Her Biliionaire Husband

Chapter 367

Her Billionaire Husband

Matthew and Company Visiting for Christmas

Then, Veronica sent presents to all the employees. In an hour, she spent 50,000 on the presents.
Although Veronica was reluctant to spend 50,000 on presents, she wanted this Christmas to be merry.

“Wake up, you lazy lump!” Daniella tried to wake Veronica multiple times in the morning. In the end,
Daniella took a feather duster, pointed at Veronica, and growled, “Wake up now! It’s Christmas. Wake
up to have the quiche!”

There were different customs in different places. In Bloomstead, it was customary to have dinner on
Christmas Eve and eat quiche for Christmas.

When Veronica saw Daniella was getting angry, she jumped up from the bed and said, “Mom, don’t be
angry. I’m awake!”

If Mom maintains her usual attitude, it means Matthew and his company aren’t here. If they are here,
she won’t be angry. Instead, she will sit on the bed with me and nag.

After Veronica got dressed, she reached out to Daniella. “Merry Christmas, Mom! Any presents for me?
I want a present.”

Veronica happily smiled, much like a child. She could buy herself anything. However, she was just a
child before her parents. They would be happy instead if she asked them for a Christmas present.

With an icy expression, Daniella used the feather duster to softly smack Veronica’s head. “You don’t do
anything special for me but still dare to ask me for a present?”

Although Daniella nagged, she lifted her apron. She then took out a small present she had prepared
and handed it to Veronica. Smiling, she muttered, “Here, take it. The only thing you keep thinking about
every year is presents.”

“Yay! Long live your majesty!” Veronica chuckled brightly.

Seeing Veronica smiling happily, Daniella was happy too.

As they laughed, Daniella suddenly thought of what happened last night. So, she sat on the bed and
asked worriedly, “Roni, did you drive Matthew and the rest away yesterday?”

“I think so.”

Daniella had a thought. It was quiet outside after setting off firecrackers yesterday. Maybe they left with
their car.

“No matter what, he is the young master of the Kings Family. Did we offend the Kingses?” Daniella
wore a sad expression while taking Veronica’s hand. “We are just an ordinary family. I am worried that
you will be in trouble after offending them.”

In the end, Daniella was worried Veronica couldn’t handle this matter well and would bring disaster.

“It’s alright, Mom. He—” Veronica thought about it and replied, “I think he is not such a person.”

“Okay, I hope so.”

Daniella patted Veronica’s hand. She then sighed heavily and walked out.

She turned around when she walked to the entrance and glared at Veronica again. “Hurry up and get
up to eat. The quiche is getting cold.”

Daniella’s tone returned to its usual sternness.

Veronica’s mouth twitched when she heard that. Mom really is unpredictable. “Okay, I’m getting up.”

In the end, she got up and wore a new set of clothes. She then cleaned up briefly, and went to the
kitchen. She and Daniella then took the quiche to the living room.

At the same time, Crayson arrived.

Veronica stood at the entrance and she couldn’t help laughing when she saw him in a red suit. “Haha!
Master Crayson, that’s a good suit. I have good taste.”

“Yeah, you seem energetic wearing this.”

“You look radiant today.”

Daniella and Tony followed suit to praise Crayson.

Crayson entered with something in his hand and stroked his beard. “You look good in your clothes too.
Although Veronica is a little brat, she has good taste. Haha—”

“Tsk! No one talks bad about their apprentice. You seem stupid for saying that.” She rolled her eyes at

As she was saying that, Tony slapped her on her head. “Don’t be disrespectful to your master.”

It was a light slap that didn’t hurt.

“Okay.” Veronica shrugged and smiled at Crayson. Then, she stepped forward and put her arm around
him. “Merry Christmas, Master Crayson.” As she said that, she spread her hands open. “Quickly give
me a present.”

Daniella, who was distributing plates on the dining table, glared at Veronica and scolded, “Don’t ask
him for a present. He’s getting old and has no income. You’re putting him in a difficult position.”

“It’s alright. It’s a celebration, after all.”

Veronica smiled, currently in a good mood.

As Crayson was getting old, he had no income. However, she had transferred money to his bank
account monthly for his living expenses. During Christmas, she would transfer extra money to him too.

So, she asked for a present because she knew he had the money.

“Of course.” Crayson took out a present and stuffed it into Veronica’s hand. “Little brat, I see you’re
happy to take my present, eh?”

The family laughed, and the atmosphere was harmonious.

“Master Crayson, please have a seat. The quiche is getting cold.” Daniella pointed at the dining table
and invited him to take a seat.

“Oka—” Before Crayson could finish his words, the family heard a loud noise from the entrance.

At first, they thought someone had breakfast early and visited their home.

They looked at the door, only to see Matthew, Skyler, Caleb, and Miguel coming in with presents.

At that moment, Veronica froze and she was at a loss of what to do. They didn’t leave? Could it be that
they stay in the car overnight during the cold and windy winter?

She couldn’t help feeling a little guilty and thought her way of handling the situation was not right.

“Merry Christmas, Mr. and Mrs. Murphy.”

Matthew was wearing a checkered windbreaker with a gray scarf around his neck while carrying a pile
of presents. With a smile, he proudly walked in and bypassed Veronica to talk to Danielle and Tony.

“Oh—Young Master Matthew. Why are you here? It’s still early; didn’t you sleep last night?”

Daniella didn’t tell Tony what happened last night, so he thought Matthew and company came from
Bloomstead in the early morning.

“Matthew, why are you here?” Crayson smiled and patted Matthew’s shoulder with affection.

Danielle glanced at Veronica but didn’t say anything.

“Haha! Merry Christmas Mr. and Mrs. Murphy, and Mr. Crayson. I am Veronica and Matt’s friend, Skyler
Robins.” Skyler greeted and then introduced his other friends. “This is Caleb Shaw, and the other is
Miguel Lynch. We’re friends with Veronica, so we rushed to meet you early in the morning. We wish
you a Merry Christmas!”

The talkative Skyler finished all the pleasantries by himself.