Her Biliionaire Husband

Chapter 308

Her Billionaire Husband

The Truth Is Revealed

Xavier turned around and left.

One hour later, she was asked to come out of the room, and the four of them had a simple meal in the
living room.

The other three mainly focused on Matthew as their topic, and they continued to talk about him.

Meanwhile, Veronica sat there with a despondent look on her face. She looked very downcast after
encountering endless pressure and was now quite defeated.

She didn’t eat much and went back to her bedroom to sleep soon after that.

Finally, Conrad and Xavier left at midnight.

Yvonne came over to chat with Veronica for a short while, and subsequently, Veronica placed a
sleeping tablet into the glass of water that Yvonne usually took before bedtime.

“I’m sorry.”

Veronica felt quite guilty as she looked at Yvonne, who was sound asleep.

At one o’clock in the morning, she grabbed her keys and left the apartment cautiously. She hailed a cab
and left for the location where she had parked her car yesterday.

She disguised herself in the car before finally driving to the abandoned warehouse.

However, as soon as she arrived at the destination, she was surprised to see a very familiar silvery-
grey Maybach.

She saw the familiar car plate and instantly realized that it was Matthew’s car.

Why is he here?

Veronica parked her car and got out to see Matthew puffing on a cigarette while leaning against the car

“Are you waiting for me?” She used a distinct male voice and asked.

“Obviously.” He shrugged with one hand holding on to a cigarette and shot her a cold look. “Do you
think that I’m here to catch some fresh air in the middle of the night?”

Matthew looked at her with a cold and indifferent look on his face, and she looked exactly like a lazy,
good-for-nothing man. She perfected the way a man walked.

At that moment, his eyes shone, and he was increasingly drawn to the little surprise from her. He
enjoyed such moments tremendously.

On the other hand, Veronica grimaced upon hearing his sarcastic words, and she was rendered
speechless. “Just say what you’re here for.”

“I’ve got something here that should be useful to your backer.” Matthew handed over a flash drive to
Veronica and mentioned it coldly.

She took the flash drive from him and asked curiously, “Are you seriously going to give this to me
without even finding out my identity? Why should I follow your words?”

He took the last puff on his cigarette before flinging the cigarette butt onto the ground. Subsequently,
he stamped out the lit cigarette with the front of his shoes and blew a puff of smoke at her face while
replying calmly, “Other than Veronica, there’s no one else who would choose to hire private
investigators like you. That’s all she can afford!”

Veronica was currently disguised as a private investigator, and she had also arranged for a man from
the private investigator agency to keep watch over Randall today, so Matthew easily figured out her

At that point, Veronica was speechless as she thought, What the heck! He’s looking down on me, huh?

Although she was significantly displeased, frankly speaking, she did lack the money, which was why
she had merely been able to afford to hire the private investigators to help.

As for Conrad and Xavier, they were powerful and well-to-do men, so they had their own bodyguards
and henchmen.

Even if they needed men at short notice, they could easily afford to spend good money and hire elite

Meanwhile, Veronica felt awkward and embarrassed after being mocked relentlessly by Matthew.
Fortunately, she had a face mask on, so her expression was not evident.

She pouted and asked, “Your news is all over the internet. You’ve disassociated yourself from her since
the start, right? Why are you helping her then?”

“I’m just helping myself.”

He opened his jacket and placed both hands into the pocket of his pants before lifting his cold eyes and
saying, “Other than that, pass this message to that stupid woman, Veronica. Tell her not to cause

further trouble for me; otherwise, I’ll definitely teach her a lesson that she’ll never forget.”

At that point, there was a burst of anger within Veronica upon hearing the words ‘stupid woman’.

“You just said that I…”

In her frenzied moment, she had nearly exposed her own identity, but fortunately, she had on a voice
changer just in case something unexpected occurred. If not, all her efforts would have gone down the
drain with a single sentence.

She instantly paused and stopped talking for a second before responding, “You’ve said that my backer
is stupid, but I clearly don’t see how smart you are either. My backer told me that the exposure of the
conversation between you and Mr. Conrad Kings indicated your stupidity. Clearly, you lack the most
basic knowledge of being on your guard against others.”

