Her Biliionaire Husband

Chapter 328

Her Billionaire Husband

Elizabeth’s Fury

“Uh…” Veronica was at a loss for words. Placing her elbow on the car window to support her head, she
pondered for a moment before letting out a sigh. “That’s right. How can we explain it now that there are
videos of us on the internet?” As she turned to look at Matthew, she couldn’t help feeling somewhat
guilty. “Well, um… I-I’m sorry. I got ahead of myself.”

If she hadn’t gotten all emotional and kissed him after meeting Ruka, these things wouldn’t have
happened. And now, everyone knew what had happened.

She had put on a disguise in the first place, so no one would know that it was her. However, Matthew
was different. As the figure at the top of the social pyramid, he was constantly in the public spotlight.
Now that he was caught up in a ‘gay’ scandal, he’d probably have to face a lot of trouble in the future.

At the thought of this, she felt even more guilty. Had she known that this would happen, she would’ve
dressed up as a gorgeous seductress instead. Even if they got photographed, Matthew would only be
exposed for having a new lover. His life wouldn’t have been affected and bedeviled as much as it was
right now.

Matthew turned to glance at her. “What are you thinking about, you silly girl?” Seeing her face droop in
dejection, he patted her head with his hand. Then, he added affectionately, “How am I gonna protect
you in the future if I can’t even hold out against this?” Whenever he thought of everything Veronica
would be facing alongside him in the future, he felt that these things were nothing to be afraid of.

Veronica couldn’t help being moved by his casual reply, which was totally beyond her expectations.
She even felt that he was willing to take on responsibility.

Even if her tomfoolery had gotten him into trouble, he didn’t mind it at all, nor did he intend to take it out
on her. “But… this isn’t some trifling matter. And besides, Grandma and others will definitely roast you
for this. Can you really accept that?” Having been scrutinized by outsiders as a victim of malicious
gossip, she knew how painful and suffocating it was to be the object of gossip.

“Ha!” Matthew looked straight ahead as a faint smile appeared on his good-looking face. The next
instant, however, his smile faded slightly, and he fell silent.

Even by looking at the side of his face, Veronica could sense that he was in distress for a brief moment.
It was as though he wouldn’t take what was happening now to heart because he had gone through
difficulties and tribulations that were even more unacceptable than the present ones. What has
happened to him before? she wondered.

After a long time, Matthew finally came to his senses. Turning to glance at the woman beside him, he
comforted her, saying, “Don’t overthink it. These things can’t affect me.”

Veronica held onto his phone without making a sound.

Buzz… Suddenly, the phone rang.

Veronica subconsciously glanced at the phone’s screen, on which the word ‘Grandma’ was flashing.
Her lips twitched; she couldn’t help but think to herself, Speak of the devil. We were just talking about
Grandma a moment ago, and here she is, calling us right now. “I-It’s Grandma.” She handed the phone
over to Matthew.

Matthew rejected the phone call and put his phone aside without even looking at it.

“Is it okay not to answer her phone call?” Veronica asked. As soon as she finished her sentence,
Elizabeth phoned again, as if she would keep on calling until Matthew answered the phone.

Having no alternative, Matthew could only answer the phone and hold it to his ear.

As soon as he answered the phone, Elizabeth’s angry yell sounded on the other end of the line.
“Where the hell are you right now, you rascal? What on earth are you doing out there? Do you think our
family isn’t in enough disgrace yet?” Even Veronica could vaguely hear the angry voice on the other
end as she sat beside him.

Matthew was silent; perhaps he didn’t know what to say.

Elizabeth continued, “Don’t you understand what I’m asking you? Who the hell was that guy? What is
your relationship with him? Are you really gay? Is it because you’re gay that you’ve refrained from
dating women all these years?”

As far as Elizabeth knew, it was because she had drugged Matthew that he slept with Veronica by
accident. After that, he started going out with Tiffany, who then got pregnant, which was why Elizabeth
thought they had slept together. Finally, on the day of Elizabeth’s birthday party, Tiffany revealed before
the reporters that she had never slept with Matthew and that her pregnancy was a sham.

It wasn’t until then that Elizabeth realized Matthew had never touched Tiffany. In other words, Matthew
had only slept with Veronica from start to finish. Not only that, but he had been forced into sleeping with
her because Elizabeth had drugged him.

Because of all this, Elizabeth began to suspect that Matthew had no interest in women. Before this, she
had even been suspecting that he was gay. And now, videos of him and a young man were circulating
online, ‘confirming’ her suspicion that he was gay. God only knew she was really as mad as hell with

“I…” For a time, Matthew found himself at a loss for how to explain the matter to Elizabeth.

“You what? I’m telling you, I’m giving you an hour to come back to the Kings Residence as soon as
possible, or I’ll come to you in person!”

“Grandma—” Matthew still wanted to say something, but Elizabeth hung up on him.

Seeing his long face, Veronica asked, “A-Are you alright?” Although she didn’t know what Elizabeth
had said over the phone, she could tell from his sullen expression that it definitely wasn’t about
something good.

Matthew replied, “I can’t keep you company anymore. Grandma asked me to go back to the Kings
Residence.” He paid special attention to Elizabeth and rarely disobeyed her, knowing that she was in
poor health.

Veronica nodded. “Alright. In that case, just drop me somewhere and let me remove my makeup to
avoid screwing things up in case we’re found out.”

“It’s okay. I—”

“Just do as I say this time.” Veronica was determined.

Upon seeing this, Matthew complied with her wishes without insisting. After dropping her off at the
place she specified, he drove straight back to the Kings Residence.

After taking care of everything, Veronica returned to her apartment and recharged her cell phone
immediately. As soon as her phone was turned on, it buzzed continuously, vibrating until her palm
almost went numb. There were messages from Yvonne, Conrad, Ivan, Troy, and Elizabeth.

Seeing the missed call notifications and the text messages, Veronica felt like her head was splitting.
Just as she was massaging the space between her eyebrows, a call came in on her phone, causing
her to be startled by the sudden ringing of her cell phone.

Veronica looked down at the phone’s screen. As luck would have it, it was also a phone call from
Elizabeth. She drew back her lips, feeling extremely guilty. After dilly-dallying for a while, she answered
the phone. “Grandma?”

Elizabeth sounded somewhat displeased. “What’s wrong with you, Veronica? Why couldn’t I reach you
by phone?”

Veronica scratched her head. “Well, uh, my phone just—”

“Where are you now?”

“I’m at home.”