Her Biliionaire Husband

Chapter 355

The True Power of Black Dragons

Veronica gave a polite smile in return. “President Ludwig, you’re flattering me.”

“You’re not that bad. I’ve seen the video, and you’ve done pretty well. There are just some flaws that
we can start polishing from now on,” commented Sean.

She felt a little resigned when she heard his words as a tad of disappointment seeped into her voice.
“Then, I’ll be in your care, President Ludwig.”

It was understandable as she had never been on a runway show before. Thus, she was satisfied to
have received such a compliment alone.

“That is not a big problem. Let’s settle down with the contract first.” Sean dived straight into the point.
“Since Ruka is here, I’ll be honest with the pay that we can offer you. Your basic salary will be 10,000
with additional commissions during the one-month probation. Once you’ve completed the probation,
we’ll increase your salary to 20,000, and the commission will be gauged based on your performance.”

“Thank you, President Ludwig.” Veronica was content with the considerable amount of pay that came
with additional commissions.

“You’ll have to work five days a week with three to five hours per day. Besides, you have to make some
short clips for promotion purposes. Any objections?”

“Everything’s good.” She gladly accepted it, considering that the pay was great enough.

Above all, she had sufficient time to focus on improving her career development, which was of utmost
importance. She actually didn’t have to find another job because share speculation would be her best
option to invest her money. However, she had no choice but to look at the bigger picture as things were
different right now.

Since she and Sean agreed on the terms of the contract, they signed it in no time. It was a one-year-
long contract, which meant that Veronica would work under the agency for a year after probation. If she
failed to complete the probation, she would be required to leave at any time. Of course, she would have
a hectic schedule ahead of her because of the many training sessions during her probation.

After that, Ruka, who was with them the whole time, looked at Sean with arms crossed. “I introduced
someone talented to you. Shouldn’t you buy me a meal?”

“How would I forget about you?” Sean smiled. “Let’s go. I’ll give you guys a tour around the company.
Veronica should familiarize herself with the environment from now on.”

The two ladies trailed behind him as they toured around the company, comprising four floors with
meeting rooms, photo studios, offices, make-up rooms, waiting rooms, and so on. Given the company’s
size, it was only natural that there would be many employees bustling about.

The trio then had a meal together. As Sean knew that Veronica was the god-granddaughter of
Elizabeth, he was pretty friendly to Veronica without the arrogance of a superior. Afterward, the ladies
thanked him for the meal and went home.

Veronica started working with her laptop turned on as she sat on the couch. Recently, she had been
having online meetings with the workers as she didn’t have the time to stop by Vincere Games,
resulting in growing disapproval of her attitude by one of the shareholders.

As soon as she thought about the shareholders, she could feel an impending migraine. She suddenly
came to a realization that having Vincere Games and the bridal store in the same building wasn’t a
good idea after all.

She went to the bridal store at noon, where the renovation was still ongoing, and she shared a brief
conversation with Crayson before heading to Vincere Games.

There were a total of three shareholders. Besides Veronica, who possessed the majority shares and
final say in decision makings, Jayden Stoll and Shawn Adler were the other two shareholders. In
contrast, Shawn had the least shares, with only 10%.

As soon as Veronica entered the office, Jayden and Shawn stood up. Jayden shook his head while
exclaiming, “If you don’t come any time sooner, I’m sure everyone in the company would’ve forgotten

“Good job making only the both of us doing the work, too,” Shawn retorted.

Fortunately, they had agreed to keep her true identity a secret, so the workers had mistaken her
purpose of stopping by.

“Thank you for your hard work as of today. I’ll treat you to something nice someday.” Veronica smiled
apologetically before questioning, “How’s the company’s performance lately?”

She only wanted to know the latest management and updates.

“In addition to its small fanbase from before, the Legion of Vin has received a lot of publicity after the
successful promotion. Their live streaming alone was enough to rake in a stable profit.” Jayden
continued, “Aside from Honor of Kings, it is a relief that they ace League of Legends and PUBG as
well. Otherwise, we wouldn’t be able to achieve the same accomplishment by streaming only one

“We’ve been active in tournaments too, but it’s difficult for a start-up like us to find investors.” Leaning
against the chair, Shawn frowned with arms crossed. “We have an upcoming national tournament at
the beginning of the year. It is important; If our team performs well, they will get the chance to compete
in the Winter Olympic Games. It’s our golden opportunity to bring us fame.”

“It won’t be that easy.” Veronica shared the same thought as well. “I wish the best for our company, but
we’re not that professional yet. We’re just a new company. For now, I think the national tournaments
should be our priority to build our reputation. After that, we can join international tournaments starting
next year. About the Winter Olympic Games… we’ll see.”

She didn’t have much confidence about it. Oh, she was ambitious and had goals she wanted to
achieve, but she also knew her limits.

After she checked the time, she requested Jayden, “Ask the management team, coach, and the team
to come over for a brief meeting.”

Although one should always look at the positive side, one’s true capability should also be taken into

The members of Black Dragons came together thanks to their ardent passion for games. It was true
that they had the skills, but there was still room for improvement for them compared with the
professional gamers.

Time flew by in a blink of an eye, and only three days were left before welcoming the new year.

Veronica had holidays after working a few days in Starshine. She bought a train ticket for Crayson to
return home first before going to Kings Residence with a bunch of presents for Elizabeth.

Yet, she happened to bump into Conrad and Yvonne this time round.

“Roni, you’re here. Come on in. It’s cold outside. Yvonne and Conrad are here too. You should go chill
with them.” Elizabeth gave a profuse welcome as she waved at Veronica, laughing.

The couple, sitting together, diverted their gaze instantly to Veronica. When Veronica laid her eyes on
Yvonne, she remained expressionless while the latter felt helpless and disheartened.

“Speak of the devil. Mom was talking about you just now.”