Her Biliionaire Husband

Chapter 318

Her Billionaire Husband


Matthew responded, “Okay. I promise.”

“Thank you.” As soon as Veronica said that, Matthew stopped in his tracks and turned to look at her
intently with a disapproving gaze. “I do not wish to hear that from you again.”

She then pouted at his response. “Why are you so bossy?”

“I don’t want us to be such strangers. That’s all.”

She held her tongue as warmth began to enfold her due to his straightforward answer. They continued
strolling, wandering around the plum trees. The flowers bloomed and tinted the flurry of snow with red
and pink. It was a sight to behold.

As the delicate snow brushed against her face, she relished in the flowers before reaching out her hand
unconsciously to hold his. Subsequently, she pointed out something that was ahead of them. “Look! It’s
so pretty. The yellow flowers at my place are nothing compared to these.”

Feeling the warmth wrapping around his hand, he glanced at her little hand that was holding his before
letting out a genuine smile. “Yeah, it’s pretty.”

“Isn’t it? Told you that it would be awesome to see it with your own eyes. It feels different during winter.”
Like an innocent child, Veronica let go of his hand and walked toward the tree to take a closer look at
the flowers. The wide smile on her face expressed her love for the view.

Just like that, Matthew trailed behind her silently while his eyes zeroed in on her, watching her being
free and happy while playing. As though her merriment had rubbed off on him, his heart was filled with

contentment and pure joy.

Once the nervousness melted away with blissful peace, everything seemed to be perfect.

After roaming around to her heart’s content, Veronica was finally willing to return to Matthew’s side.
Staying covered underneath the umbrella, she rubbed her hands profusely, trying to warm herself up.
“Huff. It’s freezing cold.”

Matthew put his hand on top of hers and yanked her into his embrace, then proceeded to hug her with
his jacket. “Are you still feeling cold now, Little Roni?”

Did he just call me… ‘Little Roni’?

Although she heard this nickname from Conrad’s lips many times before, which was quite repulsive
and icky, it felt different when Matthew called her in that manner. Instead of distaste, it elicited a smile
on her face.

It actually feels kind of sweet…

Other than her adoptive parents and Crayson, Matthew was the one that had pampered her the most
with care and affections. Right at this moment, cuddling in his embrace, Veronica somehow felt like she
was dipped into a jar of honey—even the air tasted sweet for some reason.

She shook her head. “It’s warm.”

Suddenly, she placed her hands on his chest and pushed him away slightly, trying to make some space
between them. Still, she couldn’t bring herself to look into his eyes as she lowered her head.

The snowflakes danced along the winter breeze, enveloping the couple that was standing under the
plum trees. It was beautiful and tranquil that seemed to have the power to make time stop in its tracks
in order to let the wholesome picture stay longer in stillness.

“Erm… Can we keep it low-profile? What if someone sees us?” Only then did she have the courage to
raise her head with pleading eyes.

“Let’s stay like this for a little longer.” Matthew shook his head as he grew greedier for her. He had a
feeling that she might leave as soon as he let go of her.

“Fine, then. I… Only one more minute.”

“Why don’t you tell me the price? I would love to buy the rest of your lifetime,” he teased.

“In your dreams.” She snorted but couldn’t help smiling, revealing her adorable dimples.

“Seems like I can only dream about it.” He heaved a long sigh.

Despite his casual tone, she was able to discern the sadness in his voice. Matthew, who always stood
before the crowd with a domineering aura, was behaving in such a manner in front of her as if he
wasn’t the man she often saw in the news.

Veronica stared at him intensely, and Matthew did the same. Their gazes intertwined each other for a
long time, as though they were communicating in silence.

His breathing suddenly grew heavier and the wind blew away the puff of mist he breathed out. Gulping,
he covered her eyes out of the blue. “Don’t look at me like that.”

“Why not?” Veronica shook her head to remove his hand and frowned in confusion.

“You’re seducing me. It makes me wanna kiss you.”

Silence filled the air until she pushed Matthew away. “I think we should keep our distance. You’re too

Feeling the void in his arms, he tightened his jacket around him as if that could hold on to the warmth
on his chest. “Let’s head back.”

She looked at her wristwatch and muttered, “It’s past one o’clock, but I don’t feel sleepy.”

Then, she started trudging her heavy feet while recounting her childhood. “During winter, my parents
used to light up a fire in the store room, so we could chat around the fire while roasting marshmallows.”

She let out a sigh. “I really miss those days.”

The listeners would usually take such statements to the heart at times like this.

However, Matthew made an abrupt suggestion. “I can’t sleep either. Come, I’ll bring you somewhere

He wrapped his right arm over her shoulders and pushed her nearer to him, after which he held the
umbrella that was originally in his left hand, with his right hand in order to protect her from the falling

Although only silence escorted them to the front yard, both of them equally luxuriated in the peaceful
romance that was lingering in the air.

“Oh, what about the underground chamber?”

It was the plaguing question that she had intended to ask since last night, but the dispute rendered it
untimely to do so and she kept quiet about it.

Yet, they reconciled, which was quite a strange continuation, and she even accepted his confession in
the heat of the moment! Veronica thought she was going to go crazy at that very moment.

“We’ve passed the case over to the authorities. You don’t have to worry.”

“Oh my, so you’ve given up all those precious valuables? My head hurts.” It pained her to watch money
fly away right in front of her.

Every piece of the treasure was a relic. Even if it wasn’t from ancient times, they could receive a
massive amount of money with that many artifacts.

“Marry me, then all of my money will be yours,” Matthew piped up.

Veronica gave him a look. “Dream on. That’s not happening.”

“Why? Is it because you covet another man?” Matthew’s face dimmed as he gazed at her dangerously.

“I’m still young and I haven’t enjoyed life that much yet. I’m still not ready for marriage.” She spoke her
mind in total honesty, “There’s a long journey ahead of me. It will be a waste to marry right now. Look at
you. You’re proposing because you’re seven years older than me. I would like to consider that seven
years later.”

Seven years? His visage darkened as he frowned while staring at her. That feels like forever.

In the meantime, Matthew had brought her to a room in the front yard. When the lights were turned on,
they saw a brazier sitting inside. “There’s no firewood, though. Let’s use charcoal instead.”

“You brought me here just to light up a fire?” Veronica asked in surprise.

“I texted Troy to bring over some skewers. We can drink while eating them.”