Her Biliionaire Husband

Chapter 383

Get Out, Matthew!

Hendrey then quickly dissolved the antidote in a glass of water and forced it down Tiffany’s throat. She
merely had a sip of it. After changing his clothes, Hendrey washed the glass and cleared everything he
had done. By then, Tiffany woke up.

When she opened her eyes, she saw Hendrey standing by the bed, neatly dressed. She dazedly
rubbed her eyes and asked, “Hendrey, where are you going?”

“Mrs. Larson is here for you, so I am going back now.”

He raised his brows, signaling to her to put on her clothes fast. However, she was shocked. “What? My
mom is here? Since when?”

“She came when you were sleeping. Now, she’s waiting by the door.” Hendrey stroked her head and
continued, “I’ll ask her to come in, and I’ll leave first.”

“Is my mom really here?”

Tiffany’s face became solemn and she sat on the bed, feeling enraged. “Is she crazy? What brought
her here at this hour?”

She took her clothes beside her and put them on herself, grumbling the whole while.

After she finished changing, Hendrey stood in front of her and said indifferently, “I’m leaving now.”

And with no further words, he turned around and left, without even looking at her.

His indifferent attitude was cold, seemingly drawing a distance between both of them.

It was so different from how he was before she fell asleep.

But Tiffany merely assumed he was upset with her mother for interrupting their sleep.

Just after Hendrey left, Rachel walked in.

Tiffany, who was now dressed neatly, was sitting on the sofa with her arms and legs crossed. She gave
Rachel a fierce stare and said, “Why are you here when you know I’m with Hendrey? Are you trying to
embarrass me?”

Tiffany was angry with Rachel for not giving her some personal space even though she was already in
her twenties.

Rachel simply looked at her calmly in response. Then, much unlike her usual doting manner, she
approached Tiffany and slapped her across the face without saying anything before that. “You’re a lady.
I’ve already reminded you umpteen times that you have to respect yourself. Don’t you know that?”

Rachel could excuse Tiffany for some minor misbehavior but now, the latter had gone overboard.

From her reprimanding words, it was obvious that Rachel cared about Tiffany, and was feeling resentful
of what Tiffany did to herself.

But Tiffany did now know what Rachel was thinking.

She raised her hand to cover her cheek, which was burning from Rachel’s slap earlier, and stared at
Rachel with disbelief. “You slapped me? How could you slap me?”

Since young, both Floch and Rachel had always doted on her. Never did Tiffany expect that Rachel
would slap her today.

How could she bear it?

“Ever since I was ditched by Matthew, your attitude and Dad’s toward me has changed.”

Tiffany clutched her cheek with one hand and pointed at Rachel with the other as she growled, “Do you
both now think I’m just an abandoned one? So you’re relying on Veronica once more? Do you think
she’s now more useful than I am?”

Despite the fact that these were not her heartfelt words, Rachel took them to heart.

Her gaze revealed a sense of guilt, and she tried to avoid Tiffany’s eyes. With her lips pursed, she
responded, “Take a look at yourself right now! Both your dad and I devoted so much to establish your
‘talented girl’ reputation, and I thought you would cherish it. But you’re now giving up on yourself! Do
you think we’re unaware about the things between Xavier and you?”

Tiffany, who was enraged just a few minutes ago, became speechless. She merely looked at Rachel
coldly, not knowing what to say.

“You’re a moron! Calm down and think about it yourself!” Rachel reprimanded. Then, she took a look at
the clock on the wall of the living room and asked, “How long have you been sleeping?”

Tiffany did not dare to talk back to Rachel after her embarrassing matters were revealed, and her
arrogant demeanor vanished.

Her eyes went reddish and she answered truthfully, “It… It has been more than an hour.”

More than one hour?

Rachel knew that she was too late.

She sneered and asked intentionally, “You don’t really love Hendrey, do you?”

“Why do you say so?”

“Would you sleep so early if you really loved him, especially since you’re still in the honeymoon


Tiffany was rendered speechless. Her brows furrowed as she raised her head and looked at the
antique clock on the wall, and she began to ponder about it as well.

I guess it’s true.

Her intimate activity with Hendrey that night didn’t last for long. Furthermore, she was a night owl that
always slept in the wee hours.

So, why did she fall asleep right after her bath today?

But she began to make excuses for herself, blaming it on her own exhaustion.

And she did not answer Rachel.

However, looking at Tiffany’s expression, Rachel already understood what was going on.

With that, she fiercely glared at Tiffany and left right after that.

After she left, she called Floch immediately. Floch then called Crayson to update him.

After careful consideration, Crayson instructed, “Don’t do anything to Hendrey for the time being. If he
has someone to report to, he’s most likely done it by now, and dealing with him now would be futile.
Perhaps we should use this opportunity to figure out who is behind this whole thing.”

“Noted, Crayson.”

During Christmas, Hendrey visited Veronica’s house. Even though Crayson was getting on in years, he
could tell Hendrey was interested in Veronica.

Perhaps things hadn’t yet reached an irreversible point.

The next day, Veronica, who had been tortured by Matthew all night, awoke in shock. “What’s the time
now?” she asked while sitting up in bed.

Her heart sank as she looked out the window at the bright sky. “Oh no! I’m running late for my first day
of work! My pay will be deducted!”

It’s all Matthew’s fault!

Ever since Veronica returned yesterday, they had not stepped out from their condominium.

Initially, they agreed to take a stroll and do some exercise after lunch.

But Matthew’s so-called exercises were the extreme ‘love’ exercises on the sofa!

They spent the entire afternoon going at it. She was so exhausted that she fell asleep after that and
when she woke up, dinner from One Piece Restaurant had arrived.

After their dinner, she was too lazy to change her clothes, so she curled up on the sofa and watched a
drama showing on the television.

And Matthew, after finishing his work, joined her in doing so.

But coincidentally, the television was showing scenes that were salacious and would excite people.

Matthew’s desire was immediately aroused, and Veronica failed to escape.

The only saving grace was that she had previously informed him about her work, so he did not dare to
leave any marks on her body.

After she changed into her clothes, she wanted to get out of the bed but her legs wobbled, and it
almost caused her to fall to the ground.

“Sh*t!” She couldn’t control herself from spewing profanities at that point.

Suddenly, Matthew opened the bedroom door. “Are you awake?”

He was wearing an apron, and he had a spatula in his hand and a wide smile on his face.

Veronica placed one hand on her waist and she used her other hand to point at him as she yelled, “Get
out, Matthew Kings! We’ll break up from today onwards! I don’t want to die in bed one day and turn
myself into a joke!”

Though she was a lady with less physical strength than Matthew’s, Veronica trained with Crayson
every day. but Matthew still managed to make her legs sore and weak.

This showed how much this b*stard had tortured her!