Her Biliionaire Husband

Chapter 362

Her Billionaire Husband

Chapter 362 Appalling Action Movie

Indeed, Melissa had certain special hobbies; she liked these videos and even enjoyed collecting them.

However, the security on her phone was nigh unbreakable; that was why she was so bold as to
download them to her phone for future perusal. She even made sure to lock the photos and videos in
her phone’s gallery with a password. That way, outsiders had no chance to view them at all.

Therefore, she didn’t expect that her videos would be leaked after clicking the link sent by Veronica.

As Veronica listened to the howl from the other end of the phone, the corner of her rosy lips curled into
vindictive satisfaction, and the illusion of the sword of Damocles she felt brushing against her nape

“Phew…” She leaned against the gaming chair in the booth. At that moment, she simply felt that she
was blessed by heaven. The blackmail material she had on Melissa was enough to ensure that the
rabid woman would leave her alone for the time being, at the very least.

Otherwise, Veronica really had no idea how to deal with Melissa’s threat.

After that, she continued leaning against the chair in the compartment, utterly immersed in her

The atmosphere outside her booth at the Internet cafe was still as noisy as ever. When she realized
that the commotion was still ongoing due to her earlier actions, only then did she react, and she
immediately restored all the computers in the Internet cafe. After that, she opened the live broadcast
software to watch the match between Legion of Vin and the top team from Daalgas.

In the end, Legion of Vin defeated the team from Daalgas with a 2:1 advantage.

It was an indisputable fact that the team had won.

At the same time, Jayden and Shawn, partners of Vincere Games, sent a congratulatory message on
WhatsApp. Naturally, this put Veronica in a good mood.

She kept smiling as she rested her arms on the armrests until she suddenly thought of something.
Then, she took her phone and called Matthew.

After she dialed the number, it took a while for the other party to answer her call.

“Roni?” Instantly, the familiar and gentle voice sounded on the other end of the phone. Even if Veronica
had heard this charmingly magnetic voice a thousand times, it would still make her heart flutter.

“Have you slept?” Her tone was calm, and not an ounce of displeasure was heard in her voice.

“Yeah. I slept.” Matthew replied.

Unfortunately, these words that he whispered gently felt like a harsh blow to Veronica as the sharp
sting of betrayal seeped into her heart.


Veronica glanced at the computer and noticed only a mere 30 minutes had passed since Skyler called

Yet, he said he slept?!

“In that case, have a good rest. I got to get busy.”

Although the weather was cold enough to freeze the tail off a brass monkey, the staff in the Internet
cafe had turned on the heater to ensure their customers’ satisfaction, so the establishment was warm
and cozy.

Alas, those words that escaped Matthew’s lips sent her into an abyss of frost and biting chill.

It was a kind of a disappointment that spread from the bottom of her heart and made every pore in her
body seep with coldness.

Matthew went abroad for half a month, and he did keep in touch with Veronica during this period. Yet,
she hardly ever called him at this time.

Therefore, right at that moment, he knew there must be something up with Veronica for her to suddenly
give him a call.

“What’s the matter? Did something happen?” he asked with concern.

“It’s nothing. I just wanted to inform you that I’m returning to my hometown.”

“I heard from Thomas that it’s still snowing in Bloomstead. So, don’t drive when you go back.” He was
still as attentive and thoughtful as ever.

Nevertheless, it was different for Veronica this time. The scene of Matthew sitting with the sexy woman
and his shoulders being hugged by the woman appeared in Veronica’s mind.

At this juncture, she merely felt she was not the only person he ‘cared for with great solicitude’.


“Okay then, bye.” Veronica hung up the phone directly. Then, she got up and left the Internet cafe.

After she exited the Internet cafe, she stood by the roadside. As she looked at the empty space where
she had parked her car just now, she simply felt that even the ice-cold water from Antarctica was not
enough to cool down her anger at this point.

Due to her rush to stop Melissa, she parked her car randomly on the roadside when she entered the
Internet cafe. Who knew her car would be towed away after a while.

