Her Biliionaire Husband

Chapter 315

Her Billionaire Husband

A Romantic Time

“What about Yvonne?”

Placing his chess piece down, Matthew looked at Veronica as he asked the question.

It was this question that made Veronica speechless and not know how to answer him.

Exchanging gazes, Veronica only sighed and propped her face up using her hands. “I know. It’s just
that I don’t know how to break it to her.”

Especially to a girl who was at the peak of her love life. How would she believe anyone that told her her
partner harbored ill intentions?

Up to this point, Veronica suddenly thought that her tense relationship with Matthew had gotten
somewhat better now.

Since Matthew had helped her so much the last time, she did not continue to be angry at him.

“Roni, it’s getting quite late now. Should we get going?”

Conrad and Yvonne entered the living room and shook off the snowflakes. Veronica smiled. “It’s
snowing really hard outside. It’s so cold. If we don’t go now, we might not be able to return tonight.”

“Since you all don’t have much to do the next day, you can sleep here for the night and return

Inside the bedroom, Elizabeth had just finished soaking her legs and had not even lain on her bed
when she heard Yvonne speak, so she came out and stated this to them.

“Eh? This… might not be appropriate.”

Blushing, Yvonne looked at Conrad as if she wanted to get his opinion on this.

“Grandma, I think we should go back.”

Veronica did not want to spend the night here as she was afraid of creating more chances for Yvonne
and Conrad. She was also scared that Yvonne might sink deeper.

“Return? Do you think my words are a suggestion? None of you are to leave tonight, and that’s that.”

Elizabeth ordered them.

Hearing this, Veronica could not refuse her any longer.

Then, the few of them sat and chatted for a while before retiring for the night in their respective rooms.

Veronica and Yvonne shared a room. Due to her insomnia, Veronica was still awake late at night.

Lying on the bed with Yvonne, Veronica finally asked something she had been holding in, “Erm… How
far have you reached with Conrad?”

“Why are you so curious? Why do you want to know about such a thing?” The topic made Yvonne
somewhat embarrassed.

Veronica remembered that she saw obvious signs of a man having spent the night in her house. “Have
you two already done it?”


Yvonne nodded after pondering for a while.

After getting confirmation, Veronica frowned. “How could you be so rash? Don’t you need to discuss it
with your parents?”

“My parents can’t control who I like. Besides, we’re still in a secret relationship. When I find an
opportune moment, I will cancel the engagement with Zac. Then, I can finally be together with Conrad

“Does he like you? Don’t you suspect his feelings toward you?”

“Nonsense. Would he be together with me if he didn’t like me?”

“But, don’t you think you two are moving too fast?”

“Love at first sight is a split second thing. There are some that even get married after just dating for
three days. I’m already taking it slow. I’ll have you know.” Yvonne felt more and more sour the longer
she listened to Veronica. “Hmph. I don’t want to talk to you anymore. I’m going to switch to another

Stating that, Yvonne then stood up and left the bedroom.

Originally, they had been arranged into two separate rooms, but Yvonne came over because she
wanted to sleep with Veronica.

Now that they fell out, Yvonne left without saying a word.

Seeing her being so stubborn only made Veronica feel a headache coming on.

After lying on the bed for a while, she found herself unable to sleep as she remembered there being a
sakura garden in the rear courtyard of the Kings Residence. So, she got out of bed.

Though upon exiting the room and reaching the hallway, she saw Matthew, who was wearing a black
coat, standing there with a cigarette in his hand.

The soft light reflected on his face, accentuating his features and making him seem even more

“Can’t sleep?”

Veronica tightened her scarf and walked toward him.

Slowly, the man looked at her before gazing at a faraway place. “I could say the same to you.”

He knew that she would not be able to sleep, and that, given her personality, she would come out.

That was why he had been standing here, smoking a few cigarettes, only for her to actually come out.

“I can’t sleep. I suddenly remembered that your house has a sakura garden, so I wanted to go see it.” A
feeling of excitement suddenly came to her. “In this kind of old house, it’s quite interesting to walk in the
sakura garden and feel like a poet from the olden times.”

As the Kings Residence was an architecture with up to a hundred years of history, one would feel as if
they had gone back in time upon stepping in.

At the same time, Veronica was wondering how much it was worth if the entire thing was sold off.

The man scoffed lightly before he extinguished the cigarette. As he walked toward the snow, he was
followed closely by Veronica.

Just as the two exited the hallway, she ran back again. “Wait. I’ll go grab an umbrella.”

Running back, she grabbed an umbrella from her room before catching up to Matthew.

With a black umbrella in hand, she raised it to cover them both. Maybe it was because Matthew was a
bit too tall that Veronica felt a bit upset. “You take the umbrella since you’re taller.”

The umbrella blocked his sight as his vision darkened.

Looking at the woman next to him before looking at the umbrella, he felt that it was actually enjoyable
for the two to share an umbrella while walking in the snow.

His heart skipped a beat.

No matter how he felt inside, he still kept up a cold facade nevertheless.

Matthew then took the umbrella from Veronica, only to feel a shock of cold from accidentally touching
her hand.

Her hands were freezing cold.

Looking at her thin outerwear, Matthew took off his coat and threw it at her. “Hold this for me. It’s rather
inconvenient to wear it while holding the umbrella.”

“What? Aren’t you cold?”

“I’m not that weak,” the man replied nonchalantly, as he looked to the front.

“I’ll wear it then. It’s so cold.”

Without overthinking it, she wore his coat. To prevent them from being drenched in snow, they had to
walk very closely, as their feet made crunching sounds against the snow. Paired with the cold wind, it
made quite a romantic scene.

“It’s snowing rather heavily this year. I haven’t seen it snow this hard in years.” Looking like she was
talking to herself, Veronica reached out to catch some snowflakes.

“Yup,” he replied.

“Do you like snow?”

Veronica suddenly asked.

Subconsciously, Matthew wanted to shake his head, but it was at that moment that he felt a sense of
happiness that he had never felt before as they walked in the snow, wishing that time would stop.

“I don’t really feel anything about it,” he said.

Walking on the pebblestone pathway, one could see both sides lined with bushes that were around
waist height, and their trimmed edges were covered in snow.

Veronica touched the snow before looking back at Matthew. “Hey, Matthew. Were you ever in a
snowball fight?”

The man shook his head, only to see Veronica run at him the next moment. All of a sudden, a wild
snowball caught him off guard and hit him square in the face.