Her Biliionaire Husband

Chapter 391

Abby’s Fault

“Forget it again and I’ll show you how domineering I can be.” There was a veiled threat in that reply.
Veronica relented. “Yeah, yeah. Goodbye now.” She got out of the car and went to the trunk to take her
stuff. She slammed the trunk shut and smacked it, telling Matthew that he could leave now.

Matthew did not leave. Instead, he stayed back and watched as she went into the company, and he
only left when she was out of sight. Since he had a pair of sunglasses on and was driving a disguised
car, nobody paid him any attention. He called Skyler on his way to work. “Where are you at?”

“Collins, duh. Caleb and I are trying to send Abby to Bloomstead, remember?” Skyler was sighing as
he sounded a little dissatisfied.

“I got a job for you. You’ll love it.”

“I don’t want to get my hopes up, but what job is it?”

“Someone in the Twilight Condominium just went through a break up. You’re gonna stay with her until
she gets over it. Oh, and she’s at least a nine.”

“The Twilight Condominium? Whoa, you’re cheating on Roni? That’s a bit—”

“It’s her friend,” Matthew interrupted him slowly, growling like a lion that was going to pounce on its

Skyler chuckled. “Oh, sorry, sorry. I’ll get there right after I come back.”

“How’s things going on your end?” Matthew asked again. He was concerned about his best friend.

“We talked to the HOA and local cops, but Abby’s stepmom doesn’t want her to be schooled. She still
wants to marry the kid off, and Abby was even beaten up over that. Caleb pulled the strings and asked
the cops to warn Abby’s family. They had no choice but to let her go,” Skyler explained briefly.

“Call me if you need any help.”

“Eh, we’re fine. Caleb cares about her a lot. He even enrolled her in a school. Love changes people a
lot, huh? He takes care of her like she’s his treasure.”

Skyler kept blabbering on, but Matthew hung up without even listening. Veronica, who had gone to
work, went to the airport with Mia where they obtained their tickets and boarded the flight before it took

A few hours later, Caleb and Skyler arrived at Bloomstead with Abby in tow. Skyler tapped Caleb’s
shoulder when they passed by Twilight Condominium. “This is my stop. I have something to settle.” He
was not going to be a third wheel while they were dating. I’d rather see that hottie right away.

“Sure.” Caleb stopped the car.

Skyler said, “Na—Goodbye, Abby. I have to go now.”

Abby nodded.

He got out of the car, closed the door, and left.

Then, Caleb continued their journey to a condominium near Bloomstead High and parked his car there.
He alighted from the car and helped Abby with her luggage. “Come with me.”

She went to the complex with him in silence. They rode the elevator up and eventually came to her new
house, which was a one-bedroom unit. The house was not big, but it was beautifully decorated, and it
felt like home. She stared at the house for a while when she came in, at a loss for words.

Caleb noticed her fidgeting, so he held her hand. “I’ll take you to your room.” He felt a cold sensation
traveling up his hand when he held hers. Her hand was cold. He placed the luggage down and turned
the heater on. “There’s a heater here. Just turn it on if you need it. The bills are paid for. Just stay here
and don’t worry about anything.”

Abby bit her lip, confusion gleaming in her eyes. He then took her into her bedroom and opened the
closet. It was filled with the latest winter coats, down coats, sweaters, pants, and undergarments.

“These clothes fit you perfectly, and they’re already cleaned, so you can just change into them
whenever you want.” Just like a concerned brother, he added, “Everything you need is in this room.
The blanket’s in this closet, and all the necessities are in there too. There’s makeup on the dressing
table. You’re still young, so there’s no need for that, but you still need to pick up a skincare routine. You
don’t want to get any blisters from the cold.”

Caleb was usually a man of few words, but Abby was the one he wanted to keep talking to. As he
continued to speak, she only stood there in silence. Since he thought she was still trying to get used to
things, he advised, “You can look around. I’m going to the bathroom.” He went to the bathroom and

The condominium was right outside the school. It was only a few hundred yards away, so she did not
have to travel far just to go to school. Abby was a mute, and going to school would be inconvenient
enough for her, so he let her stay in this place to protect her. He came back to the living room after
having one smoke, but she was not there. He went to the bedroom, but to his surprise, she was
standing right beside the bed, stark naked. Her hands were balled into fists, and she was shivering. Her
face was red with embarrassment as well.

He froze for a moment, and then he frowned and turned around. “What are you doing? Cover yourself!”
He was sure she was not changing into anything and had taken her clothes off on purpose.

Abby did not move for a while, and he remembered she could not talk, so he insisted, “Cover yourself
up, please.” He waited for a few minutes, but she was still not moving. He had no choice but to turn
around only to see that she was standing inches away from him.

Caleb might be a gentleman, but he was still a man in the end. The first thing he noticed was her chest.
Wow, she’s young, but she’s really well-developed. One look was enough to light the fire of desire
within him. Goddammit. I’m not a pervert. She’s still in high school. He went around her to pick her
clothes up and handed them to her. “Cover yourself up.”

She shook her head.

“Why?” he asked. He had seen a lot of… exciting scenes when he was on the job or hanging out with
his friends, but still, Abby was a far more perfect lady than those women ever were. Her curves were
perfect, and her body alluring. Her skin was as fair as a porcelain doll.

He felt a boner coming up, but he was a gentleman, so he turned around and refused to look at her.
Still, she would not take the clothes from him no matter how long he was holding it. In the end, he
looked at her.

She signed, You guys only want one thing out of your mistresses—sex. Thanks for taking me away
from that horrid place. I’ll give you what you want, but um, can you not knock me up if possible?

Huh? What the hell? He wanted to curse, but he thought she had a point.