Her Biliionaire Husband

Chapter 317

Her Billionaire Husband

Terms and Conditions

Out of sheer nervousness, Veronica responded stutteringly.

“Humans are all equal. I don’t think social status can stop us.”

Feeling Veronica’s slight acceptance of his proposal, Matthew pushed on by saying, “Maybe we could
give this a try.”

Matthew was bravely asking a woman out for the first time.

On the other hand, Veronica hesitated upon seeing his expectant gaze.

Suddenly, she remembered what Tiffany had told her and how she had lost her right to be a mother just
because he did those things to her.

Veronica could feel her pain as a fellow woman, and she feared Matthew somewhat after that.

“Matthew, I…”

Veronica wanted to say something before the man interrupted. “Stand up. The ground is covered in


Quickly standing up, she also helped Matthew up.

Throughout the whole process, Matthew had stood up and cleared his back of snow with his hand still
held tightly to Veronica’s. “Take the umbrella. It’s snowing quite heavily,” he said.

So, he took a few steps backward while holding her hand to pick up the umbrella before going to the
sakura garden.

His warm hand enveloped her freezing one, making Veronica feel less cold all of a sudden.

Holding the umbrella with his left hand made him feel a bit awkward, so he raised his arm to hug her
shoulders and held her closer. “Get closer so the snow doesn’t get you wet.”

As she felt Matthew’s gentleness, Veronica’s hands in her coat started fidgeting restlessly and her
heart was beating so fast to the point where she felt it was getting hard to breathe.

Before she came to the Kings Residence, she was still angry at Matthew, yet now, they had made up.

He had just confessed to her.

Even though there was a lack of flowers or a diamond ring, Veronica still could not control her
heartbeat, fluttering emotions, and… her happiness.

The man, upon seeing her not acting as calm as just now, thought she looked like a shy teenager in
love, making him smile subtly.

“Roni, I know you’re thinking about it a lot now. But, I can give you time to adjust to this.”

Matthew stated this somewhat anxiously.

Yet, he was not one to feel nervous even when facing a billion dollar deal to the point where his palms
were sweating.

Even though Veronica wanted to refuse him, she could not say that she was not moved by the various
things Matthew did for her.

In the end, after countless internal struggles and thinking, she stated, “You said that we could give it a
try. Then… How about three months? If I find us not working out by then, I hope that you don’t force
this relationship. Is that okay?”

Three months?

Matthew’s eyes shone at her words.

“Alright. I promise you.”

“But, I have some conditions of my own,” Veronica immediately followed up. “Firstly, you cannot touch
me within this time. Secondly, you will not interfere in my affairs. Thirdly, I don’t want anybody to know
about our relationship.”

She had her own plans.

For now, she still had to be on guard against a lot of people, so it would be best to keep their
relationship a secret.

“Okay. No problem.”

Matthew nodded in agreement.

Then, he suddenly stopped in his steps before facing Veronica and smiling evilly. “By the way, what did
you mean by ‘no touching’?”

He increased the force on her shoulders as if to say that they were making contact right then.

His question only served to make Veronica blush like a tomato. “You… I… I was referring to… that sort
of thing…”

“What sort of thing?”

“Of course, it’s…” Veronica was extremely embarrassed.

Unable to hold it in anymore, Matthew closed in and blew on her ears before gently saying, “Are you
talking about… sex?”

“Of course!”

Veronica pushed him away, feeling as if even her ear lobes had gone bright red.

“Okay. I’ll promise you that.” Matthew nodded and touched her face while his thumb caressed the face
that he had been thinking of day and night.

Before this, he was even angry and disappointed at her due to the photos Xavier sent him.

Now that he knew how dangerous and passive of a situation Veronica was in, he wanted to protect her

He did not think that Veronica would actually give him a chance. It was the happiest thing that ever
happened to Matthew.


He called out.


Veronica looked at him.

“Can I… kiss you?”

Veronica did not know how to respond.

Yet, just as Veronica was thinking about how to respond to him, the man grabbed the back of her head
and leaned down, kissing her.

It felt different this time.

His kiss was gentle and careful, as he had one hand on her waist and the other on the back of her
head. Touching her lips, he pried them open with the tip of his tongue and began kissing her

All the while, Veronica was standing there stiffly, not reacting.

She was holding her breath while letting the man kiss her for quite some time before her face became
all red and her heart was beating wildly.

It was then that Matthew suddenly let go of her and saw that she was panting loudly. ” Silly girl. Don’t
you know how to breathe?”

Upon being teased by him, Veronica twitched her lips as she glared at him in anger.

Matthew raised his hands, wiped her mouth with his thumb, and touched her nose. “Let’s go to the
sakura garden.”

The man then took the umbrella and held her by the shoulder before they went ahead.

Throughout the whole process, Veronica did not utter a word as she immersed herself in the romantic
atmosphere. Even though it was just a kiss and nothing extraordinary, it was enough to make her blush
hard, feeling as if her heart was about to beat out of her chest.

She even felt her body burning up during the kiss.

Veronica only managed to calm her heart after they walked for a while.

Only then did she ask, “You know that Conrad is also up to no good, right?”

“In the end, he’s still the illegitimate son of the family. He’s nowhere near my level.”

Matthew did not even consider him a threat.

Yet, it was this omnipotent ability of his that made Veronica feel inferior in comparison.

Pursing her lips, she hesitated for a moment before replying, “Matthew, I do not wish to be your
sheltered princess. This is why I hope you will not interfere in any future affairs of mine. I want to solve
all those problems with my own two hands. It will be too stressful for me if you provide and do
everything by yourself for the two of us. I don’t think I can accept such a relationship.”

She was different from other women.

If it were another woman, they would only want to be protected and be a pretty decoration.

On the other hand, Veronica needed freedom. She wanted to find her true capabilities and express