Her Biliionaire Husband

Chapter 337

Her Billionaire Husband

His Contentment

“As for the company’s shares, don’t you know how many shares you own in the company? You guys do
nothing every day and get paid for nothing while enjoying the yearly dividends. Not only do you guys
make no contribution to the company, but you guys even give me trouble here.

Have you guys forgotten your family name because of the comfortable lives you’re living? Which of you
think you’ve lived too comfortably and want to suffer some hardships?

Tell me so that I’ll chase you out of the Kings Family and let you start your own business. Let me see
how big a splash you can make. You wanna shoot for the moon or something? What a bunch of
morons!” she said with a snort. Then, she turned around and walked out of the ward casually.

She is… leaving the hospital. Having been admonished, the few people looked at each other. Despite
their pent-up grievances, none of them dared to stand out again.

Veronica darted a glance at them. After letting out a sigh, she immediately followed behind Elizabeth.
Now that things had come to this, Elizabeth no longer had to stay in the hospital and pretend to be sick.

Veronica helped Elizabeth into the car before driving her back to the Kings Residence. After arriving at
the Kings Residence, she gave Yura her phone number, telling the latter repeatedly to call her at once
if anything happened to Elizabeth. Then, instead of leaving the residence, she chatted with Elizabeth to
keep her company.

On the other hand, thanks to Elizabeth’s sudden outburst of anger, those who had teamed up to make
a fuss stayed quietly at their respective homes, not daring to stir up trouble again.

Veronica’s cell phone kept ringing while she was at the Kings Residence. Xavier, Yvonne, Conrad, and
others had been calling her.

Naturally, Elizabeth knew that she was busy. She said, “It’s okay, Veronica. Just go back early. I’m
alright on my own.” She was angry today because of her unfilial sons and daughters-in-law.

Now that she had calmed down, she was no longer angry. At the very least, the problem that weighed
on her mind the most had been solved. It was better than anything else that Matthew had found himself
a girlfriend.

Veronica was worried, though. “Are you really okay?”

Elizabeth took her hand with an affable smile. “As long as you and Matthew are getting along well, I’ll
be happier than everyone else. Don’t let me down. You’ve seen how much pressure I was under today.”

“Thank you, Grandma.” Veronica was inwardly moved as she lowered her head.

“Why thank me when we’re a family? It’s overly polite of you to say that. This is your home. You’re my
god-granddaughter. When you get married to Matthew one day, we’ll be doubly related.”

“Mm-hmm, that’s right.” Veronica forced a laugh. Now that my relationship with Matthew has come to
light, I guess Grandma will not only urge him to get married as soon as possible, but she’ll also urge
me to get married. Just the thought of it stresses me out, she thought.

“If you have nothing to do, come back often with Matthew. I’m bored here at the Kings Residence.”

“Okay, Grandma.”

“Sigh, good to hear that.” Elizabeth’s benign face was all smiles. “Hurry and go ahead with what you
were doing. It’s been a tiring day. I’d like to sleep for a while.”

“Okay. In that case, I’ll take my leave, Grandma.”

“Drive slowly. It’s dark outside, and the road is slippery,” Elizabeth reminded her concernedly.

“Okay,” Veronica replied before leaving the Kings Residence.

Meanwhile, at the Spinfluence Group…

Matthew was sitting in his office, oblivious to what was going on in the outside world.

Troy came in with a pile of documents in his arms before putting them in front of Matthew. He said,
“President Kings, here’s all the detailed information about the Crawfords.”

The story of Matthew kissing a ‘man’ was much discussed in the outside world, but for some reason, he
didn’t care at all about this and still acted according to his will.

Even though Troy had figured that the ‘man’ was Veronica, he couldn’t understand why she would
disguise herself as a man, nor could he understand why Matthew was so concerned about the
Crawfords all of a sudden. Judging from the man’s chilling expression, he surmised that the former was
probably going to take action against the Crawfords.

“Give the instructions to terminate all collaborations with the Crawfords immediately,” Matthew ordered
in a grim voice.

“Yes, President Kings,” Troy replied with a nod before turning to leave the office immediately.

Sitting behind his desk, Matthew reclined in his executive chair and began to slowly read the detailed
information about the Crawfords. With his present capabilities, destroying the Crawfords would be a
piece of cake. However, if he were to destroy the family all at once, he would lose a lot of fun. He
wanted Xavier to slowly taste what it was like to be gnawed at by feelings of anguish.

He didn’t fuss with Xavier over what had happened at the wedding last time because Veronica treated
Xavier as a friend. Because of that, he went easy on Xavier. However, since some people fancied
digging their own graves, he would grant their death wishes, of course.

After coming back from the Kings Residence, Veronica tidied her apartment. Only after that did she lie
on her bed and call Matthew.

The instant she heard the beep of the dial tone, a subtle feeling suddenly arose inside her. In the past,
she and Matthew had been at loggerheads, so she would never call him on her own initiative. And now,
their relationship had suddenly become so close in just two days, which gave her a subtle feeling.

“Roni?” Matthew’s magnetic voice rang after the call was connected.

Somehow, Veronica felt relieved to hear his voice. “A-Are you alright? Did your company’s executives
give you a hard time after such a serious thing happened?” Matthew was the Spinfluence Group’s
CEO, but he had to answer to the company’s board of directors. Once the interests of the company
were involved, those on the board of directors wouldn’t easily let him off.

Matthew smiled faintly. “Are you worried about me, Roni?”

Veronica was rendered speechless. How could he be in the mood to joke about such a serious matter?
“Stop it, Matthew. I’m asking you about something serious.”

“Am I not being serious enough in asking that question?”

“You…” After hearing his words, Veronica felt somewhat helpless. Naturally, she knew what he meant.
She thought of everything he had done today. Not only did it make her see him in a new light, but she

was also moved inwardly. Clutching her phone, she answered his question with a nod. “Uh-huh. I’m
worried about you, of course.”

However, her reply was met with a long silence on the other end of the line.

Veronica frowned before moving her phone in front of her to glance at its screen, thinking that the call
had been disconnected. However, they were still on the phone. Only then did she continue to press her
phone against her ear, asking, “Why aren’t you saying anything? Are you busy as well?”


“Then, why are you silent?”

“I want to hear you speak,” Matthew replied on the other end of the line. Standing before the French
window, he looked out the window in an especially cheerful mood with a faint smile on his handsome
face. He was capable of everything in the business world, so much so that some even compared him to

Inwardly, however, he had always felt empty, as if there was a void inside him that couldn’t be filled.
However, upon hearing Veronica’s words just now, he instantly realized what he had always wanted.
Only when the person he loved was staying by his side would his life become complete and contented.

“I’m speaking. Ain’t I asking you if anyone in your company has given you a hard time?”