Her Biliionaire Husband

Chapter 310

Her Billionaire Husband

A Conclusion

“Miss Murphy, why did you choose to remain silent regarding this incident?”

“The truth is out now and you were framed. What are your plans for the future?”

“Have you offended someone and that’s why they’ve sought revenge?”

“Who was the one that helped you investigate this matter so thoroughly?”

“How do you regard your relationship with the Kings Family?”

Veronica was dressed in a black coat paired with a red scarf, and her bob cut accentuated her looks
and made her complexion seem exceptionally white and radiant. She was stunning.

She puffed her chest and stood in front of the reporters. Even though she didn’t like how the
microphones were thrust in front of her, she maintained a polite smile. “I’ve got plenty of time today to
be interviewed by everyone. I do hope that you guys can take turns asking your questions.”

With that sentence, she managed to calm the chaotic crowd.

The reporters no longer pestered her continuously as before, and they quietened down. They took
turns asking their questions.

“Miss Murphy, what do you think of the incident during the wedding?”

“The Kings Family refused to help in this matter, so do you resent them for it?”

“What are your future plans for your bridal store?”

“Do you plan on suing Randall?”

The reporters asked several questions consecutively as she lifted her hand slowly and indicated for
them to remain silent.

Finally, she mentioned, “The incident during Mr. Leonard and Miss Finley’s wedding has been entirely
handed over to the police for investigation purposes, so I am at no liberty to interfere. As their wedding
planner, we have to take the utmost responsibility for the matter, so naturally, we would have to
compensate them and provide a solution as well.”

“Ever since the accident during the wedding, the Kings Family has not ignored this matter. All this
while, they have been giving me the chance to handle this by myself to train me. In actual fact, after I
lodged a police report, the police have been doing the best they can to investigate this matter.
Naturally, this would not have been possible without the help of the Kings Family. Therefore, I would
like to take this opportunity to extend my sincerest gratitude to the Bloomstead police force.” Veronica
bowed in front of the cameras.

She kept her position for several seconds before standing back up and continuing to speak to the
reporters, “As for your concerns regarding my bridal store, unfortunately, the business has permanently
shut its doors. In order to compensate the staff for the economic losses they’ve sustained, I’ve issued
three months’ worth of wages to every staff member working there as a token of my apology. Finally,
the issue with Randall…”

Veronica frowned, and she looked hesitant.

However, at that moment, someone ran toward her. “President Murphy? President Murphy?”

Everyone turned their heads in that direction, and they saw Monica with a baby in her arms as she
came over with Randall’s mother in tow.

They squeezed past the crowd, and Randall’s mother got down on her knees in front of Veronica.
Randall’s mother grabbed the hem of Veronica’s pants and said, “President Murphy, please. I’m
begging you to release my son. Sobs… We can’t live without him.”

“President Murphy, I realize that Randall has committed a huge offense against you, but could you
please forgive him?” Monica held her baby in her arms and was dressed in thick pajamas. She no
longer cared about her image.

The reporters didn’t expect to see Randall’s mother and wife appear, so everyone swiftly directed their
cameras toward them and filmed the entire scene.

Meanwhile, Veronica’s expression turned quite solemn, and she shot a cold look at Mrs. Watson on the
ground. “Get up.”

“I won’t get up if you refuse to let my son off the hook. I’ll kneel in front of you until you forgive him.
Boohoo… I’ve lost my son anyway, so I have nothing else to fear. Boohoo…”

Mrs. Watson’s white hair indicated her age, and she slapped her thighs as she sobbed, “Gosh, life is so
tough! Boohoo…”

“Mom, what are you doing? Get up right now. Let’s discuss this with Veronica calmly.” Monica noticed
the change in Veronica’s expression, and she quickly leaned forward to drag Mrs. Watson up from the
ground. Nonetheless, Mrs. Watson refused to get up.

Mrs. Watson shoved Monica aside. “You’re the one who brought misfortune to the family! If it wasn’t for
your insistence on seeking a job for yourself, we wouldn’t have ended up encountering such trouble!”

