Her Biliionaire Husband

Chapter 394


“I have no idea what you’re talking about,” she denied it and waved her phone, pointing at the time.
“Don’t dawdle around. We’re gonna be late. Let’s go.” She turned around and stormed out of the hotel,
hiding her nervousness with fury.

Veronica did not waste any time arguing. They left the hotel and went to the venue of the runway show.
Since it was a big show, it was filled with famous models and talented people. There would be tons of
people watching it live, so they needed to rehearse. Mia might be the best model back in Starshine, but
she was the youngest and most inexperienced one in this show.

Veronica pretended that she was really her assistant, taking care of all the trivial matters for her. Mia
told her to get bottles of mineral water, sent her off to do some trivial stuff, and ordered her around like
she owned the place, but Veronica patiently finished all the tasks. The rehearsal was eventually done,
and Mia finished her job. Veronica eased up a lot thanks to that. It was then she saw someone familiar
among the crowd. Wait… Is that Larry Freeman? It’s Larry, isn’t it?

She had gone to Collins University for her degree, while Larry had gone to the nearby film academy.
They might have studied in two different schools, but they had still managed to meet up a few times.
Mia noticed Veronica staring, so she looked at where she was gazing, and she felt surprised to see
Larry. Whoa, is that Larry, the award-winning actor? Why is he here?

Mia felt excited, but she still acted haughty in front of Veronica. She pretended to be calm and mocked,
“What are you looking at? That’s the youngest award-winning actor back home, Larry himself. Why
don’t you beg me and I might get his autographed photo for you. Well, it’ll cost you a bit, but not much.
Seven thousand and five hundred.”

Veronica cocked her eyebrow and looked at Mia like she had gone mad. “Seven thousand and five

“That’s a low price. It’s not easy getting his autographed photo. The scalpers are selling them for thirty
grand and more, but I’m just asking for a fraction of that price, so it’s a really good deal.” Mia was
feeling smug and proud, as if she was better than Veronica just because she was a model. “Fine. What
about a discount? Fory-five hundred… Nah, fifteen hundred for one autographed photo because I know
you. How many would you want?” she asked.

“What a joke.”

Mia raised her voice on purpose and said in Chinese, “You’re telling me that you can get Larry’s
autographed photo? But you’re just a civilian! Fine, if you can get that photo, I’ll call you Mom!”
Everyone knew that Larry got in trouble once for signing something. Ever since then, autographs were
off-limits, though he could still take wefies.

Mia was loud, and what she said attracted everyone’s attention. They looked at Veronica.

“Who is she? I don’t think she’s part of us.”

“She’s obviously not a dedicated fan. She doesn’t even know about the rules.”

“Yeah. It’s been forever since Larry signed anything for anyone.”

“I think she’s an assistant to that model.”

“She looks stupid.”

Everyone looked at Veronica and started mocking her.

Mia wanted to embarrass her, so she continued, “You wanted to buy a photo for fifteen hundred, didn’t
you? I’ll give you fifteen grand, but you’ll have to pay me double if you can’t get that photo.” She riled

things up on purpose.

Veronica noticed everyone looking at them. She nodded and spoke in fluent Chinese, “Are you sure
you want ten autographed photos for fifteen grand?”

“What? You chickening out? Fine. I’ll double my offer,” she shouted. Mia was hyping things up just so
Larry would pay attention to them.

Larry glanced at them and said nothing. Veronica was sure that Mia was not friends with Larry. I bet
she’s just using this chance to approach him. This is the perfect opportunity to embarrass her.

The onlookers were bored out of their minds, so one of them mocked, “Thirty grand? I’ll buy the photos
even for forty-five grand.”

“As if. Money’s not the problem here. Larry won’t even autograph the photos, man.”

“You’re right!” Someone laughed.

“I’m doubling your model friend’s offer! Sixty grand for ten photos! If you can get them, of course.”

“Ah, she’s just trying to get his attention.”

“Don’t fall for her tricks.”

Veronica listened and smiled silently. “Lend me your notebook for a bit.” She knew Mia had a pen and
notebook in her bag.

“He won’t autograph your photos no matter what you do,” Mia mocked as she gave Veronica the pen
and notebook.

The onlookers watched as Veronica wrote down something on the sticky note and folded it up. She
then gave the pen back to Mia and went over to Larry just like that.

Larry was in traditional attire. He was wearing a black and white silk shirt inside, and that shirt was
covered with a wide-sleeve coat made of tulle. His hair was slicked back, and his gorgeous face was in
full view. The man looked like a god who just came down from heaven. There was a designer standing
beside him, and they were talking about something.

Veronica went over to him. Larry could feel her gaze, so he looked at her, but he did not know who she
was, so he looked down again.

“Hey!” She stood in front of him. The designer looked at Veronica, then at Larry, and he chose to be

Larry looked at her calmly. “What do you need?”

“Can you take a look at this?” Veronica handed the slip to him.

Larry looked at the women behind Veronica. He felt like they were the center of everyone’s attention.
Larry looked away and told the designer, “Do you have any special ideas for tomorrow’s runway? In
terms of my style, of course.” He ignored Veronica.

Mia had been following her, and she smirked. She shouted on purpose, “Veronica, you told us you
could get an autographed photo, but Larry’s ignoring you.”

For some reason, Larry looked at Mia when she said that, then he turned his sights to Veronica. Still,
he could not recognize her.

Just when he was about to leave with the designer, Veronica shouted, “Hey, Crazy! Aren’t you gonna
look at this?”

That came as a shocker. Everyone gasped and looked at Veronica weirdly.

“Now that’s just dirty. Calling him names just to get his attention?”

“And she called him crazy.”

“She’s dead.”

“His fans are gonna dox her if they find out what she said.”