Her Biliionaire Husband

Chapter 336

Her Billionaire Husband

Elizabeth Blows Her Top

Because of Matthew’s request, Elizabeth had to bear enormous pressure to keep the relationship
between him and Veronica hidden from the public. At the thought of this, Veronica couldn’t help
blaming herself somewhat. “Shut up, you people! Don’t you recognize these words?” she barked
angrily and pointed at the words ‘Quiet Please’ on the wall while glowering at them.

Everyone looked back at once. Seeing Veronica standing at the door, they all looked at her with
contempt and disdain.

“Ha! How domineering! Since when do you have the right to speak in the Kings Family?”

“Do you honestly think you can become a member of the Kings Family by beguiling Old Mrs. Kings?”

“Who do you think you are?”

“How ridiculous!”

These people taunted Veronica and gave her dirty looks while laughing sarcastically.

Veronica didn’t care a damn about their contemptuous gaze. She merely said frostily, “I’m the person
who took Grandma to the hospital and had a ward arranged for her. I don’t care what you guys are
saying right now, but I’m calling the shots here today!” How can I let these people bully Grandma in my
presence? What a joke!

These people were very displeased with Veronica’s sharp tongue, especially Roxanne, who wiggled
her hips and walked up to her before putting out a fleshy hand to point at her forehead. “Who do you
think you are? What right do you have to tell us what to do?”

“I repeat: this is the hospital, where you have to keep quiet. If there’s anything you want to say, just wait
until Grandma is discharged,” Veronica insisted. After a brief pause, she continued, “If you want to stay
around to look after Grandma, then stay around. If you’re here to bother Grandma with the matter
about Matthew, then I’m sorry, but you guys aren’t needed here.”

“Ho ho! You’re quite something, huh?” Roxanne let out a snort as a ferocious smile appeared on her
chubby face. “Do you really think you can become a member of the upper class by attaching yourself to
Old Mrs. Kings? You’re nothing but a yokel coming out of the backcountry. Look at the cheap clothes
you’re dressed in. Who are you trying to impress? Only Old Mrs. Kings likes you. You’re getting too full
of yourself.”

“That’s right! Sigh. Say, Roxanne, don’t you see that your position in the family is being diminished?
Even an outsider can boss you around now.”

“Haha! Nicholas, someone is bullying your wife. Aren’t you gonna do something about it?”

“Since when does an outsider have the right to point a finger at us? How outrageous.”

“Sigh. What a misfortune for our family.”

These people seized the opportunity to add fuel to the flames.

Elizabeth felt angry and helpless as she listened to her sons’ and daughters-in-law’s words. Above all
else, however, she was disappointed. They were the dearest people to her, but the fact that they had all

turned against her for the sake of interests struck a chill into her heart. Not in the mood to speak, she
turned to look out of the window.

On the other hand, upon hearing these people’s words, Nicholas felt humiliated. Walking up to
Veronica, he pointed at her forehead. “Get the hell out of here! There’s no room for you to speak here!”

Veronica gave him a disdainful look. Looking unperturbed and dignified, she argued, “Won’t I look like a
fool if I get lost as you told me to?”

Embarrassed at being mocked by his siblings and their wives, Nicholas got hot under the collar. “Heh,
so my words aren’t working anymore, huh? Believe it or not, if you’re not leaving, I’m gonna slap you!”

Even Roxanne was exasperated, and she put out her hand to shove Veronica.

However, before her hand could touch Veronica, the latter grabbed her wrist. “You wanna hit me?
We’re at the hospital! Lay a finger on me and I’ll call the security guards over!”

Roxanne struggled for a moment as Veronica clenched her fingers. “Don’t touch me, you country
bumpkin! Let go of me!”

“F*ck, how dare you touch my wife! If I don’t teach you a lesson, you’re not gonna remember who I
am!” Flustered and exasperated, Nicholas raised his hand to slap Veronica across the face.

Those watching from the sidelines seemed to be enjoying the spectacle, but Veronica wasn’t afraid at
all. Shaking Roxanne off right away, she grabbed Nicholas’ hand and pressed her thumb against his,
pushing it with all her might.

Nicholas seemed sturdy with his dark skin and protruding belly, but he found himself defenseless
against Veronica’s attack. Seeing that she was pushing his thumb, he gritted his teeth in pain, but he
dared not speak for fear of being laughed at. Consequently, he kicked at Veronica.

Having no intention of coming to blows with him, Veronica dodged his attack by turning sideways.

Seeing how everyone stood by and looked on, Elizabeth shook her head and reprimanded, “What the
hell are you doing, Nicholas? How could you act like a child by lashing out at a young lady? Have you
no sense of shame?”

Only then did Veronica shake Nicholas off. After all, he and Elizabeth were a family. If she hit him,
Elizabeth would be in a tight spot.

Nicholas staggered a few steps back after being shaken off by Veronica. Flinging his hand in pain, he
let out a few gasps in secret. However, he was angry and resentful deep down.

Flushing with anger, he darted his eyes around the room. Then, he picked up a thermos flask nearby
and hurled it at Veronica right away. “I’ll kill you, you little b*tch!” One could judge from how he picked
up the thermos flask and exerted his strength that there was still some hot water in it.

Seeing the thermos flask flying at her face, Veronica bent backward and dodged the flask, which flew
five centimeters above her head before falling onto the ground with a clatter and breaking into pieces.

Veronica was still in a state of shock. What if the bottle of hot water was really splashed onto her face?

Elizabeth’s heart clenched in fright as well. Baring one foot, she immediately stood up and picked up
her shoe from the ground regardless of her image. Then, she walked up to Nicholas and hit his butt
with it. “How presumptuous! What were you doing? Do you have no respect for me anymore? I’m still
alive, and yet you’re already ignoring me now. Are you guys tired of living or something?” she yelled
angrily in a loud voice as she lost her temper for real.

In an instant, those standing in the ward fell silent, and none of them dared to make a sound. After all,
Elizabeth was the current head of the family. Even though they had the nerve to complain, they were

afraid now that Elizabeth was blowing her top.

Having finished her sentence, Elizabeth pointed at them with the shoe in her hand. “Listen up, all of
you! As long as I’m alive, I’m the one who calls the shots in our family, so it’s not your place to stir up
trouble here.

Matthew will take care of his own affairs. If he can’t, I’ll definitely hold him responsible for it, but if you
guys dare to make trouble during this period, then get out of the Kings Family!” she said before flinging
her shoe to the ground with a loud thud.

Wearing her shoe with her head down, she reprimanded, “Don’t you guys have the slightest idea
what’s in those brains of yours? Especially you, George, Nicholas, and Philip.

What have you guys achieved after managing the company in Matthew’s absence for so many years?
The company’s management is a complete mess; not only did the company have a bunch of parasites,
but the company was full of problems. If Matthew hadn’t taken over and helped you guys deal with all
the problems, the Spinfluence Group would’ve gone bankrupt, I’m afraid.

Hmph! He’s a young man, but he’s more capable than the five of you combined! How could you have
the cheek to kick up a fuss here? What are you fussing about? Huh?!”