Her Biliionaire Husband

Chapter 365

Her Billionaire Husband

It’s Christmas!

In other words, at least three people with a height of nearly 5’11” are visiting Master Crayson. But it’s
the 23rd of December in the Gregorian calendar, which is the day before Christmas Eve. Who will
come here?

The most significant part is that the shoe prints look new, and Master Crayson isn’t here either. Where
could he go? Therefore, she got up and followed those shoe prints all the way back. She found herself
at the other end of the back mountain as she walked.

Just when Veronica was puzzled and looked around, she abruptly discovered several people standing
together in the woods behind the mountain.

Startled, Veronica immediately squatted down and looked at them from a distance.

Once she took a closer look, she surprisingly realized that Crayson was standing together with three
tall men.

While Crayson stood with his hands behind his back and head held high, the three men opposite him
held their hands in front of them and bowed their heads slightly respectfully.

Veronica felt a chill down her spine as she witnessed this scene.

Who are these guys? And, what exactly is Master Crayson’s identity?

Suddenly, she remembered the person who looked like Crayson she saw on Mudwood Street the other

Was I really mistaken?

Also, was Master Crayson really in the company’s office? Or was he just coming back from outside and
happened to enter the company and meet Shirley when I saw him in Encounters Bridal Store that day?

As she started pondering on the matter, she couldn’t help the growing sense of fear.

She knew that Crayson had sharp eyes and even more sensitive hearing, so she did not dare to stay.
Therefore, she could only creep forward and leave quietly.

When she was back at the door, she sat by the door and continued to wait for Crayson.

However, Veronica abruptly thought of something that made her heart lurch in her chest with fear while
she waited. “Oh, sh*t!”

I was observing the shoe prints on the ground earlier and followed them to find Master Crayson. So,
naturally, I must have also left my tracks!

I’m afraid—Master Crayson will surely find out!

Veronica fell into deep thought as she saw her set of footprints. Then, she walked in that direction

She carefully followed the shoe prints that she had left before, as she shouted while walking toward
that eerie scene, “Master Crayson? Master? Master?”

At first, her voice was relatively low. Veronica only amplified her voice a little when she was about to
reach the spot she discovered them just now. “Master? Master Crayson? Where are you?”

Not only that, she slowed down her pace. Thinking that those people would have enough time to hide,
only then did Veronica walk forward quickly and continue to shout.

Although Veronica had already spotted Crayson when she came over, she pretended not to see him
and kept shouting at the top of her voice.

“Oh, my ears! Be quiet! What are you yelling about?!” Crayson came out of the woods with two bundles
of firewood on his shoulders. He effortlessly carried them as he made his way toward her. “When did
you arrive?”

“Hahaha! I finally found you, Master Crayson!”

Smiling, Veronica trotted toward him. However, her eyes reflexively glanced at the spot where Crayson
was standing and conspiring with several people.

Sure enough, there was no one there any longer.

“Why do you get so much firewood? I’ve told you many times, haven’t I? Just stay over at my place if
the weather is cold. So, why are you still burning firewood? Don’t you know it’s dangerous?”

Burning firewood was certainly not a big deal if it was an ordinary house. Unfortunately, there were
plenty of flammable items in Crayson’s home. Furthermore, he lived there alone. Hence, it was really

“We can’t avoid doing something essential just because of a slight risk.”

As Crayson spoke, he halted his tracks. Then, he put down the firewood on his shoulder and looked at
Veronica. “Here! You’re strong enough. Carry this firewood for me.”

Veronica went speechless at his shameless request. Afterward, she pouted, walked over, and carried
the firewoods obediently. “They’re so heavy!”

“Where did all your energy to nag from earlier have gone to? Hurry up, and let’s go!” Crayson ordered
Veronica, showing no mercy at all.

Veronica walked forward staggeringly as she carried the bundle of firewood.

As a result, her feet slipped as she walked, and she fell to the ground with a loud ‘thud’. “Ouch! My butt

“Useless!” Crayson snorted with contempt as he grabbed her by the collar to pull her up. “You can’t
carry the firewoods on your shoulders, and you can’t carry them with your hands. So what can you do?”

As he spoke, he picked up the firewood and walked back.

In the meantime, Veronica followed behind and moped. “It’s not like it’s normal for me to carry firewood.
So, how am I able to do it?”