At the end of the day, all she could do was press her palms against her forehead as she sighed in

She had no choice but to stop a taxi on the roadside. Then, she went to the Traffic Police Division and
paid the fine and towing fee. It took her a while to settle everything.

Later, she bought a bunch of nutritional supplements and went to the hospital to visit Monica’s child.
However, the doctor in charge transferred the child to the ICU after leaving the emergency room.

When she was chatting with Monica and Shirley in the hospital ward, Hendrey called.

Veronica walked out to answer the phone. “Hendrey?”

“Roni, have you gone home yet?” Hendrey asked. Then, he immediately added, “I’m talking about
returning to your hometown.”

“No, not yet. I’m going back tomorrow.”

“Let’s go back together. My company is also having a holiday, and I haven’t returned to my hometown
for a long time. This is perfect! Now we can go back together.”

“That’s great. I was still thinking that I would feel lonely driving back alone.”

“Let’s have dinner together tonight.”


“Hahaha, okay. Then I’ll see you later.”

With that, the two agreed on a time to meet before hanging up.

Veronica put away her phone. Before she could enter the ward, Veronica saw Monica come out and
stand beside the ICU ward. The woman was looking inside through the glass wall with an expectant yet
distraught look.

Since Skyler had personally greeted the hospital’s director, Monica was allowed to stay in the standard
ward next to the ICU ward so that things would be convenient for her if she ever wanted to check on
her son.

Veronica sighed as she walked over and said to Monica, “Your mother-in-law shouldn’t beat you and
your son up no matter how angry she was. My suggestion will be that you should report to the police
and make a statement.”

“Yeah. What Veronica said makes sense.”

Besides Veronica, Shirley also started persuading Monica, “If you don’t file for a police report and
frighten them this time, they’ll definitely do it again next time.”

Monica stared at the child lying inside the ICU ward with unblinking eyes as tears ran down her cheeks.
Finally, she nodded resolutely after a brief hesitation. “Okay, I’ll do it.”

She turned back, looked at Veronica, pursed her lips, and clasped her hands together cautiously. Then,
as her head lowered in gratitude and guilt, she professed in choked sobs. “President Murphy, I was the
one who had wronged you before. I wouldn’t know what would have happened if it weren’t for your

Veronica immediately comforted Monica upon hearing her words by saying, “Nah, it’s alright. No need
to thank me. We’re acquaintances, not strangers.” After that, she added again, “Take good care of
yourself and your son. I’m still waiting for you to come back to help me one day.”

“Yes, I will definitely do so.” Monica was grateful.

In the evening, Veronica arrived at the Turkish restaurant as agreed with Hendrey.

When she arrived, he was already there.

So, she couldn’t help but smile in slight embarrassment as she apologized, “Sorry for keeping you

“Oh, not at all. I just arrived too.” While Hendrey talked, he poured a glass of water for Veronica and
placed it before her. Then, he handed her the menu. “Take a look. What do you want to eat?”

“It’s okay. You can proceed to order first. As for me, I’ll wait for my girlfriend to come over before
ordering.” Hendrey smiled warmly, raised his hand, and pushed the glasses on his nose bridge.

Veronica, who was drinking water, was startled and asked in surprise, “You have a girlfriend? So

“I met her last time I came back. It took me a long time to successfully court her.”

“Which beautiful young lady actually received your affection? Such a lucky lady.”

“You know her.”

“Who is it?” Veronica looked curious.

“You’ll find out later.” Hendrey kept her guessing.

Knock, knock, knock—

While the two were talking, someone knocked on the door.

Immediately afterward, the room door opened. The person outside pushed the door and walked in.

A beautiful woman wearing a long woolen coat, slightly curly long hair, a khaki beret, and light makeup
came into sight.

Nevertheless, when Veronica looked up at the oncoming person, her pupils suddenly trembled, and
she could feel the chill running down her spine.

“Tiffany, you’re here?”

Hendrey immediately stood up and walked to her once he saw Tiffany. Then, he took the bag from her
hand and took her hand as he escorted her to the table. Finally, he said to Veronica, “The two of you
should know each other, so there’s no need for me to introduce you further.”