Her Biliionaire Husband

Chapter 307

Her Billionaire Husband

Don’t You Hate Me?

“It’s fine. Trust me. I can handle this.” Veronica was full of confidence.

She continued to chat with Hendrey before hanging up the phone.

She had just hung up the phone with Hendrey when she received a phone call from Monica.

As soon as Veronica answered the phone, Monica sobbed on the other end, “Sobs… President
Murphy, do you know where Randall is? Boohoo… He has disappeared for more than a day now and
he’s uncontactable. Besides, there was a fire at our house today. I don’t know what to do right now…

On the other end of the line, Monica, who was still hospitalized, was very worried about Randall’s

Although Randall wasn’t kind toward Monica, they were family after all.

As Veronica heard Monica’s cries, the former felt a wave of emotions.

Monica was originally not involved in this matter, but she had been dragged into it for some reason,
which shouldn’t have happened.

“Monica, Randall’s not with me.”

Veronica abruptly spoke to Monica, “I know that there are speculations on the internet and you’ve got
some suspicions too, but right now, you should be lodging a police report and not here after me. Do
you get it?”

Actually, Veronica admitted that she was lying, but if she told Monica the truth, Monica would not
behave the same way as she was right now—anxious to find out where Randall was.

By then, Monica’s life would be in danger.

As such, rather than dragging Monica into this, Veronica reckoned that it was much wiser for Monica to
stay out of everything.

“Boohoo… Where could Randall have gone then? Sobs… I’m so worried about his condition.”

“You don’t need to worry about him much. I’ll send Shirley over to keep you company. You’ve just given
birth, so you must take care of yourself well.”

Veronica spoke on the phone with Monica for slightly longer before giving Shirley a call. Veronica gave
instructions to Shirley for her to go and keep Monica company.

At night, Yvonne returned from work to see that Veronica was still in bed. Yvonne assumed that
Veronica was in a bad mood, so she stepped forward and gave Veronica a warm hug. “Roni, listen to
me. There are so many trees in the forest and there are so many men out there for you to choose, so
don’t be sad and upset because it’s not worth it.”

Veronica was perplexed by her words. “What man?”

“Who else could it be other than that bast*rd, Matthew!”

Yvonne bellowed loudly and placed both hands on her hips as she paced back and forth in the room
angrily. “Look at how abominably he has behaved! It’s bad enough that he hasn’t offered any help, but
how dare he comment on you in that manner with Conrad! This is too much!”

Veronica was aware that Yvonne was quite naive, but the former clearly didn’t expect the latter to be so
clueless about the wily ways of others.

Veronica pretended to be confused and asked, “Yeah, I’ve listened to the recording too, but… I was
wondering, who was it that released the recording? Could it be Matthew?”

Veronica reminded Yvonne subtly to get the latter to look at this matter logically.

However, the truth was that a woman infatuated by love clearly lacked intelligence.

“Of course it’s Matthew. He must have released the recording to keep Spinfluence Group safe. Hmph!
It’s fine if he wants to disassociate with you, but why did he drag Conrad into this? I reckon right now,
the management level of Spinfluence Group must be quite displeased with Conrad. They must think
that he’s siding with you and not focused on the company’s benefit. Gosh…”

As soon as Yvonne mentioned this, she sat down by the bed and lay down as she stared at the ceiling
with wide eyes. With a sigh, she mentioned, “Conrad’s awesome. He’s just too silly, as he’s always
considerate of others.”

At that point, Veronica nearly leaped up and pounced on Yvonne to pry open her head and figure out
what was exactly inside her mind.

Judging by Matthew’s personality, if he wanted to express his opinion to the public, he would not have
resorted to using a voice recording.

She wondered whether Yvonne had forgotten the words Matthew had said to the reporters during
Jackson’s wedding. He had said outrightly, “Her personal matter has nothing to do with the Kings
Family.” As such, she was quite confident that he wasn’t one to make unnecessary moves.

“What should we do? It’s my fault for dragging Conrad into this.” Veronica had no choice but to be
mindful of Yvonne’s emotions, and she replied with an aggrieved expression.

As soon as Yvonne heard Veronica’s remorseful and self-reproaching words, the former sat up in bed
and comforted the latter. “You did not drag him into this! This is the perfect opportunity to test Conrad,
and it also allows me to see his true personality. However, it’s awesome because he hasn’t
disappointed me at all. He’s a man worth marrying.”