In fact, this came as a complete surprise to her, as she never expected to bump into him… More
accurately, she had not expected that he would turn up here and wait for her in the middle of the night
under such bitterly cold conditions, all for the sake of providing sufficient evidence for her to clear her

At that moment, Veronica had complicated thoughts running through her mind, but she was slightly
elated. It felt as if everything that she had been looking forward to all this time had been granted.


Matthew couldn’t quite contain his laughter, so he quickly turned his head in the other direction. The
smile on his cold face was quite evident, and his smile came quite naturally. She was in dire straits
herself and their encounter under such circumstances wasn’t exactly ideal, but she was still mindful of
reminding him to be on his guard against Conrad, so clearly, she wasn’t clueless about things.

“What’s so funny?” Veronica was significantly confused.

Meanwhile, he shot Veronica a meaningful look before turning around to open the car door and enter
his car. He reversed and drove off quickly subsequently.

As soon as Veronica saw his car disappear into the horizon, she lowered her head to look at the flash
drive in her hands as she muttered, “Could he possibly have figured out my identity?”

She lowered her head and studied her attire before shaking her head as she banished this notion from
her mind.

That’s impossible. If he had actually seen past her disguise, then surely he would have exposed the
truth. He wouldn’t waste the time putting on an act with her, as she didn’t think that he would spare his
time on this.

Whoosh. Whoosh. The bitterly cold winter wind howled on, and she shivered from the cold.

She sniffled and entered the warehouse. She stood in front of Randall and confronted him. She
remained there for more than an hour before finally leaving.

The next day, Veronica’s issue festered and she maintained her position as the trending topic on

At the same time, the Bloomstead police department put out a search warrant to search for Randall.

Twitter instantly became abuzz.

The first trending topic was, ‘I’ve lodged a report and Veronica’s definitely the prime suspect.’

The second trending topic said, ‘Blind guess—Randall’s dead.’

Both topics had amassed more than one hundred thousand likes.

‘The chances of Randall being alive are quite slim.’

‘Veronica’s quite ruthless in her ways.’

‘They should investigate Veronica.’

‘Veronica’s staff are too pitiful. She must pay the price for killing someone.’

‘Her mom should have strangled her to death as soon as she was born! She doesn’t deserve to live!’

The trending topics had moved to the top of the chart in barely an hour when a famous person with a
verified account published a post with the topic, ‘Verification that Veronica did hit the person’, and in
less than ten minutes, that post topped the chart too.

As soon as one clicked on that topic, they realized that the supposed verification was actually a topic
used to gain attention.

In fact, the content of that post was evidence of Veronica giving instructions to Shirley to transfer three
months’ worth of wages to their staff as soon as she came out of custody, and there was also a
screenshot of WhatsApp text messages.

Furthermore, there was also a voice recording included. It was a complete voice recording from the
moment Veronica entered Monica’s room in the hospital.

After this topic became viral, everyone on the internet was in a frenzy, and the tides turned completely
all of a sudden. Everyone started to doubt themselves.

‘What the heck? What’s going on?’

‘We’ve… misunderstood Veronica?’

‘Could the video recording be edited? Although she might not have hit the other person, Randall has
disappeared, though.’

‘I will only trust Randall’s words.’

‘She’s such a kind boss. Did I misunderstand such a kind person?’

Meanwhile, just as the people on the web continued to discuss the matter, another topic popped up on
the chart.

The topic was… ‘Randall surrendered himself to the police!’

Following Randall’s initiative to surrender himself to the police, on that afternoon, the police released a
statement on their official website specifying the details of the matter. The statement included how
Randall had been bribed with five hundred thousand to frame Veronica. Besides, there was also proof
that the other party had contacted him by phone.

Not only that, there was also the chat history between Randall and the reporter to set up a meeting
time as well as the footage of Randall collecting the cash of five hundred thousand at a specific
location. Finally, there was also footage of the remains of five hundred thousand after the fire at
Randall’s house. At that point, the internet was in a frenzy.