Her Biliionaire Husband

Chapter 343

Her Billionaire Husband

Kidnapped Veronica

Xavier raised his eyebrows and smiled as he took out a piece of tissue and wiped the wine stains on
his face carelessly. He said indifferently, “Roni, how long have we known each other? Do you think I
don’t understand you? Ever since you asked to borrow my phone that night, I noticed something was
wrong with you. Do you really think I don’t know anything?”

Veronica only felt extremely light-headed, and Xavier’s voice even made her ears ring.

“Since we’ve already slept together, you might as well marry me. Otherwise, if outsiders find out, tell
me, who else would want to marry you in the future?” He maintained a calm smile on his face from
beginning to end, like the cat who got the cream.

“You b*stard…”

Thud! As soon as Veronica finished speaking, she collapsed to the ground.

The moment before she lost consciousness, she suddenly came to a realization. The reason why
Xavier appeared here was because he had begun to doubt her a long time ago. Hence, before she
came to this room, he had already bribed the waiters in Phil’s Restaurant to tamper with her wine. She
had underestimated him. She didn’t expect that this matter would be exposed so quickly. What was
more, she never expected that a simple meal with Yvonne would land her into such a situation.

Veronica passed out for quite a while. When she woke up and opened her eyes, she realized that she
was in a hotel. In the familiar room, the murals on the wall were exactly the same as the room she
stayed in that day. Lying on the bed, she struggled to get up, but her whole body was limp. However,
when she turned her head to the side, she saw Xavier’s face beside her.

“Roni, are you awake?” Xavier’s torso was exposed as he propped his elbow on the pillow and
supported his cheek with a hand. He then stretched out the other to caress her face gently. “Tsk tsk…
Your skin is so soft it makes me want to kiss it.”

“Get your dirty hands off me!” Veronica gritted her teeth tightly, immediately turning furious. At that
moment, she could almost feel the anger surging in her blood.

“Dirty? Haha.” Xavier chuckled darkly, his smile becoming more and more hideous on his face as he
exuded a chilling aura, as though he were a demon from hell. He smiled and squeezed her cheek hard
with his hand, causing her face to ache in pain.

He tilted his head and said in a deep voice, “You call this dirty? I don’t even mind you having been
‘used’ by Matthew, and you say that I’m dirty? How pure do you think you are, huh? When Tiffany and
Matthew got engaged, he was talking to me on the phone while sleeping with you at the hotel. At that
time, why didn’t you think you were dirty?”

After his cover had been blown, Xavier stopped holding back on his words and exposed all of the filthy
deeds Veronica had done in the past, ruthlessly tearing her wounds open.

Veronica frowned in pain. “Why are you doing this to me?”

She could not understand at all.

“Why? Because I like you, and I want you. I poured my heart out to you, but what about you? Just
because Melissa leaked that video of Tiffany, you decided to pull the trigger and hurt me and my sister?
My sister loves dancing and her beauty so much, but she can’t even walk properly now, and it’ll take a
while for her to recover. Besides, she can’t even dance in the future. She can’t dance anymore, do you

Xavier was extremely emotional, and he squeezed Veronica’s cheek forcibly, as if he wanted to crush
her bones with his bare hand. At that moment, he was like a stimulated lunatic with madness exuding
out of every pore of his body.

“You and Matthew ruined my sister and turned me into the laughing stock of Bloomstead, so I’ll make
you taste that same pain now.” As he spoke, he stretched out his hand and pointed to the side where
there was a camcorder facing the bed and continued, “Do you know what’s the best way to make a
person suffer? Hahaha, ruin the love of his heart with your own hands, of course! I’m going to record
the whole process so that Matthew can see with his own eyes how I toyed with his beloved woman.”

At that moment, Xavier regretted not laying his hands on her in the hotel last time.

“Xavier, if… if you dare lay a finger on me, I’ll die right in front of you!”

Veronica wasn’t just trying to intimidate him. If he really ‘touched’ her again, she would really want to
die. However, she would take him down with her before she did!

“Even if you want to die, it depends on whether I give you that opportunity.” Xavier didn’t care about
what Veronica said at all as he probably didn’t believe that she would try to die just because he touched
her. After all, hadn’t Matthew also laid his hands on her in the past?

Without wasting any more time, he leaned over and kissed her, but she turned her cheek slightly to the
side and avoided him. This act of rejection caused his eyebrows to furrow, and he was suddenly filled
with anger. He stared at Veronica steadily as his eyes narrowed, his gaze cold.

In the next second, he stretched out his hand and grabbed her neck tightly. “What, am I not worthy
enough to sleep with you? When Matthew did this to you, I didn’t see you resisting!”

Xavier would never forget that during Tiffany and Matthew’s engagement banquet at Hilton Hotel, he
had called Veronica at that time and vaguely felt that her voice sounded strange, but he only thought
that it was his imagination. It wasn’t until he saw her emerge in a different set of clothing and sent
someone to check the surveillance footage that he became certain the two of them were doing
something unsightly in the lounge.

Veronica glared at him. His grip around her neck caused her to be in so much pain, as if her throat was
about to break. Her face flushed as she struggled instinctively, but she suddenly noticed that her arms
could move a little. With gritted teeth, she raised her arms with all her strength and slowly moved them
toward her neck to pry Xavier’s hand away. However, he was too strong, and she only had less than
one-tenth of his strength, so how could she be his opponent?

“Ugh…” Veronica felt her mind going blank from the pain and the lack of oxygen. She couldn’t shake
Xavier’s hand off, but she accidentally touched the sapphire necklace that had been auctioned for 60
million around her neck. She clenched the necklace tightly with her small hand, and with a strength that
came out of nowhere, she tore it off with one hand, her thumb pressing against the black wings that
enclosed the sapphire. With a gentle push, the wings opened up like the scissor doors of a luxury car.

As she gripped the gemstone tightly in her hand and supported the hollow wings with her thumb,
Veronica suddenly drew it toward Xavier’s face. With the ‘weapon’ in her hand, she could almost hear
the subtle sound as the necklace cut through his skin.

“Hiss…” As Xavier, who had his guard down, got scratched on his cheek by Veronica with a concealed
weapon, he let go of her in pain and covered his face with his hand as a gush of viscous blood
suddenly rolled down his face.

The wound was very deep and was about three inches long. In just an instant, blood dripped down his
cheek onto the white quilt, dyeing it red. Xavier’s lips trembled slightly in pain as he glared at Veronica
in disbelief.