Her Biliionaire Husband

Chapter 348

Conrad Always Does a Clean Job

Perhaps she was worried that Yvonne wouldn’t believe her words; Veronica rolled up her sleeve and
showed the cut she received on her arm today.

The wound was wrapped around with gauze, and she opened it up to reveal a cut with five or six
stitches, looking like a centipede on her arm.

“I only hurt my arm, but Xavier isn’t as lucky as me. I accidentally hurt his face, so he might end up
disfigured. My master came to rescue me in time and broke one of his legs, and he’s still in the hospital

Then, Veronica wrapped the wound swiftly as she said to her, “If I don’t care about you, I’ll just let you
be with Conrad. I’ve warned you many times before, but you never believed me. These past few days,
I’ve been looking for evidence and before I can show you anything and tell you the truth, you’re already

“I-I…” A huge amount of information crashed into Yvonne’s mind since she was a little stunned and

However, there wasn’t much time left for her to be in a daze, and Veronica grabbed her hand directly.
“Come down with me quickly. Otherwise, it won’t be so easy for us to leave later.”

A puzzled Yvonne blurted, “Why?”

“Because you’re pregnant with his child now, and that’s the best bargaining chip.” Grabbing her hand,
Veronica led her down the staircase quickly.

Fortunately, she wasn’t living on a high level, and going down the staircase could prevent Conrad from
finding out.

Veronica went downstairs with her as she held Yvonne’s hand tightly. The whole time, Yvonne’s mind
was blank, and while they were going down, she suddenly came to a stop.

Unable to move her, Veronica turned back and saw her holding the handrail, standing without moving a
muscle as she stared at Veronica, who was a step lower than her.

“Let’s go quickly. Why are you standing there?” Veronica asked with knitted brows.

Yvonne struggled as she withdrew her hand abruptly from Veronica’s grip and shook her head. “I… T-
The way he and Xavier treated you is not right, but Conrad has always been good to me. He has never
hurt me, and I-I think that he probably loves me.”

Veronica was speechless as her mind shut down momentarily. Finally, she stared at Yvonne on the
staircase in disbelief, furrowed her brows tightly, and looked into her eyes for a few seconds.

“Have you lost your mind? Is there something wrong with your brains? How can you tell that Conrad is
really in love with you? Damn it, I—”

She couldn’t control herself and wanted to curse, but she stopped herself when the words almost
tumbled out of her mouth.

“Veronica, I should believe you, but Conrad said that he loves me. Furthermore, he knows that I’m
Zac’s fiancée, but he still chose to be with me and took all the heat for it. So, I should trust him even
more! Although I don’t know why he’s doing that to you, I’ll speak with him and tell him to regard you as
a friend in the future.”

Yvonne spoke very slowly, just like someone who had received a big shock and hadn’t completely
regained their composure yet. Frankly speaking, she didn’t even seem to believe the things she had
just said.

Veronica clenched her fists tightly before she pointed a finger at her. “Did you get a kick in the head by
a donkey? If Conrad loves you, why didn’t he stand out and announce the relationship you guys have?
Why hasn’t he told Zac anything yet? Where did you get that mysterious surge of confidence that tells
you that he really loves you?” As those words left her lips, she paused and asked, “I have only one
question for you, are you leaving or not?”

At that moment, Yvonne could clearly feel Veronica’s anger and she reckoned that Veronica might blow
her top completely later.

“Roni, I really believe you…” she began slowly, but it was clear that she didn’t truly mean the words she

“Yes, you believe me, but you also believe Conrad Kings!” Veronica scoffed in resignation. “You’re not
leaving, eh? Fine, then I am. Yvonne, remember this. If you’re in regret one day, don’t blame me for not
trying to save you.”

Everyone has to face the consequences of their actions, especially when they’re being fools, she
thought. Before this, she was also naive and paid a heavy price. She truly wanted to help Yvonne out
because she was a genuinely lovely person, but she didn’t think Yvonne would be so stubborn. What
exactly did Conrad do that she’s so smitten with him?

After Veronica said her piece, she immediately turned and wanted to leave, but Yvonne took a step
forward behind her.

“Roni, I…” she muttered indecisively.

Once again, Veronica stopped in her tracks and spun her head around, looking at her with cold eyes
and saying in an authoritative voice, “I’m asking you one last time. Are you leaving or not?”

“I-I don’t know… I only think that Conrad probably isn’t that bad.”

“Never judge a book by its cover! Would a terrible person have a neon sign flashing that says, Hey! I’m
a terrible person?!”

Veronica was hopping mad because of Yvonne and when she saw that Yvonne was immersed in her
emotional turmoil, she merely grabbed her friend’s hand and pulled her down the stairs.

In the meantime, Yvonne was dragged like a puppet by her until they had reached downstairs. Veronica
stuck her neck out from behind a wall as she scanned their surroundings and didn’t see Conrad or
anyone suspicious.

“Let’s go quickly. There’s no one around,” she whispered, walking out briskly while holding Yvonne’s

However, they had just walked out of the building when a voice rang behind them.

“Yvie, are you going to leave with her just like that?”

It was Conrad’s voice and both of them turned their heads around, only to see him standing with his
hands behind his back and a few bodyguards behind him.

Conrad wore a royal blue suit with a coat as he tilted his head and looked at Yvonne. There was a
wicked smile on his face with a short beard, making him appear sexy and incredibly charming with an
added touch of danger.

“Conrad?” Yvonne called out his name, unconsciously releasing Veronica’s hand and looking at him
with a complicated look in her eyes. “Why did you gang up with Xavier to bully Roni when you know
that she’s my friend?”

Nevertheless, he maintained a smile on his face at her questioning. “Little Yvie, I’m the one closest to
you, and I’m the father of your unborn child. Are you going to believe her or me?”

An intelligent person was very good at manipulation, especially Conrad, who could easily catch hold of
Yvonne’s soft spot.

Sure enough, Yvonne wavered after hearing his words.


She took a glance at Veronica and then at Conrad. For a moment, she didn’t know who she should

“Of course, I believe you, but I… I believe in Roni as well.” Nervously, Yvonne twitched the hem of her
shirt and gazed at the bodyguards behind Conrad. She couldn’t help but inquire as she gestured
toward them, “Then, can you please explain what those people behind you are doing?”

“Xavier is a wolf in sheep’s skin. Despite having a good relationship with Little Roni, he could still attack
her. I’m just worried that he’s planning something against you and concerned about your safety,” he
explained in a reasonable manner.

And this was what Veronica was worried about the most. Even though she knew that Conrad and
Xavier were in cahoots, she didn’t have any solid evidence to prove that they were working together.

Meanwhile, Yvonne was quiet, as though she was contemplating the truthfulness of Conrad’s words,
but Conrad looked away from her and turned to Veronica. “Little Roni, you keep saying that I’m in
cahoots with Xavier to harm you. Do you have any evidence?”

“You’re a wise man, Uncle Conrad, and you always do a clean job. So, how could you leave any tracks