Her Biliionaire Husband

Chapter 313

Her Billionaire Husband

Confessed by Conrad

Veronica teased Yvonne.

Even though Veronica was playing around, she still felt worried over how much Yvonne was caring
about Conrad.

There were some things that Veronica wanted to come forth to Yvonne, but Veronica was afraid that
Yvonne might tell them to Conrad.

“Nonsense. I didn’t.”

Yvonne pinched Veronica’s arm.

“Let’s not stand at the entrance. It’s cold here.”

Coming forward to help Veronica, Conrad picked her things up as she followed Yvonne in.

They passed the front hall and the little bridge before they arrived at the meeting hall.

Veronica saw Elizabeth as she walked up to her happily. “Hello, Grandma. Long time no see. How are

“I’m fine. Very fine.” Holding her hand, Elizabeth motioned Veronica to sit right next to her. “How are
you ever thinner in the short amount of time that I haven’t seen you?”

“I’m not. I’m the same as always.” Veronica smiled sincerely as she enjoyed the feeling of warmth when
she was with Elizabeth. Suddenly, she pointed at Yvonne and said, “Grandma, this is… a good friend of
mine. She’s called Yvonne Spencer. She came with me just to visit you.”

Intentionally, Veronica explained that Yvonne and she were here together to visit Elizabeth, so she
would not know that Yvonne liked Conrad.

Even though Elizabeth was not Conrad’s biological mother, she still liked him quite a lot.

Yet, it was a pity that she did not know how sly Conrad really was.

“Hello, Old Mrs. Kings, I’m Yvonne. You can just call me Yvie.” Her smile was very bright and innocent.

“Hello, Yvie. You are very pretty. It must have been cold on the way here. Come, have a seat.”
Elizabeth then ordered a servant, “Pour a cup of water for Yvie.”

“Thank you, Old Mrs. Kings.”

Sitting beside Veronica, Yvonne could not keep her eyes off Conrad.

Even though the man was only talking to Elizabeth without even batting an eye at her, Yvonne still felt
satisfied just looking at him.

It turned out that love was so simple and beautiful.

As they were chatting along, Matthew arrived.

“Hmph. You’re always the slowest, you brat. Making us wait for you all the time.” Elizabeth, who rolled
her eyes, smiled.

Obviously, the old madam doted on him the most.

After gazing at everyone, Matthew spoke in his usual cold tone, “I apologize. There were a lot of things
to deal with at the company.”

“Okay, okay. Let’s eat now. If we eat any later, the dishes will get cold.”

Standing up, she walked toward the dining table as Matthew and Conrad chatted, while Yvonne
hugged Veronica’s arm tightly and said, “Hey, why didn’t you say that Matthew would be joining us
today? If I had known, I would have come with you tomorrow.”

Yvonne seemed to not like Matthew at all.

Nonetheless, Veronica knew well inside that Yvonne detested Matthew only because, in her eyes,
Matthew had been acting like a bystander while watching all the misfortunes befall her friend.

“We’re here to visit Grandma, so just ignore him.”

“You’re right.” Yvonne nodded.

The few then gathered at the dining table as the servants had prepared a lavish dinner.

Yvonne sat beside Conrad and Matthew, who sat next to Veronica and finally Elizabeth.

During the meal, Veronica thoughtfully peeled the prawns for Elizabeth. “Grandma, have a prawn.”

“You’re the one who loves me the most. Just look at Matthew and Conrad. None of them know how to
take care of me.” Elizabeth shook her head and sighed. “Having a girl around me really is better.”

“Grandma, let me help you peel the prawns too.” Yvonne suddenly stood up and patted Conrad’s arm.
“Let’s switch seats. I’ll sit beside Grandma.”

Maybe it was because of love that Yvonne’s love also included Elizabeth. She subconsciously wanted
to present herself in a more positive light.

Yet, it was this action that attracted everyone’s attention.

Matthew looked at Yvonne before turning his gaze toward Veronica, only to have their eyes meet.

Even though their gazes met, no ripples in their hearts were created as they continued eating.

“Grandma, I heard from Veronica that you have high blood pressure. So, even though you can’t eat
pork and chicken, a bit of beef should be fine.”

Yvonne kept piling food onto Elizabeth’s plate.

Having met all sorts of people, Elizabeth could see with a glance that something was up. She smiled
softly. “Yvie, you really are a kind woman. Do you fancy Conrad?”

When he heard this, Conrad tightened his grip on the cutlery as a glimmer appeared in his eyes before
he looked up and smiled at Elizabeth. “Mother, you shouldn’t talk about such things.”

“Hahaha. He’s right, Grandma. I… About that… Me and Con… Well, we don’t have anything going on
between us.” Yvonne became so nervous that she was stumbling all over her sentences.

“Hahaha. Do you think you can keep it from me?” Elizabeth laughed joyfully. “I was even quite troubled
about Conrad, a man approaching his thirties, being single. Never would I think that he would have a
significant other so quickly.”

“You brat. You did quite a nice job hiding it,” she said before she stared at Veronica. “And you, you brat.
Yvie, being your close friend, likes Conrad, yet you didn’t even say anything to me about such an
important thing.”

“I…” Veronica was speechless as her gaze darted between Conrad and Yvonne, not knowing what to
say. Pursing her lips, she could only smile awkwardly. “Grandma, actually Yvonne—”

“Conrad, since Yvie has already taken the initiative, when are you planning to meet her parents?”
Elizabeth did not wait for Veronica to speak and jumped straight into the topic of meeting Yvonne’s

An anxious Veronica looked gloomily at Matthew.

Yet, he was still peacefully eating his meal.

Even though he was still eating, she was not in the mood to observe his handsome face as she wished
that he would stop this.

Otherwise, she did not know where this might go.

“Mother, we don’t have to be so anxious about this.” Conrad knew that he could not refuse to meet
Yvonne’s family, so he could only delay it.

Of course, he knew clearly about Yvonne’s family’s background and he could not reject the temptation
given by the power that came with her.

As of now, he could not really find an appropriate excuse to let her be his subordinate. However, if he
could make her his, he could bring his family to an even higher level.

Conrad’s words made Yvonne’s eyes shine with her face blushing hard. Lowering her head, she looked
as if she was being confessed to while her hands fidgeted restlessly.