Her Biliionaire Husband

Chapter 326

Her Billionaire Husband

This Is Too Exciting

The person who found it the hardest to accept was none other than Ruka.

With tightly clenched fists, she glared at Veronica with reddened eyes filled with anger. “You… Y-You a-

She stuttered for a long time but in the end, Ruka did not manage to finish her sentence.

She looked straight at Matthew, thinking that the arrogant and noble man she knew in the past would
definitely beat the other party up if they were forcibly kissing him.

Never in a million years did she expect the current situation to take place.

Not only did Ruka not see Matthew getting enraged, she even saw him looking at the man beside him
affectionately, a faint smile playing by the corners of his angular lips.

It was the kind of smile one would reveal when they were satisfied.

Upon seeing that, Ruka felt that her head was about to explode, and her whole world shattered.

She knew very well that Matthew liked Veronica.

Does this mean that he swings both ways?

At that thought, Ruka could not help but conjure up an image of Matthew sleeping with a woman, only
to turn around and roll about in bed with this silver haired man currently standing next to him.

The image was meant to be a sensual one, but it appeared utterly terrifying to Ruka.

She originally thought that Matthew always had a straightforward and noble attitude, and that such a
high and mighty man would also be cold and arrogant in private.

However, the way the silver-haired man put his arms around Matthew’s neck and kissed him just now
made Ruka feel that in their relationship, Matthew was not the one who called the shots.

Wait a minute… F*ck!

Her impression of Matthew was completely destroyed, and even the usually prim Ruka couldn’t help
but swear in her heart.

What kind of a man have I fallen in love with?

At that though, Ruka couldn’t help but feel completely disgusted.

“Do you have any other questions?”

Veronica ignored the looks of onlookers and stared them down.

When she saw Ruka’s disgusted expression, Veronica was utterly happy.

With trembling fingers, Ruka pointed at Matthew and she shouted angrily, “Matthew Kings, you… you
are so disgusting!” She then stomped her feet, thereafter spinning around and running out of the
clothing store.

“Pfft! Haha!” Veronica couldn’t help but laugh when she saw how Ruka ran off.

However, because she had disguised herself as a man, it made her smile all the more unruly.

Seeing how Veronica was laughing, Matthew teased, “Are you satisfied?”

Veronica nodded in satisfaction. “But of course!”

With that, she let go of Matthew and looked at the clothes he had on. “Let’s forget this, then. How can
you wear it if someone else has worn it?”

“It’s alright. I’ll just have a servant wash it once we get back.”

“I’m afraid that won’t do. My man deserves nothing but the best!”

While talking, Veronica dragged Mathhew to the fitting room. “Go on, then. You can change out of it.”

She took his hand, and Matthew dragged her into the fitting room, thereafter closing the door.

At that moment, the staff started chatting among themselves again.

“I might be too traditional, but I really can’t accept two men together. Gosh!”

“That’s really old-fashioned of you. I think the two handsome guys are really eye-catching!”

“There are so few handsome guys to begin with. Now that they are together, goodness knows how
many women will be sad.”

“Look, I managed to secretly record a video just now. Tsk! I’m going to post it on social media.”

“What a scene! That was a really good show!”

“Matthew Kings is the richest person in Bloomstead. I had no idea he bats for his own team!”

Meanwhile in the fitting room, Veronica had just entered when Matthew turned around and pinned her
against the wall. Propping one hand beside her head, he raised her chin with the other and gazed at
her from his height. “Woman, do you know you’re playing with fire?”

She had pinched his face in front of everyone and kissed him of her own accord.

It was as if that scene was burned into Matthew’s mind and he could not forget about it no matter how
hard he tried.

Veronica flushed slightly and she blinked her eyes. Putting on an innocent expression, she murmured,
“What’s the matter? You can kiss me, but I’m not allowed to kiss you?”

“Is this even a question of a kiss?”

“Then what is it about?”

Puzzled, Veronica widened her eyes and looked at Matthew.

Matthew’s hand on the wall slipped lower and he wrapped his arm around her waist. “Do you know that
for a person who likes you, taking the initiative is equivalent to playing with fire?”

“I-Is it? I… Even if I’m charming, you would still be able to restrain yourself, right?”

Veronica’s mouth twitched violently, and she suddenly felt that Matthew’s self-control was too poor.

“You are my only exception.”

When Matthew spoke, his Adam’s bobbed and he looked at Veronica with a burning gaze.

As the both of them were pressed together tightly, Veronica noticed a change in the man’s body, and
her face flushed red. “Matthew Kings, are you out of your mind?! We are… We are in a fitting room!”
she chastised.

“And? Just treat it as a new experience.”

“Are… are you insane? Even if you won’t feel embarrassed, I will!”

“With your current appearance, no one will be able to find you after today even if they turn the whole
city upside down.”

Upon hearing that, Veronica could not come up with a reply.

Well, he has a point.

I’m currently disguised as a man and I look completely different, so who would be able to recognize

“But we can’t just—umph!”

The staff in the store waited outside for a while, but the duo did not appear even after a long time.

In the end, one of the staff walked over to the fitting room. Just as she was about to ask the two
customers why they hadn’t come out yet, she heard some muffled sounds.

Puzzled, she deliberately approached the door and listened.

It wouldn’t have mattered if she hadn’t done that but now that she did, her face became as red as a

Goodness, are the two of them…

The staff’s heartbeat accelerated. At the thought of Matthew’s status in Bloomstead and the fact that
she couldn’t afford to offend him, she quickly tiptoed and scuttled away.

Upon seeing that, the rest of the staff was curious as to what was going on. “Why does it take them
more than twenty minutes to change out of a coat? What are they doing?”

Meanwhile, the staff who accidentally overheard the two of them going at it covered her flushed face
with her hands and whispered, “The two of them are…”

“Are? What is it?”


“Are they kissing?”

“They can’t very well kiss for half an hour, can they?”

“Sh*t! Don’t tell me they’re going at it?”

“Bingo! Shh! Keep it down, everyone! It was only when I listened at the door that I heard moaning.”

“D*mn it, this is too exciting! They’re really shameless, though. This won’t do; I’m going to tell them off
right this instant!”

“Are you out of your mind?! He’s the wealthiest person in Bloomstead. Not only you, even our boss has
to tread on eggshells when around him! You’d do well to keep quiet!”

In the end, it was a whole hour before the duo emerged from the fitting room.

Veronica could not bear to face the others, so she timidly tilted her head and looked away, avoiding the
burning gazes of the staff.

On the contrary, Matthew calmly threw the selected clothes to the staff. With his usual coldness, he
stated, “Wrap up the clothes.”

“Right away, sir. Cash or card?” The staff looked at Matthew and Veronica curiously, but they did not
expose the duo.

At that, Matthew took out a Centurion Card and swiped it. He then took the packaged clothes and held
Veronica’s hand, thereafter walking out of the store dashingly.