Her Biliionaire Husband

Chapter 316

Her Billionaire Husband

Matthew’s Confession

“Pfft… Hahaha. Matthew, you’re so stupid. You couldn’t even dodge that?”

While laughing, Veronica grabbed another pile of snow from the hedge and pressed it into a ball before
throwing it at Matthew.

Though this time, the man only tilted his head slightly as the snowball flew by him.

He then stood at the spot and cleared his face of snow, which dropped onto his neck. Even though it
was chilly, he could not disguise his smile.


Again, another snowball flew at him and hit the umbrella before it disintegrated.

Stiffening up, the man looked at the woman, who was still laughing happily not far away, and threw the
umbrella aside as he threw back a snowball at her.

“Hahaha… Matt… Ah! Cough…”

Veronica, who was mocking Matthew, got a face full of snow in her face in the end, with some of it
getting into her mouth.

Sticking her tongue out, she stared back at Matthew. “How could you play dirty like that?”

Veronica was a bit angry, so she quickly threw a snowball back at him. Yet, the man easily blocked her
attack with the umbrella.

The two of them went at each other, with Veronica losing in the end. Standing there covered in snow,
she stomped her foot madly. “You’re shameless, Matthew. How could you use the umbrella as cover?”

She persisted vehemently.

However, her angry look made her seem weirdly adorable.

After seeing her get so angry did the man notice his fault.

So, he put the umbrella down and walked to her. “Alright. Should I stand in front of you to exact your

Veronica pouted and glared at him in response.

Yet, just as Matthew thought she would not do it, Veronica quickly threw a snowball, which struck his
head, causing him pain.


Seeing her ploy succeed, the woman turned around and started to run, as Matthew chased her. “You
think you can just run after doing that?”

Veronica was running very quickly when, all of a sudden, she slipped and fell backward.

“Be careful.”

Seeing this, Matthew immediately stepped forward and pulled on her hand, only to slip along with her.

Nonetheless, because of how tightly he was holding onto her hand, he feared that he would land on
her, so he hugged her instead.

With a bang, they crashed onto the ground, as Veronica, who was in his embrace, landed on top of him
with her lips on his by accident.

At that moment, Veronica froze up and stared at the handsome face that was so close to hers,
forgetting to react.

In the blizzard, her hair was touching the man’s face.

Even though Matthew had snapped back to reality in a moment, he did not push her away.

Her cold lips overlapped with his warm ones. They were soft, a bit sweet and tasted nice, making him
sink deeper and deeper into the moment.

Badum, badum, badum…

As his heart beat wildly, he gazed deeply at the woman before he held her by her neck and started
kissing her.

Veronica, whose brain had shortcircuited, found her senses following the man’s kiss.

Even though she should have pushed him away and given him a slap, only God knew why she did not,
as the manly smell enveloped her, which was a nice and familiar scent.

His hot lips had a nice scent that made her mind blank while a shock traveled through her lips, making
her feel all numb inside.

As her heart beat faster, Veronica became a statue that let the man kiss her however he liked without
any resistance.

The weirdest thing was that she actually felt a bit moved.


Snapping back to reality, Veronica pressed her hands against his chest, wanting to get up, but the man
tightly hugged her waist in return and gazed deeply at her as he asked in a hoarse tone, “Roni, can you
be my girlfriend?”

The man actually confessed his love to her.

At that moment, Matthew had forgotten all about the message from Xavier he had received that day.

Maybe he had just said his true thoughts.

Stunned, Veronica did not think that Matthew would confess to her so suddenly.

As the two lay in such a romantic position in the middle of the night in a snowpile, Veronica thought to
herself, Did he just… confess?

This was the most unexpected method that Veronica had ever received a confession from before.


With her hands starting to fidget, she lightly bit her lip due to her realizing her true feelings.

Even she had to admit that she started to fancy the scumbag at some point in time.

Yet, it was just a few seconds before she found that…

She liked him.

Seeing Veronica hesitate made Matthew’s glimmering eyes start to darken. In the end, he asked, “Do
you like Xavier?”

“No, I don’t.”

Veronica answered that instinctively.

It was her words that made the frowning man feel that something was amiss.

If she doesn’t like Xavier, why did she sleep with him?

This was because Matthew knew that Veronica was not such a woman, so he asked, “You said that
you went to the hotel with Xavier on the night of the Kings Family’s gathering, right? Did… nothing

Maybe because Veronica was in love to depths that she answered him instinctively.

However, when Matthew added the second question, she felt that something weird was going on.
“What do you mean?”

“I received a message after you had spent the night with Xavier…”

“What message?”

Veronica looked very serious.

As her expression was reflected in his gaze, Matthew suddenly realised that Veronica might be in the
dark about what happened that night.

So, he said, “I only received a message sent from your phone, stating you liked Xavier.”

By lying, Matthew chose to hide the truth.

Because he did not know exactly what Xavier did to Veronica that night, he pitied her for not knowing

If Veronica knew that Xavier had done something to her, he was afraid that this would be a nightmare
that would haunt her forever.

Holding his anger in, Matthew found himself pitying Veronica the more he got enraged.

“Roni, I know you have a lot to consider. But, I only hope that you can give me a chance.”

Matthew, who was confessing to Veronica, was speaking to her in a very considerate manner.

It was only in front of Veronica that the high and mighty Matthew, who did not put anyone in his eyes,
felt how powerless he was.

“I… Matthew… I… You’re the successor to the Kings Family, and I’m just some girl who came from the
countryside. I could never match up to you, nor can I bear the pressure of your love.”