When the two returned to Crayson’s house, he started a fire with the firewood he brought home. Then,
he took some sweet potatoes from the house and placed them on the fire. “Come, I’ll roast you some
sweet potatoes to eat. I remember that you liked to roast sweet potatoes while warming yourself by the
fire in the winter when you were a child.”

“Haha. As expected, master, you love me the most!” Veronica was very moved.

Although she accidentally discovered that Crayson held many secrets just now, Veronica thought for a
while, Master has been by my side for so many years, and he has always been very kind to me. He’s
like a teacher, a father, and a family to me. Moreover, he is at a higher level than ordinary people in
terms of skill, ability, altruism, and vision. He’s always been a character full of mysteries anyway, so I
should leave him some private space. I shouldn’t interfere with other matters as long as Master
Crayson doesn’t harm me.

After she thought things out, her mood naturally got a little better.

Veronica sat and chatted casually with Crayson at his home. Later, she dragged him back to her home
in the evening. The family of four sat together to eat and drink. It was a good time.

When Veronica returned home, she turned off her phone. She did not want to be disturbed by the
outside world, let alone answer Matthew’s phone calls.

The following day, she went up to the back mountain after breakfast. Crayson dragged Veronica to go
fishing by the river.

Wearing a self-made coir raincoat, he sat by the river with a fishing rod and fished quietly.

Looking at Crayson, Veronica thought that the scene exuded a vibe of the lines of a poem she once
read. ‘There is only one boat on the water. With an old man in a straw rain cape, who stands on deck
and fishes by himself, where the snow falls on the cold river.’

Veronica liked it very much, so she turned on her phone. Taking a few photos of Crayson, she then
uploaded them to her Twitter timeline.

Thanks to her shooting angle, no one could see Crayson’s face.

After that, she posted the pictures with the same caption that conveyed her thoughts. ‘There is only one
boat on the water. With an old man in a straw rain cape, who stands on deck and fishes by himself,
where the snow falls on the cold river.’

Since they were high up in the mountain, her phone had no internet connection. However, Veronica
could care less and just allowed her phone to upload the photos automatically whenever there was a

In the afternoon, Crayson took her to practice her boxing skill and play chess. The time passed in a

The next day, it was the 24th of December, Christmas Eve.

After getting up early, Veronica went straight up the mountain and dragged Crayson back to her home.
They sat and chatted together. Later, they made crown roast pork chop and quiche.

It was already noon after they finished preparing everything.

After they were done enjoying their lunch, Daniella began to prepare the food for Christmas dinner.
Meanwhile, Tony was busy hanging the Christmas wreath and lights.

Because they had their own Christmas wreath for their house, Tony also prepared a Christmas wreath
for Crayson.

Since it was Bloomstead’s custom to light firecrackers during Christmas, Tony prepared firecrackers for
Crayson too. Later that night, Veronica went up the mountain with Crayson while taking the Christmas
wreath and firecrackers with them. Once they arrived at Crayson’s house, she helped him hang the
Christmas wreath and light the firecrackers.

Bang, bang, pop—

The sound of firecrackers crackled, and the strong scent of firecrackers filled the air. With the colorful
sparks of the firecrackers exploding in the sky and constant wafts of smoke coming from the sparks,
the view looked particularly conspicuous in the snow.

As Veronica stood there and listened to the sound of firecrackers, she felt like she had returned to her

Christmas was the best back then!

In the evening, the four sat together and watched some Christmas shows on TV as they drank and
chatted. The atmosphere was quite harmonious.

Crayson and Tony were feeling happy, and they drank a lot of wine. In fact, the two of them even
directly lay on the dining table. Moreover, it was Daniella who dragged them to bed while muttering

After they cleaned up the mess, Veronica and Daniella sat in front of the brazier and warmed
themselves by the fire. They chatted while waiting for Christmas Day to arrive.

Knock, knock, knock—

Just then, someone knocked on the door.

At first, Veronica thought it was someone else lighting fireworks, and she misheard.

She did not look at Daniella until the knock sounded again. “Mom, who could it be at such an hour?”

“Let me check.”

Daniella was about to get up, but Veronica pressed her down, asking her to stay seated. “You’ve been
busy all day. I’ll go get the door.”

With that, she got up, walked to the front yard, and opened the door.

At this moment, she saw that the person standing at the door turned out to be—Matthew.

It was not just Matthew alone. Several of his homies, Skyler, Caleb, and Miguel, tagged along too.