Her Biliionaire Husband

Chapter 368

Her Billionaire Husband

Eating Quiche Together

Behind Skyler, Caleb looked at Miguel as they smiled helplessly. Then, they walked up and greeted,
“Mr. Crayson, Mr. and Mrs. Murphy, Merry Christmas.” They said simultaneously.

“Yes, Merry Christmas!” Tony was hospitable, and he quickly put them in their seats. “Come on, have a
seat. We haven’t had breakfast yet. Let’s eat together.”

Every Christmas, the family would bake a lot of quiche, so there was no need to worry about not having
enough of them.

When Daniella heard Tony say that, she could only comply. “Let’s have a seat. There’s still quiche in
the kitchen.”

“Come on, take a seat. It’s more lively this way.”

Crayson urged the visitors to take a seat too.

Veronica glanced at Matthew. She saw he kept talking to Crayson and Tony, completely ignoring her.

Matthew’s easy-going appearance was completely different from his usual noble self. He looked
friendlier this way.

“Then, we won’t hold back.” Skyler laughed. He then moved a chair and sat down without a second

Caleb nodded at Veronica. “Merry Christmas.”

“Merry Christmas.” Miguel bowed at her.

No one could be rude to someone polite.

So, Veronica didn’t embarrass them. She just nodded and smiled. “Merry Christmas. Please have a
seat. I’ll bake more quiche for you.”

“Okay. Roni—Veronica, Mrs. Murphy’s quiche is delicious. It tastes like the ones from my childhood.
Can you ask her to make more?”

Skyler was outgoing. However, he could only call her Roni in private and not in public.

As soon as Skyler finished speaking, Matthew, who was sitting next to him, silently raised his foot and
stepped on Skylar’s foot to make him restrain himself.


Skyler gasped as his face distorted. Thereafter, he found everyone’s eyes were on him.

He immediately laughed. “Ha! The quiche is so delicious. Mrs. Murphy’s baking skills are absolutely

That was a good save.

Crayson and Tony laughed heartily.

“You can eat more if you like it. Daniella has pre-baked many crusts,” Tony said as he greeted Caleb
and Miguel. “Come on in. Just treat this place as your home. Don’t be a stranger.”

“Okay, Mr. Murphy.”


Caleb and Miguel sat down as well, and the men sat at a table to chat and eat. The atmosphere was
lively and harmonious.

Veronica stopped before entering the kitchen and looked at the men in the living room. Then, she
touched her head and shook it helplessly.

When she was sighing, Daniella walked out of the kitchen. Daniella held Veronica with a cold hand and
dragged her into the kitchen. Then, the former asked quietly, “Roni, didn’t you say they left? Why are
they here now?”

“I thought they were gone. It seems they slept in the car yesterday.” Veronica made a guess.

“So, it turns out that Kyoland’s car at the roadside is theirs!” After finding out the answer, Daniella
sighed and asked, “What will you do now? I didn’t manage to tell your dad about them. I didn’t know he
couldn’t take a hint and instead, he invited them in.”

“It’s fine. It’s Christmas and they slept outdoors for a night. It would not be appropriate to drive them
away,” Veronica said.

“That’s true.” Daniella agreed with Veronica and pointed at the counter to where another freshly baked
quiche was. “Take that quiche to the living room. I’ll bake more soon. It’s still not enough for everyone.”

“Okay. Mom, you’re doing great.”

Veronica walked up to Daniella and hugged her, then kissed her on the cheek mischievously.

“Hey, you got saliva all over my cheek. Jeez!”

Daniella wiped her cheek with disgust and glared at Veronica angrily. However, Daniella didn’t hide the
smile on her face.

Thereafter, Veronica went to the living room with the quiche.

Skyler was smart to clear up a space for Veronica, and he patted the chair on the right. “Veronica, have
a seat. Let’s eat together.”

Skyler was currently sitting to the chair’s left, and Matthew was on the right.

Although Veronica didn’t want to talk to Matthew, she was not an aggressive woman.

Hence, she put the quiche on the table and said, “You can enjoy it first. I’ll go bake some more quiche
with my mom. I’ll be back soon,” Veronica said with a smile to everyone but Matthew.

Matthew, on the other hand, was enjoying the quiche, the rich taste lingering on his tongue.

However, his attention was on Veronica, so he didn’t hear what Tony was talking about.

Suddenly, Matthew gently put the tableware on the table with a clank. “Master Crayson and Mr.
Murphy, you may continue eating. I will look for them.”

“What do you want to look at? They’ll come back soon.” Tony tugged Matthew down, as Matthew was a

However, Skyler immediately said to Tony, “Mr. Murphy, Matthew is Veronica’s brother, so he is kind of
a part of the Murphy Family. He should be walking around and be familiar with this house.”

His smooth talk made Tony happy. So, Tony nodded. “That’s true! You’re right.”

“Mr. Murphy and Master Crayson, I’ll take my leave.”

Matthew stood up and walked to the kitchen.

In the kitchen, Veronica was chatting with Daniella. Then, she noticed a shadow over at the entrance of
the kitchen.

The mother-daughter duo looked back and saw Matthew standing there.

Danielle glanced at Matthew, then at Veronica, and immediately said, “There you are. You’re just in
time; please help Veronica. I’ll go get some firewood.”

As they were baking, Daniella made an excuse to let Veronica and Matthew spend some time alone.

“Thank you, Mrs. Murphy.”

Matthew smiled politely and respectfully.

“Just treat this place as your home. Don’t be a stranger.”

Daniella wiped her hands on her apron and walked outside.

Matthew stood at the entrance and looked at Veronica.

Veronica slowly lowered her head. She then sat on the chair and continued to add firewood to the


Matthew called out and walked over to her side. The woman was making a fire in front of the oven
without make-up on, looking as lovable as the little girl next door.

It made Matthew’s heart throb.

He then asked, “Why didn’t you answer my phone?”

Veronica, however, played with poker and poked the fire. She answered casually, “I said, I don’t think
we are meant to be together as shown during the trial. So, there’s no problem in denying your call.”

Veronica raised her head and looked at him coldly.

Her face was calm and indifferent, making it impossible to tell what she was thinking.

“Is it because of her?”

Matthew took out his cell phone and enlarged a photo before handing it to Veronica.

Veronica raised her head and took a look.

The woman in the photo was the one who video called Skyler while putting her arms around Matthew’s
neck that day.