“Mom, how is this my fault?! Your son was unable to get a job to support us, so I found a part-time job
at President Murphy’s company when I was pregnant. Not only did President Murphy not hold my
pregnancy against me, but she also took good care of me. As for Randall, he went against his
conscience and accepted money to frame President Murphy. Do you know how embarrassed I am
because of you guys?!” Monica could no longer stand it as she bellowed at Mrs. Watson.

“I don’t care about all that. I just want my son back. Boohoo… Save us! My son’s gone. I want my son

Mrs. Watson gripped tightly on the edge of Veronica’s jacket. She sobbed and yelled shamelessly.

Just then, Veronica turned to Monica and shook her head resignedly. “I’m sorry, but the police have
pressed charges, so everything will be processed according to their usual procedure. I have no way of
withdrawing the case.”

“What do you mean you can’t withdraw the case?! You’re the prosecutor, so if you withdraw the
prosecution, the police would release my son right away.” Mrs. Watson pointed at Veronica and yelled
loudly while keeping a tight grip on Veronica’s clothes.

“If I’m not mistaken, you’re also one of the accomplices who collaborated with Randall and the reporter
to put on an act during the fighting incident. I didn’t prosecute you because of your age and the fact that
Monica was about to give birth, so you should honestly stop causing a scene.”

“President Murphy, I’m so sorry. I realize that it’s Randall and my mother-in-law’s fault, but my child
can’t be without a father!” The tears streamed down Monica’s face as she spoke.

However, Veronica merely shook her head. “I’ve done everything that I can. I can’t help you with
Randall’s issue.” It wasn’t that she had no way to help them, but she had actually provided plenty of

If Matthew hadn’t gone off with Randall, the latter would currently be a corpse by now.

She tugged at her clothes and spoke coldly to Mrs. Watson, “Let go.”

“I won’t let go until you get the police to release my son! I won’t let you leave this place today if you
don’t do that.” Mrs. Watson behaved shamelessly.

”Since you like to kneel on the ground, suit yourself then. Stay there and don’t move.”

Veronica took out her cell phone and then shrugged out of her jacket with a flair. Subsequently, she
turned on her back and left the scene.

She departed elegantly and left behind a stunned Mrs. Watson kneeling on the ground, Monica, and
the bunch of reporters.

The reporters tried to go after her, but she had already entered her residential area, and there were
several security guards standing by the entrance as they kept the crowd out.

The reporters could not do anything else, so they directed their microphones at Monica and Mrs.
Watson and started to interview the two.

Veronica finally entered her house after such a long time away, and she lay in her bed after freshening
up. It felt extremely comfortable to be back in her own crib.

Suddenly, she received a text message on her phone, and it was from Yvonne.

‘Hurry up and go on Twitter. Hurry!’

Veronica clicked on Twitter with a dubious look on her face, and she saw a topic, ‘Randall’s shameless
mother’ topping the charts.

Perhaps it was because this matter was of huge public interest, so the interview in front of her
apartment swiftly became a trending topic in no time.

There were countless comments by people on the internet…

‘She’s such a shrew! This is concrete proof.’

‘A shameless person is undefeatable indeed.’

‘What the heck. She’s shameless. They’ve caused her reputation to be badly tarnished, so how dare
they go to her to beg for her to withdraw the case?!’

‘I’m disgusted by their ways! How can there be such a despicable human being like her?’

‘Veronica’s such a poor thing. Suddenly, I feel quite sorry for her.’

‘Luckily her name’s cleared, otherwise her future would be destroyed. I apologize for my rash behavior
from before.’

‘How dare Monica come and beg Veronica to let her husband off the hook! Veronica paid her two
hundred thousand as compensation earlier.’

‘That’s right. The point is, Monica was totally unharmed.’

‘She’s greedy.’

‘President Murphy, will you restart the business? I would like to work for you. There is no way one
would be able to find such a great boss elsewhere.’

After Veronica finished scrolling through Twitter, she suddenly found that the fuss kicked up by Mrs.
Watson seemed to have had a great effect.

It was only after this commotion that the people on the internet finally saw through Randall and his
mother’s true personalities, so everything seemed much more realistic.

Nonetheless, Veronica identified another business idea from this current trending topic.