Hand over that man to me.”

Her deep male voice sounded quite normal, and no one could tell that something was amiss at first.

On the contrary, the outfit she had on—a camo suit paired with black leather shoes and a black cap
worn low with a face mask on—made her look quite dashing and handsome.

Matthew ignored her and flicked the ash from his cigarette before lifting his head lazily. “You fight well.
Would you like to work for me?”

Meanwhile, Veronica grimaced slightly upon hearing his words. Is he out of his mind? She was here to
demand Randall’s release and yet, he attempted to recruit her right now!

“Hand over Randall or else I’ll teach you a lesson you’ll never forget.” Veronica lifted the electric baton
and she flicked the cigarette in Matthew’s hand to the ground.

The cigarette fell from his hand. The lit-up cigarette butt formed a bright red arch as it fell to the ground
and bounced slightly before finally ending up on the ground.

Matthew lowered his eyes and glanced at the electric baton in front of him. There was a slight smile on
his strikingly handsome face as he lifted his hand to gently push the baton aside. “Oh? Is that so? I
would like to know how you’re going to teach me a lesson.”

At that point, Veronica was speechless. She pondered in her mind, Am I too well-disguised that he
hasn’t figured out my true identity? Or could it be that he has never studied me carefully enough that he
doesn’t even recognize me even though I’m standing in front of him?

“Ah! Help me.” Suddenly, there was an agonized wail that rang out from inside.

Veronica frowned, and she could no longer hold back. Without considering things any further, she
rushed into the house and pointed at Troy, who was currently beating up Randall. “Let go of him!”

Troy turned around to see Veronica enter the room with Matthew behind her, so Troy stopped and
stood aside.


The medium-sized door to the workshop was slowly lowered, and Veronica instantly turned around in
that direction upon hearing it. She lamented in her mind, Oh no! I’ve been too careless and now I’m
locked inside.

“Were you the one who sent Randall to do all that?” Matthew stood behind her and purposely brought
that up, despite knowing the answer.

She shook her head. “No. I came to investigate this matter under instructions from someone else.”

“Oh. Is that so? Since you’re keen to investigate this matter too, let’s work together to find out.”

Veronica hesitated for a moment. “Would you let me leave once I’m done with interrogating him?”