Her Biliionaire Husband

Chapter 379

Roni Is Aggrieved

Caleb was not fluent in sign language. As a result, he didn’t understand what Abby was trying to
express. “I… I can’t understand you,” he said.

When she heard that, her original bright gaze dimmed and her eyes were filled with disappointment.
She simply smiled and lowered her head to take her basket and machete before leaving.

“Wait!” Caleb went after her and handed her the frostbite cream that he purchased. Noticing her full
hands, he placed the cream in her pocket before moving off to one side and allowing her to leave.

Abby lowered her head to look at the cream in her pocket, then at him. Her gaze was filled with
gratitude and, at the same time, helplessness. After that, she left.

Caleb did not chase after her again.

Meanwhile, after spending some time at Veronica’s house, the lot of them were packing their
belongings and preparing to leave.

Veronica wanted to accompany her foster parents for a longer period of time, so she did not follow
them back.

When Matthew was about to leave, he pulled Veronica into the bedroom.

She couldn’t help but ask, “What are you doing by acting so mysteriously?”

Moments after they entered the room, he shut the door and turned around to face her. One of his
hands yanked her arm while his other hand rested on the back of her head as he lowered his head and
kissed her on her lips.

His heavy breaths rushed into her nose and she found herself immersed in a familiar sensation.

Veronica raised her hands which were beside her and wrapped them around his waist, tiptoeing to kiss
him back.

For those who were in love, separation was unbearable.

Just as they were enjoying their kiss, someone knocked on the door.

Veronica pushed him back and asked with her head tilted, “Who’s there? Give me a minute.”

However, there was no response from outside the door.

She then looked at Matthew, only to notice some dampness on the corner of his lips.

With her face flushed, she raised her hand to wipe it away. “I have to accompany my parents and will
be back in Bloomstead in a few days,” she said shyly.

Hearing that, Matthew took her hand in his and gently rubbed her back with his fingers. “I need to rush
back to Castron for some urgent matters first. I should be in Bloomstead by the time you have arrived.”

“Okay. Take good care of yourself.”

“You too.”

“And…” Veronica suddenly had a solemn look. Pointing to his nose, she warned, “We’re over if I find
out that you lied to me again. I cannot stand any kind of deception or betrayal.”

“Of course. I’ll follow whatever you say, my wife.”

Matthew then smiled tacitly before taking her hand and kissing the back of her palm.

“I’m not your wife yet! Come on, you should leave now.”

Then, she pried open his grip and opened the door.

However, as soon as the door was opened, Tony and Daniella nearly fell to the ground after losing their

“Dad, Mom, what are you both doing?” Veronica asked with her brows furrowed. Truth was, she
obviously knew what the both of them were doing. What is going on? These two elders even know how
to eavesdrop now?

“Oh—nothing much. We’re just leaning against the door while discussing something. We didn’t know
Matthew and you are in the room.” Tony tried to wiggle his way out by making up some excuses.

“That’s right. We were discussing whether we should give Matthew something since this is his first time

Daniella suddenly recalled that she had a small present for Matthew in her pocket and she quickly took
it out and handed it to him.

“Mrs. Murphy, this is not necessary.” He simply waved his hand to it.

“Don’t say that. Since this is your first visit, please accept our best wishes.” She insisted on Veronica
keeping the present while speaking.

“Just take it. This is my parent’s wishes,” Veronica persuaded Matthew.

With that, he had no choice but to accept it.

All of them then chit-chatted for a while by the doorway before they left respectively.

After they all left, Veronica was dragged by Crayson to his house for training.

Throughout the entire Christmas season, she was subjected to twelve hours of intense training per day.
It was unbearable and she even tried to flee once, but he found out and taught her a lesson.

Finally, the holiday season had come to an end whereby she could escape the sufferings and return to

When she arrived at Bloomstead, Matthew approached her with a bouquet of flowers in his hand just
as she stepped out of the car. “Roni, this is for you.”

It was a bouquet of blue enchantress, decorated with baby breaths and bright green leaves. The
colorful silk threads on it made it look especially lovely.

However, Veronica merely took the bouquet and threw it into the car.

Matthew was a little disappointed by her actions, but she suddenly jumped onto him and clung to him
as if she was a koala

And he reflexively held her as well.

She then rested her chin on his shoulder and moaned, “I’m finally back! You have no idea how Crayson
had tormented me. My entire body is aching now…”

He was initially feeling disappointed with how she had discarded the flowers but now, when Veronica
took the initiative to hug him and began whining, he couldn’t help but smile. His mood improved almost

While holding Veronica in his embrace, Matthew stroked her back and attempted to console her, “I
know. It’s been extremely difficult for my girl.”

“Yes. It’s extremely difficult! Crayson would not have allowed me to return if it hadn’t been for Sean’s
call asking me to report to work tomorrow.”

Veronica treated her superior, Sean, as her life savior now.

Matthew was aware of her modeling contract with Starshine Media Agency as well as the fact that
Sean was the company’s owner. Thus, he did not inquire further. “Would you like to head out for some
delicious food?” he asked instead.

“No. I am too tired now and I just want to rest.”


He closed the car door with his leg and carried her up the stairs.

Matthew would have driven her back if Veronica hadn’t insisted on him not picking her up from her

“Look, they’re so lovey-dovey.”

“This man is attractive and has a great physique! He’s exactly my type!”

“So embarrassing for them to do this in public!”

“She is so blissful. I’m envious.”

Veronica was tired after driving back and she merely wanted to rest on Matthew’s shoulders.

It wasn’t until she heard the bystanders’ comments that she realized Matthew was carrying her in such
an embarrassing position that even the bystanders couldn’t stand it.

Noticing that, she immediately straightened her body and struggled. “Put me down.”


“There are a lot of people staring at us. It’s so embarrassing!” She looked around while patting his
shoulder and noticed that many people were talking about them. Embarrassed, Veronica covered half
of her face and continued, “Put me down now!”

“They can say whatever they want. I just want to spoil you.”

Matthew tightened his embrace even more and completely ignored her request. Then, under
everyone’s gazes, he carried her into the elevator.