Her Biliionaire Husband

Chapter 344

Her Billionaire Husband

It’s You, Master Crayson

While skating on thin ice, Veronica mustered her strength and pushed Xavier away before tumbling out
of bed and ran outside. However, her legs gave in after just a few steps and she fell to the ground.

An unaffected Xavier remained sitting on bed and used a paper towel to wipe the blood off his face
while staring at her indifferently. “Go on and run. Aren’t you good at running?”

His calm movements revealed a sense of composure as if he knew that she could not escape his
clutch. At that moment, she was thoroughly frightened by his embodiment of bloodthirst. Fragility ran
through her entire body despite wanting to flee this place as soon as she could. To her last resort, she
grabbed the necklace and violently slid it down her wrist. As she was bundled up during the winter, the
most vulnerable area to go for would be her wrist, but she was smart enough to avoid piercing her

“Rip…” As the skin on her wrist tore open, the blood was gushing out of the wound like the river flow as
a pang of pain finally overwhelmed her; her organs felt like it was clenching themselves into a pile.
Perhaps it was the adrenaline, she felt a lot better compared to her previous limpness. As she saw
Xavier coming closer, she immediately got up on her feet and fled the scene.

“F*ck!” Xavier did not expect Veronica to be capable of getting up even after being drugged. He walked
out on the carpet barefoot while chasing closely behind her. Seeing that she was about to rush out of
the suite, he became anxious and stepped forward to grab her hair before yanking her backward.
“Where the hell are you going? Oh, Roni, do you think I’m unworthy of you?”

As her hair was tugged strongly, she could only feel her scalp growing numb from the aching pain. She
stretched out to protect her hair and roared, “Xavier, let go!”

“Hmph, ever since I brought you here, I never planned to let you out,” he replied coldly.

Veronica abruptly turned around and kicked him in the abdomen. Her strength was astounding and
completely out of Xavier’s radar. He could not help but stagger a few steps back from her kick while
struggling to stand upright.

He stretched out to his abdomen and revealed a hideous smile; with the scar on his right cheek, he
looked so terrifyingly horrendous that he resembled a cannibal.

“I like it when you’re angry. Roni, do you think you can fight me with that feebly strength of yours?
Hahaha…” Xavier raised his head and laughed out of control.

The Xavier before her felt like a completely unknown version to Veronica. She watched as his eyes
turned red as he exuded a morbid aura. A sense of crisis suddenly hit her, which made her realize that
she could not stay any longer. For the third time, she turned around and ran toward the door of the
suite. Just as freedom felt a step closer to her, she suddenly realized that the door could not be

Right then, Xavier walked toward her and approached her step by step. She turned around and leaned
against the door, feeling completely powerless. Earlier, she had used up all her strength for the kick
and now, it was only her pain helping her to stand on her feet. How can I save myself when I’m

Disparity—something I have yet to truly feel up until this moment.

It was different with Matthew; all he ever felt like to her was strength and superiority that attracted fear
from others, but the good kind. Unlike Xavier, who was a complete one-eighty from Matthew; not only

was he hostile, but it felt like she was going to be crushed any minute while she was with him.

The camcorder in the bedroom reminded Veronica of the situation she was in; she could not stop her
anxiety from growing. If Xavier was to succeed today, the thought of existing would be a living
nightmare when the video was leaked. When the whole world knew that she had been assaulted, she
would then be the target of scrutiny and humiliation in public. How on earth can I not be terrified? But…
Despite how horrifying my reality is, I can only strike back.

As Veronica watched Xavier approaching, she instinctively made to punch him; as soon as she
extended her hand, it landed easily onto his grip as he dragged her away with him. Without much to do,
her body softened and surrendered to his lead. A smile appeared on his face as he leaned over her
and sniffed her body. “This is it. This is what Tiffany lacks.”

He clasped her head with his big palm and let her lean on his chest while whispering in her ear, “Do
you know how long I’ve waited for this day? I thought you were different from the other girls, but I didn’t
expect you to be with that son of a b*tch, Matthew. Speaking of which, I’ve always been a big help to
you since the beginning. So, tell me, Roni—is this really how you thank me?”

Xavier was clearly on the verge of outrage, but his contrasting soft tone sent a shiver down her spine.
Veronica struggled hard and resisted, but that little strength did not help at all. Instead, it aroused
Xavier’s interest to finish her up even more.

He leaned over and picked her up in his arms. “Roni, let me love you. You can be my woman as long
as we have a child together. But… you disobeyed me, so I have no choice but to trap you at home.
From then on, no one else can have you but me. You’re mine, forever.”

As he recited his evil daydream, he carried her to the bedroom.

“Xavier, if you dare to touch me, I’ll die with you!” She resisted and cursed at him, but her body and
voice were as soft as a little cat.

“Oh, don’t say that. You’ve always been the love of my life since the beginning, so how could I let you
die? Even if you do… you will die here in my bed.” He placed Veronica on the bed and pinched her
chin. “Be good and not resist. I’ll go easy on you.”

Veronica glared at Xavier angrily knowing that no amount of words would help her.

“Xavier, how did we get here? I’m asking you from the bottom of my heart.” She wanted to move him
with her affection and reasoning, in hope to convince him to let her go. However, these words were
useless to him.

He chuckled darkly. “Your mistake was choosing Matthew Kings.”

Not putting much emphasis on his words, he leaned over and immediately kissed her. Just then, there
was a loud bang! A voice sounded outside the suite, causing Xavier to turn over and walk outside.
However, just as he opened the bedroom door, he could only feel an ache in his abdomen before even
reacting. He flew out and smashed directly into the bedroom table before he landed on the ground. The
pain was so excruciating that he could not get up for a long time.

As the scene played out before her, Veronica was taken aback. She subconsciously assumed that
Matthew had come to her rescue, but just as she panned over to the person standing next to the door,
emotions started to surge uncontrollably within her. It’s you… Master Crayson!

Crayson was dressed in an old-fashioned green army coat that was tightly wrapped around his body.
As he stood at the door and glanced at Veronica who was lying on the bed, he huffed with anger and
pointed to Xavier with curses. “How dare you lay your f*cking hands on my student, you imbecile! I
won’t rest until I f*cking destroy you today!”

The furious Crayson walked inside and scanned his surroundings until his gaze stopped on a wooden
clothes rack by the side. Then, he swept the clothes rack into his hands and smashed it toward Xavier
without any hesitation.