Her Biliionaire Husband

Chapter 390

A Cure for Her Insomnia

Matthew chuckled in amusement at Veronica’s reaction. He turned around and looked at her fondly. “I’ll
go make lunch for you.” He entered the kitchen and called someone to deliver some groceries to them.

Meanwhile, Veronica went into the guest bedroom to keep Yvonne company. At noon, they sat down
for lunch together, but Yvonne could barely eat anything. She quickly excused herself and went back to

Veronica decided to curl up on the couch and play a game. Lately, she had been too busy during the
day, so she had to stay up at night to practice. She was afraid of getting too rusty, which might leave
the team short of a player when it came time for the competition.

Matthew sat beside her and opened his laptop to get some work done. He seemed to want to spend as
much time with her as he could today since she would be leaving for Castron tomorrow.

That night, they stayed in the unit at Twilight Condominium to keep Yvonne company. Veronica climbed
into bed after washing up, and at the same time, Matthew came out of the bathroom dressed in a robe.

His hair was still dripping wet, and the droplets of water cascaded down his cheek before falling onto
his chest. Under the warm light of the bedroom, the droplets of water seemed to sparkle, and it made
his perfectly sculpted abs appear even more enticing to the eye.

Even Veronica, with her astounding amount of self-control, could not resist gulping. Darn it. His body’s
too hot. His gorgeous figure, combined with his chiseled face made him look like an incubus out on the

“Do you always stare at men like that, Roni?” Matthew teased as he came over and lifted her face up
by her chin.

Smack! Veronica slapped his hand away. “Go sleep on the couch.”

“You’re going to Castron tomorrow and you don’t even know when you’ll be coming back. Are you
really going to make me go celibate for so long?”

“You had a lot of training throughout all those years before you met me.”

Matthew sat on the edge of the bed and cupped her naple before saying softly, “It’s like a drug. Once
I’ve started, I can’t stop.”

Of course, this only applied to Veronica. He was uninterested in any other woman. While his words
were a little blunt, they conveyed his desire aptly.

“What are you daydreaming about? Help me dry my hair.” Matthew tapped Veronica on the forehead.
Veronica got out of bed lazily and grabbed the hairdryer. She made Matthew sit in front of the vanity
table before she started blow drying his hair.

Amid the sounds of the hairdryer, Veronica suddenly piped up, “I just realized that it’s a loss for me to
be with you.”

“How’s that so?”

“Other couples seem to have infatuation stages and honeymoon stages in their relationship, but we
already seem like an old married couple.”

This was especially evidenced by the fact that she was currently drying his hair for him. It made her feel
like they had been together for ages now. “What does infatuation look like to you, Roni?”

Matthew asked as he stared at her in the mirror. Veronica continued holding onto the hairdryer as she
began to think. “Are you trying to scald me to death?” Matthew called out while she was still deep in

Veronica moved the hairdryer aside and felt his hair. The part where she had been aiming at felt like it
was on fire.

“Are you okay?” she asked in concern.

“No, I’m not.”

“You’re not? Oh my, is it that serious? Do you want to call a doctor?”

In her heart, she grumbled as it seemed like everything was fine.


Veronica was still somewhat dazed when the hairdryer was abruptly snatched out of her hands and
tossed onto the vanity table. Matthew then held her by the waist and threw her down on the bed before
climbing up on top of her.

It was too cold, so Matthew pulled the sheets over them before bending down to kiss her.

“Hey! Matthew, don’t go too far.”

“We won’t go too far. Just one round.”



“Don’t leave any marks on me. I still need to go on a business trip tomorrow.”


It was just one round alright, but it went on for hours and hours still.

The next morning, Veronica woke up at around eight.

Matthew saw how tired she was and did not want to tire her out even further, but at the same time, he
noticed that whenever they did the deed, she would be able to sleep a few more hours than normal.

Usually, she would sleep at four or five in the morning and wake up two hours later, but when they
engaged in a bout of horizontal exercise, she would sleep for at least four or five hours.

“Matthew Kings!”

By the time Veronica opened her eyes, the sun was already halfway up the sky.

She lay in bed and bellowed at Matthew.

Matthew, who had been preparing breakfast, came to the bedroom and said, “Roni, good morn—”

Before he could finish his sentence, Veronica threw a pillow right into his face. “Good morning my ass!
You promised that you’d only go for one round! You lied to me again!”

Matthew caught the pillow and leaned against the door as he stared at her in amusement. “It was one
round. It just… lasted quite long.”

Veronica was speechless. She opened her mouth to speak but nothing came out.

In the end, she took a deep breath and pointed at the door as she mumbled, “Go away. Go far, far
away. I don’t want to see you.”

He would be the death of her.

Why did he have so much stamina?

“How many hours did you sleep last night?” Matthew asked out of the blue. Veronica was nonplussed
by his question.

She was still hopping mad, but she took her watch to check the time. It was ten minutes to eight. “I
slept… almost four hours…”

“And the night before?” He continued probing.

Veronica searched her memory. She had fallen asleep at about four in the morning and woke up past
eight. “Slightly over four hours.”

A lightbulb went off in Veronica’s mind thanks to Matthew’s questions, and she blinked in surprise.

In the past, she would only sleep for two hours at night and take a short nap during the day, but this left
her in a perpetual state of exhaustion.

However, for the past two nights, she had gotten a lot more sleep than usual.

“What are you trying to imply, huh? It’s definitely because my sleeping medication worked! Get out!”
Veronica gestured for Matthew to leave again.

Matthew chuckled. “Hurry up and get dressed. Breakfast is ready.” He turned around and closed the
bedroom door behind him.

Once he was gone, Veronica fell back down on the bed in a daze. She yanked the covers to hide her
face as she muttered, “How embarrassing! I’ve had insomnia for so long now, but it turns out that this is
the cure? No, that can’t be! It must be the sleep medication I’ve been taking that’s finally working.”

She tried to convince herself.

After breezing through her morning routine, she sat down with Matthew in the dining room and had

Yvonne was still in a bad mood and had not woken up yet, so Veronica did not try to wake her.

After breakfast, Matthew sent Veronica to her apartment. She stuffed some clothes into a suitcase, and
then they headed for Starshine.

Once they reached the office building, Veronica unbuckled her seatbelt and said, “I’m going now. Bye.”

“You forgot something again.”

Matthew’s handsome face turned a little gloomy.

Veronica frowned and muttered, “We’re right outside the office and there are so many people around.
What if someone sees…”

Before she could finish giving an excuse, Matthew pulled her toward him again and kissed her.

He gave her a simple peck on the lips and released her immediately after.

It was a somewhat domineering kiss that was full of adoration as well. Veronica felt all warm and fuzzy
inside, but she pretended to be annoyed and pouted in discontent. “Why are you always so