Her Biliionaire Husband

Chapter 358

Tiffany Lost Her Mind

“Haha, Veronica, you’re such a coward. Do you not even have the courage to meet me now?” Melissa
sneered as she mocked Veronica. “Whatever floats your boat.” Veronica did not refute that statement.

“You…” Melissa was at a loss for words. After a brief silence, she said, “I’ll send a video to your phone.
You can reconsider whether you want to meet me or not after watching it.”

Once she was done talking, she directly hung up the phone. Veronica frowned as she held the phone in
her hand, staring at Melissa’s name that was displayed on the call log while being lost in thought. What
does she want?

After what happened last time, Melissa hated her to the bone. Yet, Melissa suddenly took the initiative
to reach out to her. It must not be something good.

Veronica assumed that it was probably related to Matthew’s attack on Centian Group. Ding!

A WhatsApp notification sounded. When she picked up her phone to take a look, she saw that it was a
WhatsApp video from Melissa.

It was a video taken in a hotel suite; Xavier and the woman in the video seemed delightfully enjoying
each other’s company like two people who were in love. It was a beautiful sight to see.

However, when Veronica took a closer look, that woman turned out to be… her! Her heart skipped a
beat as she held her breath.

Then, she straightened her posture and observed the video again. After careful observation, she
realized that the person in the video was not her but… Tiffany!

Although the woman in the video had the same black bob hair and looked like her, the hotel room and
the intense lingering affection between the two people were enough to prove that it was not Veronica.

It was clear that Tiffany was sober in the video as she tried to take advantage to seduce Xavier. At this
moment, Veronica’s mind suddenly went blank.

Had Tiffany lost her mind? How could she get mixed up with Xavier?

Could it be that she started to pester Xavier after being hurt by Matthew, or was it that because Tiffany
looked exactly like Veronica herself, Tiffany was willing to be used to Xavier just to provoke her?

No way! Veronica shook her head.

She knew that Tiffany was always prideful. Although the woman in this video could be said to be
Veronica once it was released, it would also have an impact on Tiffany. It would humiliate both of

There was no way that she would do that! Veronica rubbed her temples after putting her phone on the
table. Then, she leaned on the sofa and looked up at the ceiling.

She was exhausted. Back then, she used to envy all the twin sisters. She felt that the connection
between the sisters was beautiful; they could empathize whenever one or the other was happy or sad.

Why wasn’t she like that with Tiffany? Veronica sat quietly for a moment before her phone rang; it was
Melissa again.

Nevertheless, Veronica picked up the phone without hesitation and slid her thumb over the answer
button before holding it to her ear. “What do you want me to do?”

She went straight to the point; even trying to word things politely felt like a waste of time.

“Haha, I like how direct you are.” Melissa had a sneer on her face as she continued, “I’m not going to
tell you through the phone. Meet me at Phil’s Restaurant in half an hour. I’ll see you there.”

With that, she immediately hung up the phone.

Veronica held her phone in her hand and felt an impending headache about to bloom. She sat alone in
her living room for a while longer before she finally couldn’t hold herself back and decided to call

Beep, beep.

The phone rang several times before the other party finally picked up the phone.

Veronica could hear Tiffany’s clear laughter without waiting for her to speak. “This is rare. Why did you

It was obvious that Tiffany did not expect Veronica to take the initiative to call her.

“Tiffany, I don’t care what your relationship is with Xavier, but I’m warning you, don’t be so reckless just
because we have the same face.”

Tiffany had deliberately worn a wig and pretended to be Melissa. Wasn’t it evident that she cooperated
with Xavier to record the video and used it as blackmail?

“What? I don’t know what you’re talking about.” Tiffany pretended to be confused and continued,
“Veronica, it’s almost New Year’s Day. Our parents want you to come back and celebrate the festivity
together. Can you?”

“I don’t have time to waste prattling about senseless things with you. I just called to warn you not to
pretend to be me to have sex with Xavier! I don’t care if you’re shameless, but I still have my reputation
to uphold!”

Veronica was utterly weary at the current state of affairs. She had just signed a contract with Starshine
Media Agency and had officially entered the modeling circle.

If there was a possibility of endorsements, or if she were to get famous in the future, the video’s release
with Xavier would make her a laughing stock.

Other than herself, the whole Kings Family would suffer as well. The more she thought about this, the
more she felt like it would be unsuitable for her to be with Matthew.

It was all because of Tiffany’s existence; she was the most challenging problem to deal with as she was
a ticking time bomb. Who knew what Tiffany would do if she went crazy?

“Veronica, please don’t say that. You’re my sister. You’ll hurt my feelings by talking like that. Also, you
can’t say that I’m shameless. After all, you were still f*cking Matthew on the day of my engagement
with him. So, if I were to compare, we’re practically almost the same!”

Back then, Tiffany had no idea about any of these. She had only learned about them after getting
together with Xavier.

One couldn’t comprehend how shocked and forlorn she was when she discovered all this.

Maybe it was because Veronica had taken so many things away from her. And because of this, she
hated Veronica to the core.

Other than wanting to take revenge on Matthew, Tiffany also wanted to destroy every Veronica had.

Veronica was rendered speechless when she heard this.

If anyone asked Veronica about her take on that matter, she would insist that she was innocent. Since
things had already escalated, she had chosen to be with Matthew. Naturally, she wouldn’t cast the

blame on him.

Instead, she said, “You can’t argue with destiny.”

“Oh, right, it was just fate taking its course.”

Tiffany’s voice was flat with no trace of emotions—be it joy, anger, or sorrow.

Actually, to be precise, Veronica could hear a hint of sadness. Tiffany even sounded a little lost as she
spoke slowly; her helplessness was apparent.

“If Mom and Dad had strangled you to death on the day they abandoned you, maybe none of these
would’ve happened. I might not lose my qualifications to be a mother. Veronica, it is you and Matthew
that ruined everything for me. Everything! Bit by bit, I’ll make you both pay for it!”

Tiffany’s last sentence was squeezed out through her gritted teeth.

Although vague, Veronica could hear the tremble in her voice.

Finally, Tiffany let out the anger and resentment that she had held.

“To destroy us is to destroy yourself.”

Although Veronica knew that Tiffany was serious about her revenge, she did not expect it to be up to
this extent.


On the other end of the phone, Tiffany threw her head back and laughed. Her laughter was eerie and
cold, sending shivers down one’s spine.

“I’ve already been messed up to this point. What else do I have to cherish? Huh? It was all because of
Matthew that Xavier had hired someone to kidnap and humiliate me. If you were the one engaged to
Matthew, you would’ve been the victim of that humiliation.” Her voice went a decibel higher as soon as
she said that, and she shouted hysterically, “It should’ve been you, Veronica! It should’ve been you!”