Novel Name : Her Biliionaire Husband

Chapter 323

Her Billionaire Husband

A Promise to Her

After the meal, the two sat in the room and exchanged glances.

“Are we… just going to sit here?” Veronica asked, her red lips parted slightly.

Speaking of this, she became aware that this was equivalent to being in a relationship with Matthew…

Being in love?

It’s such a complicated feeling.

Matthew raised one of his brows, a smile on his face. His expression was casual, but it was extremely
charming. “Roni, what do you want to do?”

He extended the sound of the word ‘do’, as if hinting at something

“Matthew, I’m warning you—you are now on a three-month probationary period. We can say goodbye
at any time if you’re so aggressive!” Veronica’s face sank as she spoke.

This jerk is messing with me! Can’t he stop draining me?

“Why? You slept with me and don’t want to admit it?”

His charming eyes narrowed slightly, and a wicked smile formed on the corners of his lips.

“You were the one who slept with me. I’m already kind enough to not have it out with you.” Veronica
snorted bitterly then added, “In any case, we are adults and everyone should take their own

responsibility. Therefore, the rules we establish will take effect immediately! Don’t try to touch me
without my consent!”

It was a warning.

When Matthew noticed Veronica upset, he felt a little faint and nodded quickly “Okay, I’ll listen to you,
Roni. Then…”

He considered what other people did when they were in relationships.

“How about I take you to the movies?” he suggested, his eyes lighting up.

“How about watching a movie?”

“Uh… No, no!” Veronica quickly refused.

She shook her head once more. “We are so distinctive that we will be recognized as soon as we step
outside. Let’s forget about it.”

“It’s okay. I’ll book the entire place.”

“Huh? What’s the point of booking the entire venue when movies are meant to be seen in a crowded
theater? Forget about it. I’m not going.”

Their relationship could not be revealed for the time being, which was why going to the movies was

“Aren’t you used to dressing up as a man to the point where no one knows who you are?”

Matthew remembered how she used to dress as a man; even Troy didn’t recognize her. As such,
anyone else would surely not recognize her too.

“That makes sense.” Veronica gave him a thumbs up and laughed.

Her smile vanished all of a sudden and she frowned at him. “How do you… How do you know that I
disguise myself as a man?”

It was at that point that it dawned on Veronica. “You were waiting for me at the warehouse door before,
so you knew it was me, right?”

She was still wondering how Matthew could trust someone he didn’t know much about at the time.

It was only now that she realized he had known her identity for a long time but hadn’t exposed her.

“Goodness! I thought my disguise was flawless and you didn’t notice me. It looks like my abilities are
just average.” She sighed, feeling slightly disappointed.

“Well, it was pretty good,” Matthew said before adding, “At the very least, Troy didn’t recognize you.

“Did he not recognize me?”


He gave her a firm shake of the head.

After that, the two left the private restaurant and drove to Veronica’s apartment.

However, in order to avoid being seen together, she got out of the car and went upstairs first. It was
only after that did Matthew follow her.

She couldn’t help but cover her lips and smile the moment she entered the house and shut the door.
“Why does this feel like you have a secret lover?”

“If you want, I can make our relationship public. What do you say?” Matthew asked as he wrapped his
arms around her waist and embraced her.

Holding her in his arms, the man lowered his head. They were extremely close, and his forehead was
resting on hers.

His distinct fragrance lingered in her lungs, putting her at ease.

Veronica shook her head and stated, “Although modern times are not as demanding as ancient times,
two people must be compatible. I don’t want to be with you as Cinderella. We only make our
relationship public when I’m competent. I do not have to be on par with you, but I at least have to be
good enough, alright?”

She was a strong-willed woman who refused to accept gossip or be pointed at by others who said she
wanted to be Cinderella.

Because Veronica promised to be with Matthew, she was doomed to face a lot of pressure.

The irresponsible remarks of strangers were too much for her to bear. She could only train herself to be
strong enough to be a good match for Matthew.

With her abilities, she would keep those people’s mouths shut.

Matthew fell silent as a result of her words.

He knew Veronica was a strong person, but he didn’t expect his identity to put so much pressure on

“All right. I’ll promise you that.”

“As long as this is what you want, I will do my best to satisfy you, Roni,” he murmured as he stroked
her hair.

His words were a promise.

It was enough for Veronica that Matthew was willing to promise her this.

“Your words put me at ease.”

She smiled but because they were so close, her thick and long eyelashes tickled Matthew’s cheeks as
she blinked, making his entire body burn hot.

Veronica, however, pushed him away before he could kiss her and said, “Okay, I’m going to put on my

Matthew’s arms were suddenly empty, as was his heart, leaving him feeling lonely for no apparent

Meanwhile, Veronica turned around and entered the bedroom, ignoring Matthew’s disappointed

She secretly let out a sigh of relief and patted her chest. Fortunately, she escaped fast enough, or else
he might have released the beast in him.

She entered the room, leaving him standing in the living room as he assessed the one-bedroom

The house was small, but it was neat and tidy. It was very warm, despite its simplicity.

In contrast, Matthew suddenly realized that his villa was so large that living in it would make people feel
empty and lonely.

He then entered the bedroom and noticed Veronica putting on makeup in front of the dressing table. He
didn’t want to bother her, so he sat quietly on the edge of her bed and stared at her.

Matthew suddenly realized why he fell for Veronica.

She appeared slender, but she was full of mystery and surprises, as well as determination. She was a
person that refused to admit defeat, and it set her apart from the wealthy young ladies.

He sat silently for 40 minutes before she was done with her makeup. She then got up, pulled out a set
of clothes, and went straight into the bathroom.

Matthew didn’t have time to see her appearance during the entire process.

Veronica didn’t appear for another three minutes. Suddenly, a handsome young man with short gray
hair, a fair face, and distinct features appeared in front of Matthew.

Veronica wore a round-neck sweater, a thickened men’s sweater over her coat, a skull necklace around
her neck, and a pair of black outdoor slacks to look like a sporty boy.

There was a hint of uninhibitedness in the handsome and dashing boy.

The timeless cross earrings on her ears, in particular, made her look inexplicably more ruffian.

Matthew had to admit that her make-up skills were incredible, but he did not approve of her

Looking down at her clothes, Veronica inquired, “What’s the matter? Is there a problem?”

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