Her Biliionaire Husband

Chapter 370

Confess on the Spot

“Both of you are bullying me. It’s no fun.” Skyler snorted coldly and turned away. “Come back here!”
Seeing that he was leaving, Matthew stopped him and pointed to the quiches. “The quiches are ready.
Take it out.”

“Can’t you do it yourself?” Skyler said. As he said that, he received a sullen look from Matthew, which
was full of warning. And so, Skyler immediately gave up and entered the kitchen. He then cut the
quiche to serve on a plate.

“I had never worked since I was young,” he muttered. “Why should I do chores here?” “It’s your honor,”
Matthew said calmly.

“It’s alright. I’ll do it. We should not bully a young master who has never experienced suffering.”

Veronica spoke ironically and joked.

Then, she reached out to take the knife from Skyler. However, Matthew was a step ahead of her. He
snatched the knife and held Skyler by the collar, thereafter throwing him aside.


Skyler staggered as he held the door with his hands and stood firm.

He turned his head to glance at Matthew. When Skyler was about to say something, he found Matthew
and Veronica looking at each other affectionately. Then, Matthew took a fork, cut a small piece of
quiche and fed Veronica. “Here you go.”

Skyler swallowed the words that came to his mouth, as if they were uncomfortably tight in his throat.

“I can’t stand the PDA anymore!”

At that point, he stomped his foot, turned around, and left.

When he walked by the entrance, Skyler stopped and looked at Caleb. “You’re smiling at them. One
would think you have a girlfriend.”

Skyler had to pull Caleb down.

After being teased, Caleb calmly replied. “I had a girlfriend until recently. However, you have been
single since birth. There’s a difference there, no?”

Skyler stayed silent.

He looked at Caleb sharply as the corners of his mouth twitched wildly. “You’re ruthless!”

He angrily returned to the living room. Caleb then turned around, looked at Matthew and Veronica
meaningfully, and left.

“Come back here.”

Matthew suddenly stopped Caleb and pointed at the quiches on the counter. “Take the food to the living

“Let’s do it together.”

Veronica put out the fire and prepared to serve the quiche. However, Matthew held her hand. “You just
got hurt. Let Caleb and I do it.”

Although Caleb didn’t say anything, he still glanced at Matthew and sighed helplessly.

Well, I am single, after all.

I deserved to be exposed to PDA.

The two left with two plates of quiche. Although Matthew told Veronica not to do chores, she still
brought a plate of quiche to the living room.

“Oh—why is Young Master Matthew personally serving quiche?”

Daniella immediately greeted Matthew and tried to take the plate from him.

She was worried he wouldn’t do the job well as he was born with a silver spoon in his mouth.

“It’s alright.”

Matthew placed the plate on the table. Turning around, he intended to return to the kitchen to get
another plate of quiche, only to see Veronica come over with a plate.

“I told you to not do it.”

Matthew huffed and forcefully took the plate. He then put it on the table.

Although they exchanged only one sentence, everyone could feel the intense atmosphere of love.

At that moment, they all had an inkling of what was going on. However, they kept silent.

“Come on, let’s eat now!”

Daniella brought over another plate of quiche. Then, the eight of them sat around the square table to
eat together.

Since the misunderstanding between Veronica and Matthew was resolved, the atmosphere was livelier.

Moreover, with Skyler being talkative, the atmosphere would never turn awkward.

After breakfast, Matthew helped to collect the plates attentively.

As Tony was born in the countryside, he believed in masculinity, so he stopped Matthew. “Don’t do it.
Let Veronica and Daniella clean the table.”

“That’s right. Just sit down, Matthew.” Crayson also agreed.

Still, Matthew kept a decent smile. “I have nothing to do, so let me help.”

Then, he snatched the plate from Veronica’s hand and went straight to the kitchen with a pile of plates.

Daniella followed behind and muttered, “Hey, you’re the young master of the Kings Family. I can’t let
you do chores. Let me do it.”

“Mom, just let him be.”

As Veronica was used to Matthew’s cold and arrogant side, she felt nice when she saw him being
down-to-earth, friendly and gentle, much like a boy next door.

Although they were flirting in public, Veronica still explained, “He wants to experience rural life, so let’s
fulfill his wish.”

“Little brat, what are you talking about? Shouldn’t you go wash the plates now?” Tony scolded as he
frowned. Then, he whispered, “He is a guest; it isn’t proper to let him help with chores.”

“It’s alright, Mr. Murphy. Matt has been diligent since he was a child. Just let him know if you have any
chores. He is more than happy to do it.”

Skyler babbled nonsense.

After speaking, he lowered his head and whispered to Miguel, “If it wasn’t for Roni, I don’t think I can
ever see him wash plates.”

“That’s right.” Miguel nodded confidently.

Seeing that Tony was having difficulty believing Skyler’s words, Caleb chimed in, “Mr. Murphy, what
Skyler said was true.”

“Stop the nonsense. Matthew was born in a wealthy family; how could he have done any chores?” Tony
waved his hand with disbelief.

Miguel, who had never spoken this whole time, looked serious and maintained a mature and prudent
demeanor. Then, he said calmly, “It is because he has been living in a city that he yearns for rural life.
On the way here, he said he must experience rural life during the trip.”

“Haha! That’s right!”

Hearing Miguel’s words, Skyler laughed really hard.

He never thought Miguel would be so evil.

At the same time, Matthew insisted on washing the dishes. Even if Daniella tried to stop him, Veronica
happily tied the apron on Matthew, then patted his shoulder. “I’ve fastened the apron. You can wash

“Stop fooling around, little brat!”

Daniella blamed Veronica for being impolite.

However, Matthew smiled happily. “Mrs. Murphy, you have been busy all morning. You should take a
rest and leave it to me.”

He then turned on the water and started washing the plates.

“It’s alright; just let me do it.” Daniella was going to grab a sponge before stopping by Veronica.

“Mom, just let him be.”

She gestured at Daniella with a meaningful look.

As she had raised Veronica for more than twenty years, Daniella instantly understood Veronica. Then,
she observed Matthew washing plates and his every move.

Suddenly, she thought of what Veronica had said before, so she asked, “Matthew, do rich kids need to
find those rich ladies to marry?”