Her Biliionaire Husband

Chapter 356

A Capricious Veronica

Conrad maintained his image as the nice guy that was ever gentle and considerate, as though nothing
had happened before.

Veronica smiled in response to avoid putting Elizabeth in a tough position. “Oh, really? What were you
guys talking about? Don’t tell me that you’ve spoken ill of me.”

Conrad laughed at her ‘joke’. “You’re right! Mom thought you wouldn’t come because you hadn’t come

Yvonne let out a wry smile, trying to hide her awkwardness.

“Roni, don’t listen to his nonsense.” Elizabeth grinned ear to ear.

Veronica seated herself beside Elizabeth after she placed the presents aside and began a light
conversation. Then, suddenly, Veronica asked the old lady, “Grandma, do you know that Yvonne is

“Yes. Conrad told me about it.” Elizabeth nodded.

An insidious Veronica glanced at Conrad before continuing, “It’s good news, isn’t it? When will they
have their wedding?”

“Yvonne said her parents are busy overseas. They’ll be back after the new year to discuss the wedding
preparations.” Elizabeth took a glimpse of Yvonne and sighed. “You youngsters are different nowadays.
You have your own ways of handling things. It’s no use for an old lady like me to keep worrying.”

Veronica made a quick deduction and concluded that Conrad took the initiative by confiding in
Elizabeth about Yvonne’s pregnancy when she heard Elizabeth’s words. In the meantime, he had

made up an excuse to postpone the wedding in order to buy some time.

Oh, Yvonne. How could you not realize his intentions?

After lunch, the ladies, including Yura, accompanied Elizabeth for a stroll in the backyard. When the old
lady decided to call it a day, Yura escorted her into the house.

Only then did Yvonne have the chance to have an honest conversation with Veronica. Yvonne felt a
lump in her throat when she tried to strike a conversation with Veronica. “Are you still angry with me?”

An expressionless Veronica gazed at Yvonne’s hand, which clasped hers. Then, she removed
Yvonne’s hand while saying, “Why should I be? Are we that close?”

That day, she tried everything just to bring Yvonne away, yet Yvonne chose to be with Conrad. How
could Veronica not be disappointed?

“I… You…” Words failed Yvonne as she had not expected Veronica to distance herself so much from

The chilly breeze rustled Yvonne’s fringe, and she raked her fingers through her hair. Finally, she
pursed her lips as she hesitated momentarily before claiming, “Conrad is not as bad as you think. I
don’t know what happened between you, but you can’t regard him as the same as Xavier.”

“So?” Meanwhile, Veronica shoved her hands into her coat pockets and showed no sign of wavering,
as though Yvonne’s words were mere wind to her. None of it bothered her at all.

“So… So…” Yvonne was caught off-guard by the sudden question as she stuttered. “I hope this matter
won’t be an issue in our friendship. Are we still friends?”

“Yes.” Veronica gave an affirmative answer, although the tone of her voice was anything but friendly.

Yvonne bit her lips as she wasn’t so dense that she couldn’t feel Veronica’s cold fury. “Then, can we
have sushi together tonight?”

“I’m sorry, but I have some business to attend to.” Veronica checked the time with her phone. “It’s late. I
should get going now. Enjoy your stay.”

Then, she left without delay, leaving Yvonne alone in the backyard. While she stared at the figure
gradually disappearing from her sight, she clenched her hands as she felt something urging her to call
out her friend’s name. Regardless, she suppressed that urge and remained silent in the end.

She knew that she could do nothing to amend their bond anymore. Although she was aware of
Veronica’s good intentions, she firmly believed it was a misunderstanding. One day, she would prove it
to Veronica.

After Veronica bid Elizabeth farewell, she bumped into Conrad at the entrance. Their steps came to a
halt simultaneously when they saw each other.

Conrad acted as gentlemanly as ever with a dazzling smile. “Are you leaving now, Little Roni?”

Rather than replying to his insincere words, she took a few steps forward in her heels and stood right
before him with a frosty gaze. “Uncle Conrad, you never fail to surprise me. Just what kind of spell did
you use on Yvonne so that she can’t get over you?”

He frowned, pretending to be in deep thought, and smiled. “Maybe it’s because of my charms.”

She snorted in reply. “Well, that is possible. I wonder if this brazen attitude runs in the family.”

In a split second, the smile on Conrad’s face went stiff, and the wind felt colder for some reason. Then,
as silence dawned upon both parties, a malicious and fearsome glint flashed across his eyes, causing

him to appear more intimidating. Nevertheless, he smiled again at the very next second. “Don’t put it
that way. If so, do you mean that Matthew is shameless too?”

“That’s not wrong, but not entirely correct.” Veronica paused for a moment. “Although you share the
same surname, you don’t share the same mother.”

When he heard her provocative remarks, his eyes narrowed into a dangerous slit, and Veronica could
sense the murderous ferocity accosting her from all sides.

The man was infuriated.

“Are you angry because of what I’ve said? It seems like you’re not complete trash. You still have
feelings, huh?” The dauntless Veronica added, “Let’s see how long you can pretend to like Yvonne.
And I’m warning you that you better continue this act of yours for the rest of your life.”

She had encountered shameless people before, but they couldn’t hold a candle to Conrad.

“Veronica Murphy, don’t think that you can do whatever you want with Matthew backing you.” Conrad
had finally lost his temper and shown his true colors.

“I’m sorry, but I think I have the right to do so with Matthew by my side. And what are you going to do
about it? Huh?” She suddenly took a step backward, feigning fear while gasping, “Oh no! Are you going
to kill me? I’m so scared.”

“Veronica Murphy, you!” Conrad, who was incensed by her annoying attitude, pointed at her. “Don’t
think that you can get away from this. Matthew can’t protect you forever.”

“True.” Veronica clapped her hands approvingly. “It’s a shame that you didn’t become a promoter. You
could’ve earned big with that slick tongue of yours.”

“You!” Her witty comeback left him speechless, and he could only glare at her. It wasn’t until he glanced
behind her that he changed his expression to a gentle one.