Her Biliionaire Husband

Chapter 369


Although Veronica saw the woman once, she could clearly remember her face. “I don’t know what you
are talking about.” Veronica glanced elsewhere and avoided Matthew’s question.

“She is Olivia Reyes, a friend of Skyler and I,” Matthew stood before Veronica and explained. Am I
really explaining things?

It’s been years since I patiently explained my actions to someone. “You are angry because you care
about me, right?”

Matthew realized Veronica was in a bad mood. Before he returned to Destor, he had received Skyler’s

On the phone, Skyler explained to Matthew about the situation in the hospital that day.

Matthew immediately realized that was the reason Veronica rejected his calls.

“I’m not.” Veronica frowned. “Don’t think highly of yourself.”

However, Matthew couldn’t help laughing. “Your expression says it all.”

“That’s ridiculous.”

Veronica took the poker and swept some firewood in Matthew’s direction. She coldly snorted. “I just
don’t think we are compatible. That’s all.”

Matthew looked at the hay leaves on the black leather shoes and revealed a small smile. “We will talk
about that after three months. I’ll repeat myself—Olivia and I are just friends, and will always be

Although Matthew was unhappy because Veronica had ignored him for days, he understood that she
was jealous.

As such, his mood instantly improved.

It’s worth putting down the big project in Castron and making a trip back.

Veronica lowered her head. She held a poker in her hand and poked at the dry grass on the ground,
not saying anything.

Are they really just friends?

Then, why did Matthew lie that day?

“I didn’t tell you that day because I was afraid you would misunderstand.” Then, Matthew added, “You
should know if I really have a messy private life, I can easily flirt all day as there are many women
around me. Why should I go to Castron just to get a woman?”

It was very convincing.

Veronica had to admit many women liked Matthew.

If he wanted to hang out with other women, he wouldn’t need to do that in Castron.


“Who knows? Maybe you care for that woman,” Veronica muttered.

After she said those thoughtless words, she immediately stopped. She then turned her head to the side
and covered her face in embarrassment.

Are you stupid?!

How can you say your thoughts out loud?!

Matthew found her embarrassed appearance so playful and cute that he couldn’t tear his eyes away
from her. Then, he stepped forward, gently ruffling her hair and said, “Roni, I rarely promise one thing.
However, listen to me carefully—if I don’t love you anymore, I will tell you instead of going to someone
else behind your back.”

“Are you saying you won’t love me one day?”

Veronica turned back and stared at Matthew coldly, a look of sadness and anger on her face.

Matthew was at a loss for words.

Then, he shook his head. ” I just wanted to show that I’m not going to cheat on you during a
relationship or marriage.”

When the duo were talking, a fragrance came out of the oven.

Veronica glanced at the oven. “Oh—it’s ready.”

She immediately put down the poker. Standing up, she walked around Matthew to get the quiche.

The oven surface was hot because of the fire.

She accidentally touched the surface with her bare skin, so she couldn’t help gasping in pain.

Matthew immediately grabbed her burnt hand and blew it with his mouth. “Stupid girl! Don’t be hasty.”
he muttered, then used the peel to remove the quiche from the oven as he blew on Veronica’s hand.

Afterward, he released Veronica and put another unbaked quiche into the oven.

Veronica put her finger to her lips and bit it lightly. “You know how to use a masonry oven?” she asked
with confusion.

“It’s common sense.”

Matthew said as he poured a bowl of cold water and put Veronica’s fingers in the water. “You should
feel better after cooling down.”


She was getting soft as they cleared out the misunderstanding.

Daniella happened to watch the scene at the entrance.

Initially, she was worried they would burn the quiche, so she came over to have a look. However, they
were displaying their affection instead.

Yesterday, Daniella heard Veronica say that Matthew’s family was well-off and influential, which was
why she was not suitable for him.

However, Daniella didn’t like to see them being lovey-dovey.

“Come on, you can’t even take care of yourself, so how can I be at ease?”

Matthew held Veronica’s hand. He then took out a limited-edition handkerchief from his windbreaker
and wiped the water from her fingers.

“I don’t need your care. You’d better hang out with your best friend in Castron,” Veronica mumbled
while she pulled her hand away.

Matthew stood there and sniffed. “Hey, why is there such a strong sour smell? Has the vinegar bottle

“What? The vinegar leaked?” Veronica immediately sniffed. “I can’t smell it.”

As she was saying, she walked to the side and looked at the neatly arranged seasonings. “No, the
vinegar didn’t—”

Before she could finish her words, she suddenly understood.

Then, she turned her head in shame and anger. Her bright eyes were rage-filled and she shouted,
“Matthew Kings, get out of here!”

She pointed at him, a blush staining her fair cheeks.

Matthew grabbed Veronica’s hand. He then pulled her into his embrace and wrapped his right arm
around her waist. “It took me a lot of effort to get my silly girl. I won’t leave easily.”

Veronica’s tiny fists slammed hard on his chest a few times as she growled, “Your fault for lying to me.”

“I swear I didn’t mean to lie to you.”

“You still did it.”

“Well, I lied. It’s my fault. I am willing to accept any punishment.” Matthew self-reflected and admitted
his fault with sincerity.

“Then, I should think carefully about how to punish you.” Veronica had a bright smile on her face as she
said that.

When they were flirting, they heard a dry cough behind them.

The two looked back and saw Caleb and Skyler standing at the entrance.

“Tsk! We don’t need quiche for breakfast anymore. I feel full from all the PDA.” Skyler crossed his arms
and leaned against the door frame as he looked at the two teasingly.

On the other hand, Caleb smiled without saying a word.

Mathew shot a cold glance at them as he was unhappy being interrupted. Then, he said, “You have
been single since birth, so you are only worthy of PDA.”

“Haha! Matt is right.” Caleb, who was dressed in a leather jacket and trousers, nodded in agreement.