Her Biliionaire Husband

Chapter 352

Ruka Apologizes Personally

With suspicion in her heart, Veronica quickly re-dialed Crayson’s number, but nobody picked up. Then,
just when she was about to call Shirley to explain the situation, Shirley called her first.

“Did you find Crayson, Shirley?”

“Yes, I found him. Maybe I didn’t look carefully earlier and missed him,” she explained.

From the other end of the line, Veronica could hear her asking Crayson, “Mr. Crayson, are the
doughnuts I bought for you delicious?”

“Heh, so nice of you to have me on your mind, young lass. It’s not bad. Good,” Crayson said with a
cackle, and Veronica heard everything clearly.

She couldn’t help but furrow her brows slightly. Was I too sensitive?

Finally, she shook her head as she figured she was too stressed recently, which resulted in
overthinking, and she hung up.

That afternoon, Hendrey called, saying that he was finally finished with his work. He had just
disembarked the aircraft in Bloomstead and wanted to ask her out for a meal.

After she had settled down Crayson, she went to the appointment, but the last thing she was expecting
to see when she arrived at the teppanyaki restaurant was Hendrey and Ruka seated together.

Why is she here? Veronica wondered as she kept her gaze on Ruka, looking puzzled.

In contrast, Ruka smiled softly upon seeing her. “Don’t look at me like that. I know that Hendrey asked
you out for dinner, so I insisted on tagging along.”

All of a sudden, she recalled that Hendrey had been working in a subsidiary of Dame Group since his
return to the country. So, she could understand that he was on good terms with Ruka.


Without saying much, Veronica slid into a spot next to them, but before she could say anything, Ruka’s
voice echoed again, “I’m here today to apologize to you.”


What’s going on? Veronica asked herself but couldn’t figure out what was happening.

“Uh, I thought of you as my imaginary enemy before this, thinking that you’re my love rival, but who
would have thought that Matthew actually likes men? I feel that I look like a joke now.” She lifted the
glass in front of her and had some water. As she spoke, she couldn’t help but smile bitterly in

The muscles on Veronica’s face froze, and she tilted her head to look elsewhere guiltily.

It didn’t cross her mind that Ruka was here to apologize to her, and the reason was that she discovered
that Matthew ‘liked’ men.

Although it was surprising, it was courageous of her.

Nevertheless, if Matthew announced to the public one day that the ‘man’ was her, would Ruka loathe
her to the core?

“You don’t have to apologize at all.” So, she smiled awkwardly as she waved her hand to decline such
a formal apology.

“Truth be told, I admire you. Back then, I thought we might have become good friends if Matthew hadn’t
been in the picture. It’s great now because I’ve given up on him, so I came to look for you and to
apologize. I was in the wrong for everything before,” she said sincerely.

If they weren’t meeting in a teppanyaki restaurant, Ruka might have wanted to get up and bow deeply
in apology.

Beside them, Hendrey smiled gently. “Your personalities are very similar, and it’s not a bad choice to be
friends with each other.”

“Yeah, that’s what I thought.” Ruka went along with his words as she lifted the glass on the table.
“Veronica Murphy, I’ll buy you this meal today, and I hope we can let bygones be bygones. Let’s be
friends, okay?”

Speechless, Veronica wondered, Is this really a good idea? I feel like we’re ganging up to fool Ruka.

In addition, she was afraid that Ruka would kill her when she found out the truth one day.

Their burning gazes bore into Veronica, making her bow to peer pressure. Despite that, she bit the
bullet, lifted the glass, and clinked glasses with Ruka.

As the saying goes, it is always best not to make enemies of those who might be your friends. Being
the eldest princess of the Dame Group, Ruka had set aside her pride, apologized, and even offered to
be friends with her. So, how could she turn her down?

“Even though a lot was exposed on the news, I’ll remain as Old Mrs. Kings’ god-granddaughter and will
have a lot of contact with Matthew in the future. Miss Dame, are you sure you want to be friends with

Veronica leaned against her seat, held the glass, and drank from it, observing Ruka’s expression as
she did so.

With a sigh, she said, “I’ve already given up on Matthew, so all that doesn’t matter anymore. Just don’t
bring up his name in front of me in the future.”A sad expression painted across her delicate and elegant
features as she waved her hand. “He really got me disgusted.”

That day at the counter in the shopping mall, she had witnessed with her own eyes as Matthew held a
‘man’ and locked him with a kiss. She was so stunned that she was close to slapping Matthew across
the face.

The whole time, Matthew was the person she admired the most, like a sort of faith. Her faith had
collapsed, and it took her several days to gradually emerge from the shadows.

At that time, she felt that everything she did to Veronica was terrible, but she couldn’t set aside her
pride to admit it.

Fortunately, Hendrey returned, and she could use this chance to look for Veronica.

Veronica chuckled sheepishly as she voiced, “Yeah, right?”

As she rested her left elbow on the table, she silently palmed her forehead, appearing to sigh
emotionally. But, unbeknownst to the others, she was wearing an expression of exasperated
amusement under her slightly lowered head.

Despite that, Veronica had to admit that Ruka was very brave, and this wasn’t something an average
Joe could do.

“Both of you have buried the hatchet, and I’m glad to bear witness to it.” Hendrey elegantly lifted his
glass. “We may not have wine now, but I suppose tea is enough. Cheers!”


“Ha-ha. Sure!”

The three toasted to a drink and finished half a glass of water. Then, the server served them their
dishes, sat together, and chatted amicably.

Amid a good time, Ruka turned to Veronica and asked, “Your bridal shop has closed its doors. What do
you plan to do after this?”

Veronica gave it a thought. Despite the fact that she had previously signed a contract with Matthew to
open up a bridal shop together and that contract was still valid, many things had happened in her bridal
shop before this. If she continued the business, she had no idea what other trouble would stir up.

Rather than that, it would be better to think about doing something else and divert others’ attention.

“I don’t know. I’ll just look for a job first.”

After going through so much, one thing was clear to her. That was, she had to keep away her thunder,
and the other thing was, keeping a low profile.

If she wanted to start another company, there was no need to let others know. Only then could her
company run smoothly. Otherwise, she couldn’t even guess what other mess would pop up.

“What was your profession before this? Do you want to consider coming to work at my company?”
Ruka smiled brightly. “My company is lacking in talents like you.”

“Me? Forget it. I should just be a delivery man.”

In her mind, she thought that her time would be flexible if she delivered food. Then, if something
cropped up at the last minute, she could go immediately to deal with it, and it was convenient for her to

run other businesses in private.

Once she started working in a company, she wouldn’t be that free.

“Hey, how much money can you make doing delivery? By the way, you amazed me with your walk on
the runway that day. Coincidentally, I have a company looking for models. The working hours every day
are short, and the pay is not bad. How about it?” Ruka suggested.