Her Biliionaire Husband

Chapter 395

Messing With Mia

Everyone was expecting a fight. They expected Veronica to get embarrassed, but for some reason,
Larry stopped in his tracks and looked back in shock. He stared at Veronica and shifted his gaze to the
slip in her hands. There was only one word written on it—Crazy.

He hesitated for a few moments, but eventually, he took the slip and unfolded it. The look on his face
changed ten times when he read through the slip. In the end, he tucked it away and asked, “How many
photos would you like?”

“Oh my god. What’s going on?” “No idea. Why does Larry suddenly want to give her the photos?”

“This is unexpected.” “What did she write? I wanna know.”

“Me too.” “And she called him crazy. Do they know each other?”

Everyone was in shock, and they were discussing the sudden change. Veronica, however, remained
calm. “Ten,” she said. “Sure. Come with me.” He then chuckled. “Thirty grand for ten photos is a bad
price though. Sell them to someone else.” “Oh my god, what’s going on?”

“Larry is helping her.”

“Is she his friend?”

“Odd. Did I miss something?”

“Forty-five grand for ten photos, Larry!”

“I’ll give you sixty grand!”

“Seventy grand!”

Wow. I just wanted to get his autographed photos. I’m not trying to run an auction house here. Larry
was a polymath. He had debuted as a model, but eventually everyone found out that he could sing,
dance, and even act well. She did not expect so many fans of him here though.

Veronica was the center of everyone’s attention now, while Mia looked really awkward. Someone even
called her out for being disrespectful to Larry. They accused her of cheapening his photos, since she
would only pay thirty grand for ten of them. Embarrassed, Mia smiled sheepishly and changed her
tune. “I-I was just joking around with my assistant, Larry. Um, how about I pay you s-seventy-five grand
for ten photos?”

“It’s your business. You can do whatever you want.” He shrugged, choosing to stay out of this.

“Fine. Seventy-five grand it is. I’m your assistant, after all.” She heaved a sigh and took her phone out
to text Mia her account number. “Now give me the money, please.” People like them could make
transactions amounting to a few hundred grand per day, so seventy-five grand going into Veronica’s
account was no problem.

Mia did not expect her to demand payment that soon. She trembled and blanched. “We’re not in a
hurry, are we? I’ll pay you once we get the photos.”

“But Larry promised to give us the photos. Would he lie to us? Or do you not trust him?” Veronica
pushed her into a corner, refusing to let her off the hook that easily.

Mia held her phone, thinking, I spent a boatload of money yesterday, so I don’t even have seventy-five
grand right now. How on earth am I supposed to pay her? “No, of course not. I trust Larry.”

“So you don’t have any money then,” Veronica said. It hit her where it hurt most. “I don’t mind though.
Someone else can buy it off me.”

Well, this is unexpected. I just made seventy-five grand from this trip.

“Hah. You can’t buy his photos without money. What a joke.”

“Wow, she’s super poor.”

“I don’t think there are poor models on this runway, are there?”

“Who knows?”

The crowd discussed among themselves, and Mia felt humiliated. However, she would never allow
herself to look bad in front of her idol, so she bit the bullet and said, “I only have my card on me. I’ll give
you sixty grand first. You’ll get the remaining fifteen grand later.”

“Well, okay then. We are colleagues after all. You won’t go back on your word,” Veronica agreed.

Mia gave her sixty grand. It was a big sum for her, but she had to do it.

Veronica then told Larry, “Thanks, Larry.” She then left like nobody’s business.

Everyone was shocked. Holy shit. What’s going on? She made seventy-five grand off Larry and asked
him to finish the job for her. Um, wow. She’s… one heck of a girl.

Veronica went straight back to the hotel from the runway, and she was removing her makeup when
someone called her. It was a Destor number, but she had no idea who the caller was. “Who is it?”

“Demoness? Is that you?”

Veronica recognized that voice, and she roared in laughter. “And I thought you forgot about me.”

“Are you free? Wanna grab something to eat?”

“No prob.”

“‘Kay. Meet me at…”

Larry told her the address, and she hung up. After freshening up, she left the hotel. It would be weird to
meet Larry looking like a totally different person, so she had removed her foreign-style makeup.

She arrived at a restaurant in Bregonia Street half an hour later. Veronica knocked on the door of the
room Larry was in, and she went inside. There was only Larry within. She closed the door and turned
around, then tilted her head to the side. “Hi, Crazy!” She smiled.

He stood up and stared at her in silence, then he smiled. “Hey, Demoness.”

They chuckled and hugged each other.

“I can’t call you Crazy now, can I? Gotta call you Larry now.” They parted and took their seats.

“It’s not like you to say that, Demoness.” He shook his head, smiling.

“Demoness, huh? Didn’t think much about it, but honestly, it’s such an ugly name.” She picked the cup
of coffee up and sipped from it. “What a coincidence. I wouldn’t have run into you if I hadn’t come to
Castron with Mia.”

“I asked Hendrey if he had your number, but he didn’t.” He shrugged and sighed. “And I didn’t follow up
on that.”

“He went back to Destor. I ran into him a few months ago.” She put her elbow on the table and rested
her chin in her hand. She said, “It’s been years, and you’re a lot hotter now. You’re not that same

lackey who I used to tease anymore. Time flies.” She could still remember everything like it was

“Yeah, it’s been years, and the first thing you did was make a seventy-five grand off me. I had to break
my own rules for you. I’m still the same lackey, Demoness.”

Larry leaned against his seat and pointed at Veronica. “Still a slave to money like ever. You didn’t

“Then you’ll have to eat all you can. The more you eat, the more you make.”