At that point, Veronica was speechless. She thought, Girl, seriously?! You should learn to judge people
better. You’re such a bimbo. You’ve been tricked and yet you think that he’s a nice guy.

She shook her head resignedly and leaned back in bed before starting to play a game.

“You’re still able to play games, so that means the pressure hasn’t gotten to you.”

As soon as Yvonne saw Veronica’s intense look as she was gaming, the former patted the latter’s back
with a satisfied look on her face. “Have fun. I’ll wait for Conrad in the living room.”

“Okay,” Veronica affirmed without saying anything further. Perhaps she also had no idea of what to say
to Yvonne.

Although Veronica was aware that Conrad was a schemeful person who plotted against others, this
was all her deductions, and she didn’t have any concrete proof to back herself up. There was no way
she could convince Yvonne.

In the bedroom, Veronica remained engrossed in her game when, all of a sudden, the door was pushed
open forcefully.

Xavier rushed into the room angrily and walked to the table before slamming the surface hard. His
sudden action caught Veronica by surprise, and she was significantly startled.

“W-What’s wrong?” She asked.

“Are you seriously asking me what’s wrong?” Xavier tugged hard on his scarf and removed it from his
neck before angrily slamming his fist into the wall. “Matthew’s a freaking bast*ard! He claims that he will
protect you, but he has chosen to throw you to the wolves at the first sight of trouble! This is too much!”

While engrossed in her game and destroying a tower, Veronica shot a look at Xavier from the side of
her eyes.

She watched as he put on a self-absorbent act in front of her. At that moment, she found the entire
situation a mockery. She wondered whether he thought she was a fool in his eyes or vice versa.

“Whatever. I don’t want to talk about him.”

Veronica leaned against the headboard and put on a despondent and feeble look as she played her
game. She looked as if she had been defeated by life and had now accepted what was going on with
her life.

“Roni, I’ve told you from the start that Matthew’s not someone you can rely on. You were too naive,”
Xavier reprimanded her while pulling out a cigarette from the pocket of his coat. He lit the cigarette and
puffed on it silently.

At that moment, he had a dreadfully worried expression.

Unbeknownst to him, Veronica saw everything, but she merely found it a joke. The entire situation was
a mockery, and it was deeply saddening for her.

“Well, it’s normal for one to be naive once.”

She won the game that she was playing and ended the first round of the game.

Subsequently, she kept her phone aside and lamented, “However, the experiences we encounter are
what make us grow. For example, this time, I’ve also… I’ve learned a lot. By the way, I’m thankful for
you guys…”

I’m thankful to you guys because you’ve shown me how evil exists in life and how complicated the
ways of society can get.

Xavier held a cigarette in between the fingers of his right hand and walked to stand next to Veronica.
He noticed her poutful and pitiful look, so he raised his left hand and hesitated before finally placing it
on her head and ruffling her hair.

His actions were very doting.

“Roni, I hope that you’ll realize from this incident that I’m the only one in this world who would treat you
well without any expectation of repayment,” he spoke in a slightly hoarse and solemn voice.

Meanwhile, Veronica, who had her head lowered, had a slight glint in her eyes.

If she hadn’t realized the truth, she would definitely have been very touched upon hearing his words.
However, she merely found everything a joke at the moment.

She pursed her lips and blinked her pretty eyes as she asked Xavier, “W-Why are you so kind to me?
That day in the warehouse, I injured you and Melissa. Don’t you hate me for that?”

Her acting was superb, as she put on a world-class act.

She purposely made the tears well up in her eyes, and under the lights in the room, her eyes
glimmered. The despondent look she had was emphasized by the tears on her stunning, oval-shaped

As soon as Veronica brought up that incident, the hand that Xavier had on Veronica’s head stiffened for
a moment.

Furthermore, his facial expressions clearly stiffened slightly, and it was quite evident. Soon after that,
he pursed his lips and smiled. “That has all happened in the past. I know that you must have been
furious at that moment, so that’s why you took that action. I don’t blame you for that.”

The reason Veronica asked this question was to probe Xavier and find out if he knew the true reason
behind her action of injuring them in the warehouse. Nonetheless, she realized that she was too naive.

He hadn’t even considered that aspect at all, and he merely thought that she had injured him and
Melissa in a fit of anger.

“Okay, that’s good to know.”

Veronica was at a loss for words, and she felt repulsed by Xavier’s hand on her head, so she lay down
in bed and dragged her quilt to cover herself. “I’m feeling tired. Why don’t you go out so I can take a
short nap?”

“Okay, have a good rest.”