Her Biliionaire Husband

Chapter 363

Her Billionaire Husband

Chapter 363 Simmering Tension Beneath the Surface

“Tiffany?” Veronica’s head buzzed with white noise when she saw the woman. In all honesty, she never
expected that the girlfriend Hendrey was courting actually turn out to be Tiffany!

What’s going on here? Tiffany merely gave Veronica a gentle smile as she faced Veronica. “Veronica, I
heard Hendrey say that you’re his classmate. Is that true? If so, that truly is fate.”

“Really?” Even though Veronica was utterly shocked, she still managed to maintain her composure.

Instead, she just sat in her seat without much emotion. Then, she held her glass and took a sip of the
lukewarm water. “It really is ‘coincidence’.”

Is this a coincidence or intentional?

“Yeah. It’s a coincidence indeed,” Tiffany said as she tilted her head to look at Hendrey. Like a lotus
rising out of the water, her smile was beautiful and compelling.

She even went on to say, “Hendrey mistook me for you when he met me for the first time, and I had to
untangle that web of misunderstanding.”

“I’ve been abroad, so I don’t know much about you and your sister. So, if it weren’t for her explanations,
I would have continued mistaking her for you.” Hendrey smiled and explained the situation to Veronica.

“Really? How long have you two been together?” Veronica raised her eyebrows and asked calmly. Her
indifferent attitude was like she was casually chatting with her close friends.

“I fell in love with Tiffany the first time I laid my eyes on her. I particularly liked her gentle, virtuous, and
graceful nature. I have been confessing and courting her for so long, and it was only after she returned
from overseas that she was willing to be my girlfriend.” Hendrey tilted his head and looked at Tiffany.
His words were filled with endless tenderness.

In response to his words, he raised his hand to brush the hair on Tiffany’s cheek. It was as clear as day
that he was genuinely smitten with her.

It never crossed Veronica’s mind that she would witness Tiffany sitting and being in a relationship with
her first love one day.

Is this some sort of cosmic joke?

“Hendrey, let’s order first. Otherwise, Veronica will be hungry.” Tiffany pursed her lips, and Veronica
noticed that when she talked to Hendry, there was a hint of allure in her tone.

When Veronica heard it, she felt that Tiffany’s voice resembled a soul extractor. Suffice to say, she
couldn’t help but cringe at it and felt that her soul had ‘left’ her body out of sheer disgust.

The two of them ordered first. Then, they handed Veronica the menu, and she ordered hers.

After the three placed their respective orders with the waiter, they sat and chatted.

At that moment, Veronica swore to God that if it were not for the fact that Hendrey was her first love,
she would have left without a word rather than torture herself with Tiffany’s company. But, alas, here
she was, in this very room, feeling her potent disgust toward Tiffany while maintaining the polite facade
even though her stomach churned at her actions.

“Hendrey, I told my parents about you, and they said they liked you very much.”

“Really? That’s good,” Hendrey said as he tilted his head. His gaze, which was full of affection for her,
met Tiffany’s.

Their love was so deep that he disregarded Veronica’s existence and kissed Tiffany’s rosy lips.

At this point, Veronica was utterly speechless.

Damn it! Someone save me from this! I know love is blind! But I never would have expected Hendrey to
be one of these blind fools!

“Oh, Hendrey. Veronica is still here. Stop fooling around.” Tiffany covered her lips while looking shy.

“Haha. Veronica, uh—” Hendrey smiled awkwardly as he raised his hand, scratched his head, and
smiled like a lovestruck moron. “Veronica, I hope you don’t mind. I—Tiffany is my first girlfriend, so I—

“It’s alright. We’re all adults. It’s fine.” Veronica waved her hand. Nevertheless, she felt that it would be
a torment for her to sit for an extra minute in this environment, so she excused herself for a momentary
reprieve, “I’m going to the washroom. You guys continue.”

As soon as those words left her lips, she didn’t waste any time removing herself from that bizarre

Veronica could not help it; there’s just a limit to one’s tolerance when it comes to something like this.
The room was filled with flirty vibes, and she was afraid that the lovebirds would suffocate her at the
rate they were going if she stayed in the private room for a second longer and didn’t get some well-
deserved fresh air.

The door closed, and the room fell silent.

Hendrey looked at Tiffany next to him and saw that she leaned forward to him. Soon, she wrapped her
arms around his neck, raised her head, and kissed his lips.

How could Hendrey possibly not give in to his desire when a beauty such as Tiffany was in his arms?

Naturally, he hugged her back and responded with a passionate kiss.

Meanwhile, Veronica washed her hands in the public sink in the washroom and leaned on one side to
play with her phone after she came out.

After a while, someone appeared in front of her.

“Why are you hiding here? Are you feeling particularly upset seeing your first love being taken away by
me?” Tiffany stood in front of Veronica and smiled triumphantly.

Veronica snorted as she kept her phone away, “Do you think that Hendrey would still like you if he
knew about your past?”

“Oh, well. It’s not my fault that Hendrey likes me.”

As Tiffany spoke, she crossed her arms in front of her chest and pondered deeply. Finally, she added,
“Not to mention, Hendrey is really handsome. His nature is as gentle and graceful as a gentleman.
Apart from Matthew, no one looks more handsome than him. It makes me happy to be together with
someone like him.”