Her Biliionaire Husband

Chapter 314

Her Billionaire Husband

A Battle Between the Two

In her mind, Conrad, who dared to say this in front of Elizabeth, meant that he had accepted her

This was equal to admitting in public that she was his girlfriend.

It was what Yvonne wanted all along.

“Y-Yeah, Grandma. We shouldn’t rush this.” Yvonne nodded.


Elizabeth suddenly looked at her with some dissatisfaction on her face. “Grandma?”


Confused, Yvonne did not know what she was hinting at.

“Conrad calls me Mother, yet you’re still calling me Grandma?” The old woman reminded her

“Erm… I-I mean Aunt Elizabeth?”

Scratching her head, she thought that this way of addressing Elizabeth seemed a bit weird.

Veronica, who was holding a teacup, was sipping from it full of worries.

How do I expose Conrad to Yvonne?

“You smart girl. Come, eat up. Look at how thin you are.” Beaming, Elizabeth was overjoyed.

She then sighed. “Conrad is already thirty now. Now that he has someone special, I can slightly rest my
heart. But, you two should pick up the pace as I want my grandchildren soon.”

“Pff… Cough, cough, cough…”

Her words made Yvonne blush, while Veronica choked on the tea and started coughing.

“What’s with you?”

Upon seeing Veronica choke on water, Elizabeth could not help but ask, “It’s not as if I’m rushing you.
Now that we’re on the subject, do you want to meet the potential suitors I’ve arranged for you?”

“What? I… No… Cough, cough, cough…”

This only exacerbated her cough.

As she was sitting next to Elizabeth, she could not cough at her, so she chose to cough in Matthew’s

The man frowned heavily as his eyes were full of undisguised contempt.

Reaching out, he gave her a piece of tissue. “Stupid.”

Insulted, Veronica suddenly felt a bit angry. Holding in her cough, she stared at him. “What does this
have to do with you!”


“You’ve dirtied the air in front of me.”

The man sat straightly as a noble-like aura exuded from him. Even his table manners had a certain
sense of elegance to them, especially when compared with Veronica, who sat next to him.

This only showed how lacking she was.

“If you think it’s dirty, you’re welcome to eat outside!”

Without waiting for Veronica to continue, Elizabeth added, “Although you aren’t very capable, you’re
quite fussy, aren’t you?”

Elizabeth’s sentence made the angry Veronica hold in her laughter as she nodded madly. “Yup,
Grandma’s right. A man shouldn’t be so fussy. If an outsider were to know about this, they might think
that you’re acting like a princess.”

In other words, she was saying that he was acting like a girl.

Once she finished her words, she suddenly felt the atmosphere freezing up, as chills ran behind her

Shuddering, with the corners of her eyes, Veronica saw him staring daggers at herself.

“Grandma, don’t you think I’m correct?”

She purposefully asked Elizabeth this before adding, “Look, Grandma! He’s glaring at me!”

“What’s wrong with you, Matthew Kings? Veronica is your sister. If I ever find you bullying her again, I’ll
break your legs!”

“Hmph. Grandma said she’ll break your legs!”

Veronica repeated the old madam’s words while looking at Matthew smugly.

Even though the man looked as cold as ever, an ever so subtle smile appeared on his face as he
continued his meal.

“Alright now, let’s eat. Honestly, all of you behave like kids. Hahaha…”

Elizabeth suddenly laughed while talking.

Today, she was in an especially good mood, looking as if she had regressed in age as she sat with the
younger generation.

After the meal, Conrad walked with Yvonne in the courtyard while Elizabeth was playing chess with

Because Veronica was always accompanying Crayson at her hometown, she had learned how to play
chess. Coincidentally, Elizabeth also liked to play chess, so their interests matched.

“Matthew, what are you doing there? Pour some water for Veronica.”

Due to one needing a quiet environment when playing chess, Elizabeth ordered the servants to clear
the room with only the trio left.

Sitting by the side, the man was replying to messages without taking a break, but he would still look at
the opposition, whom his grandmother was playing against, from time to time.

“It’s not like she doesn’t have the arms to do it herself.”

Matthew raised his eyebrows and coldly replied.

“What? Can I not order you around now that I’m old?” While talking, Elizabeth grabbed the pawn and
knocked Veronica’s king over, stating, “Checkmate!”

“Wow, you’re so good, Grandma.”

Veronica gave the old woman a thumbs up. “We should play poker next time. My skills in chess aren’t
that great.”

“I’m not going to play anymore. You keep losing on purpose. It’s boring.”

As smart as she was, how could Elizabeth not see Veronica letting her win on purpose? So, she
pointed at Matthew. “Come here. Play against Veronica and let me see how good this brat really is.”

Being called out again stunned Matthew. As his gaze landed on the chess board, a hint of interest
roused within him.

Even though he had known Veronica for a long time and knew the fact that she knew how to play
chess, he never knew how good she was at it.


The man agreed to it, his face showing a bit of reluctance.

As Elizabeth stood up, Matthew then gave her a chair to sit beside them while he sat opposite

The two then silently rearranged the board, with Veronica being the black side and Matthew being the

“Who goes first?” Veronica looked at Matthew. Seeing how both of them sat cross-legged gave her a
sense of enjoyment, as if they were in the olden times.

“Ladies first,” Matthew said.

“Alright.” Veronica was not shy at all, as she made the first move with the knight while Matthew chose
to advance with a pawn.

Just like that, the two engaged in fierce competition in silence.

Elizabeth, who observed them, yawned after a while. “Oh my. This old woman is tired now. You two
keep playing. I’m going to take a short nap.”

“Alright, Grandma.” Veronica smiled and nodded.

Not speaking, Matthew continued to play.

It was only until Elizabeth entered her bedroom that Matthew said, “One would only expose their
weakness if they show off too much.”

His words served as a warning to Veronica, as they had another meaning to them.

“A chance!” She defeated his rook using her knight and replied, “Dear President, do you always look at
things on a surface level only? Don’t you know what it means to hide what you really know while
showing off to your enemies?”

“Yet, how could someone claim to be hiding their true capabilities when they come so close to having
their reputation dismantled?” The man rebuked.

Veronica’s expression instantly soured. “You’ve said it yourself. It was only ‘so close’!”