Her Biliionaire Husband

Chapter 384

Veronica Becomes an Assistant

Matthew felt bad about what he had done once he saw how angry she was. He even felt a little guilty.

While he usually had a lot of self-control, it had begun to weaken ever since he started spending time
with Veronica, especially after she agreed to be with him.

“I’ll do my best to control myself next time,” Matthew reassured her gently. “Breakfast’s ready, so come
to the table once you’ve washed up.”

“Go away! I don’t want to look at you!” Veronica rolled her eyes and stormed into the bedroom,
slamming the door behind her.

She went into the bathroom to get ready and had a change of clothes.

Veronica had planned to leave for the office in a huff, but as soon as she opened the bedroom door,
she was hit by the mouth-watering scent of breakfast.

Her stomach began to growl. She was starving after a laborious night, and the delicious smells whet
her appetite even further.

Matthew came over to her and grabbed her hand. “Come on, let’s eat. I’ll drop you off at the office

“Why would I let you drop me off? Isn’t that the same as announcing our relationship to the world?”
Veronica glared at him and snorted before stomping off toward the dining table.

There was a bowl of prawn porridge on the table.

It seemed like porridge was the only thing Matthew knew how to cook.

Veronica got her spoon and gave it a good mix before looking up at Matthew, who was sitting across
from her and staring at her with a pitiful expression.

Her anger had nearly run its course by now.

She continued mixing the porridge as she instructed Matthew, “From today onward, go back to your
own house.”

Matthew did not know how to react. He wanted to say that this was his home too, but he was too afraid
to actually do so.

Too afraid, huh?

He never thought that there would come a time when he would hesitate so much over a simple

“Oh, right. This house is yours too,” Veronica added in realization. “That’s fine. I’ll go back to my house

“Just eat your breakfast. You’re going to be late if you don’t hurry,” Matthew reminded her.

She left it at that and made quick work of breakfast before grabbing her bag and heading off to work.
Just before she left the house, she said to Matthew, “I’ll be going now. Bye.”

“I’ll drop you off.”

“Forget it. It’d be troublesome if anyone sees us.”

“It’ll be fine.” Matthew swiftly cleared the dishes and washed up before coming back out and wearing
his shoes, then followed Veronica downstairs.

Veronica was still a little hesitant, but this changed once she saw Matthew walking over to an ordinary,
nondescript sedan. This guy even got himself a cheap car.

She climbed into the front passenger seat and was about to ask him whether he could get used to
driving such an ordinary car when she realized that the car’s interior was decked out like a luxury car.

“You modified the interiors?” She turned to Matthew and asked.

“Yeah.” Matthew nodded and he could not resist nudging her cheek when he saw the adorable look on
her face. “Seatbelts on.”

Soon, the car was slowly making its way toward Starshine Media Agency.

After a while, they pulled up outside Veronica’s office.

“I’m getting off now.” Veronica unbuckled her seatbelt and was about to get out of the car when
Matthew asked coolly, “Haven’t you forgotten something?”

“What?” She confirmed that she had both her phone and her purse with her. “I’m not missing anything.”

Seeing how clueless she was, he pulled her closer and bent down to give her a kiss on the lips. He bit
down gently before saying, “You forgot this. Remember it next time.”

He released her and helped her to straighten her clothes before patting her on the head like she was a
cute puppy.

“Ugh!” Veronica rolled her eyes at him before clambering out of the car.

However, with her back facing him, her lips curled up in satisfaction.

Her heart was filled with warmth and joy as she basked in blissful love.

She turned around and waved at Matthew before jogging into the building.

It was the first day of work after the Christmas break, so everyone had gathered for a meeting.

Once they were all in the conference room, however, they still had to wait for one last person to arrive.

Sean was seated at the head of the table. He glanced at the lone empty seat to this right before saying,
“Mia isn’t here yet, so let’s wait a little longer.”

The conference room broke out into a flurry of whispers.

“Hmph! So, just because she’s the most well-known among all of us, she thinks it’s fine to be late for
the meeting?”

“How disrespectful of her to make all of us wait for her.”


“She’s not even an international supermodel yet, but she’s already putting on such airs. I can’t believe

“She’s so annoying.”

Everyone in the conference room voiced their disapproval.

Rania, who was sitting beside Veronica, drew close and muttered, “Mia only started getting famous
early last year. It hasn’t even been a year since her rise to fame, and she’s already so arrogant. You
better not follow in her footsteps, Veronica.”

Veronica was tickled by Rania’s comment. She shifted in her seat and murmured back, “Even if I
wanted to do that, I need to be as capable as her first.”

The entire Starshine Media continued to wait for Mia in the conference room.

The seconds ticked by slowly, and after half an hour, she finally waltzed her way into the conference

“Sorry for coming late and keeping you waiting, Mr. Ludwig. I was caught in traffic.”

Mia wore a tightly-fitted sweater paired with black tights and a large coat. Her makeup was immaculate,
and she carried herself with an air of arrogance.

“Hmph! She should’ve known to leave the house sooner if there was going to be traffic.”

“Everyone else was waiting for her! What gives her the right to provide such an excuse?”

“She hasn’t even reached the top yet, but she sure acts like she’s the best.”

“Some people just like putting on airs. There’s no helping it.”

“Hahaha, it’s alright, Miss Stuart. We’ve only been waiting for a little bit.”

“It’s good that you’re here, Miss Stuart. Here, take a seat.”

The crowd was split in two. Some of them hated Mia’s guts while some of them groveled at her feet.

Sean remained neutral. He gestured toward the seat next to him and said, “You’re here. Hurry up and
sit down. We’ll start our meeting now.”

“Of course, Mr. Ludwig.” Mia swayed her hips as she strutted over to the seat.

He finally began the meeting. “Since we’re all here, let’s start discussing the company’s plans and
direction for the new year…”

He sat at the head of the table, projected his presentation on-screen, and proceeded to talk for over
half an hour. Some of the things he brought up included Starshine Media’s yearlong plans and the
company’s focus for the new year, along with other such information.

“Alright, we’ll call it a day here. Mia, I need you to stay back for a bit. Everyone else, you can get back
to work now. Meeting adjourned.”

As soon as Sean’s words fell, the conference room instantly echoed with the sound of chairs scraping
the ground as everyone leaped to their feet and hurried out of the room.

Once everyone had left, Sean began instructing Mia, “Mimi, I included your name in for a bridal fashion
show in Castron and I just received the news that you’ve been selected. Start preparing for the trip as
you’ll be heading over to Castron tomorrow.”

“But Mr. Ludwig, you should hire an assistant for me first. It’s such a hassle to not have one.” Mia

Sean sighed. “I haven’t found anyone suitable yet. Tell you what, I’ll arrange for Veronica to follow you
on this trip to help you. It’d be a good chance for her to learn and get some exposure, and you can give
her some guidance as well.”