Her Biliionaire Husband

Chapter 346

Her Billionaire Husband

In Secret

On the other end of the phone, Yvonne happily told Veronica about her news. Though she was happy,
Veronica felt the opposite. When she heard Yvonne’s message, she fell silent for a long time without
knowing what to do. She’s… pregnant.

As Yvonne was stranded by the deafening silence from Veronica, she asked, “Roni, did you hear me? I
said that I accidentally discovered that I am pregnant today. I’m going to have Conrad’s child! I am so

The innocently excited Yvonne obviously did not know the kind of person Conrad was to be this

“Yes, I heard you.” Veronica raised her hand to her forehead while she was unsure of what to say all of
a sudden.

“Why am I getting the feeling that you’re not that happy?” Yvonne frowned and questioned.

“Let’s have lunch tomorrow. I have something to tell you. It’s best not to let Con—”

“Oh, we’ll talk about tomorrow’s plans tomorrow. Tell me, how are things between you and Xavier?”
Yvonne had been looking forward to the progress between the two. When Veronica fell unconscious
earlier, Yvonne assumed that she was busy with Xavier as the phone calls were not answered.

Veronica was rendered speechless. How should I tell her?

“Is Conrad beside you?” she asked.

“Conrad? He’s here. Hehe, after he found out that I’m pregnant, he’s never left my side. He’s being
really gentle and caring.”

From the phone, Veronica could practically feel Yvonne’s happiness and joy.

“That’s great, congratulations.” Since Conrad was by Yvonne’s side, there were things she could yet to
tell her. Hence, Veronica could only use her brain for this. “I drank some wine today and I feel bored
being by myself. Can I sleep over at your house?”



“But… Conrad is here.”

“Are you choosing your boyfriend over your best friend?”

“No, no, hahaha, why would I? Come over if you want to. I’ll wait for you.” Yvonne could not refute
Veronica’s teases, so she could only agree and invite her over.

After Veronica hung up, she immediately drove straight to Yvonne’s house without further ado. Due to
the location of their places, she arrived within a few minutes and immediately went upstairs before
ringing the doorbell.

Soon, the living room door opened and Yvonne stood at the door. When she saw Veronica, she grinned
and rushed over to give her a big hug. “Roni, I’m so happy. I’m a mommy now and I have a baby.”

Of course, she was way overflowed with joy to even realize the situation she was in right now. Veronica
glanced at Conrad, who was sitting in the living room. The man sat calmly while staring at her
indifferently with a smile that carried a hint of provocation. From the looks of things, he probably knew

“It’s good that you’re happy. Still, you could’ve been more careful. You haven’t told Zac and your
parents about this, have you? Aren’t you being a little hasty?”

Veronica looked down at Yvonne and took out her phone from her pocket before handing it to her.
Yvonne was curious as to what she was intending to do with her phone, but as she suddenly caught a
glimpse of the word ‘Conrad’ on the screen, it attracted her attention and retracted her question.

‘Find a way to get rid of Conrad since I have something important to tell you.’

This was the content of the message that Veronica had composed on the way to Yvonne’s house. She
knew that Conrad was here, therefore, it would be inconvenient to directly talk to Yvonne about things.

Yvonne was taken aback for a moment and looked at Veronica with a puzzled expression. However,
when she saw the seriousness on Veronica’s face, she realized the importance of the situation.

“Conrad and I are discussing when to talk to my parents before we figure out a way to explain it to
Zac,” Yvonne said with a slight smile. While taking Veronica’s hand, she continued, “It’s cold outside.
Come in and have a seat. We turned on the heater.”

From Yvonne’s calm reaction, Veronica knew that she had grasped the content of the message
perfectly. As she followed Yvonne into the living room, she looked at Conrad and greeted, “Uncle

Calm and steady. Even if she had guessed that Xavier told Conrad everything, she still pretended that
nothing had happened.

Veronica walked in and sat on the sofa while Yvonne got up and sat next to Conrad. She hugged his
arm affectionately and swung it around while speaking coquettishly, “Conrad, I’ll stay with Roni later, so
I won’t keep you here. We have some gossip to share, hehe.”

Yvonne’s simple but adorable way of speaking made her naturally likable, but it also pained her best
friend to see her like this. Veronica knew well that she genuinely liked Conrad while Conrad also
genuinely liked using her.

Though she had reminded Yvonne again and again to be wary of him, Yvonne did not care to listen to
her advice and insisted on being with him, but what surprised her the most was the unexpected baby.
Conrad really is a piece of sh*t.

A gentle smile bloomed on Conrad’s seductive features as he stretched out with his hand and caressed
Yvonne’s hair before asking pretentiously, “Are you going to badmouth me behind my back?”

Veronica poured herself a cup of tea while turning a deaf ear to his words.

On the contrary, Yvonne reacted extremely quickly with a bright smile over her tiny face as she said,
“Hmph, of course we will. I want to tell Roni everything about you and let her tell Grandma.”

“You are naughty, little girl.” Conrad shook his head helplessly as he stood up and said to Veronica,
“Roni, since you’re going to sleep here, I won’t bother you. Both of you should rest early. I’ll come back

“All right. Goodbye, Uncle Conrad.”

Veronica had nothing much to say, so she readily bid him goodbye. As Yvonne got up to send him out,
they stood in the hallway and chatted for a while. Veronica did not bother to eavesdrop on their
conversation as she did not see the point in doing so. Instead, she casually sat on the sofa with her
phone in her hand and did some hiring. She paid a huge amount of money to a few members from the
private detective agency she had worked with earlier to constantly stand guard under the apartment
building and the hallway of the apartment where she lived.

Veronica was certain that Xavier knew where she lived a long time ago. After he had his hands and
legs broken by Crayson in the hotel earlier, he would definitely try to seek revenge. She was worried
that Crayson would be too deeply asleep in the apartment alone, making him a vulnerable target to
attack. Hence, this was the best she could do to prevent any misfortunes happening.

As the door to the living room closed with a creak, Yvonne soon walked in.

She stood by the side and glanced at Veronica meaningfully, then walked over to her and sat on the
sofa. After taking off her shoes, she crossed her legs and looked at her with a pillow in her arms. “What
are you being so secretive about?”

As Yvonne spoke, she unknowingly placed her hand in her pajama pocket and had a guilty expression.
What… is she doing… It was at this very moment that Veronica had an epiphany. She was not sure
whether to laugh or cry. Well, who can I blame other than my own foolishness?

Now that she’s with Conrad, of course… she would believe him when it comes to anything…