Novel Name : Her Biliionaire Husband

Chapter 397

Jealous Matthew

“What?” He pushed her away and glared at her. “What did you say?” “I said I’d like to see you next… I
mean this year’s The Christmas S… Ow! What are you doing?” He flicked her forehead before she
could finish. She covered her forehead and gasped in pain.

“I sang Dawn Breeze in last year’s The Christmas Show! The ninth performance! And you didn’t see

“Huh? Oh um, sorry. I didn’t see you.” She laughed. Yeah, Matthew and his friends were standing right
outside my door last Christmas. I was trying to deal with them, so of course I had no time for The
Christmas Show.

At this moment, Larry’s phone rang. He took it out and sighed. “It’s from my manager. Great, she’s
angry at me now. Goodbye.”

“Drive safely.” She waved him goodbye. Larry took the call. “Miss Quinton? Yeah, I’m on my way back.
Right away.” He trotted back to his car and honked it to say goodbye, and he left.

She stood in the same spot, sighing. “Being an actor sure makes a lot of money, but man I feel sorry for
him. He’s busy as a bee.” She went into the hotel lobby and made a beeline for the elevator. It was
about one in the afternoon, and there were not a lot of people coming in. After she went into the
elevator, a mysterious man in a windbreaker, cap, mask, and sunglasses came in.

The other guests left the elevator, and eventually, only the man was left with her. She looked at the
elevator walls and glanced at the man’s reflection cautiously. The elevator doors swung open, and she
glanced outside before going out. As she walked down the corridor, she kept glancing backward. He
was following her.

Her heart skipped a beat. Is this what Hendrey meant when he said I’d get tailed because I look like
Tiffany? She leaned against the wall after she turned the corner, waiting for the mysterious man to
show up. She kicked him in the face as he did, but he caught her ankle with his bare hands. “Who are
you?” she asked nervously as she did a roundhouse kick, aiming at the man’s chest.

The man expected that. He wanted to catch her feet, but that was a feint. She moved her leg
downward and kicked his chest. She had used a lot of strength in this kick, and the man staggered

Veronica did not stop. She stepped ahead and gave him a left hook, but he crouched down all of a
sudden and wrapped his arm around her hip, then threw her over his shoulders and walked toward her
suite. “Who are you? Who are you?” She got her guard up and kept resisting and struggling.

The man smacked her ass loudly, and she winced in pain, though she knew who he was right away.
“You’re Matthew, aren’t you?” she asked and sniffed him. As expected, she caught a whiff of his
familiarly special smell. Of course it was Matthew.

He unlocked the door and slammed it shut, then he carried her in and tossed her onto the bed.
Matthew closed in, asking, “Who is he?” He took his mask off along with his sunglasses and tossed
them. He looked at the woman coldly, the look on his face dark.

Her heart started to race, and she stared at him in shock. “Um… When did you get here?” Man, I’m
stupid. I should have known he was here when he called me back at the restaurant. She naively
thought he just wanted to have a little chat with her after she came back. She thought that the man
could be him when she saw him in the elevator, but the fact that Matthew was still back in Destor
debunked that thought. She expected it to be someone else, only to be surprised. It’s still Matthew in
the end.

“Answer my question.” He raised her chin, his eyes narrowed and filled with anger. Veronica felt a chill
run down her spine, and she was like a cat on hot bricks.

“H-He’s…” She pursed her lips. “Larry.”

Back in the basement last time, she told him that Larry was her first love, and he shrugged it off.
However, after he fell in love with her, he realized that her first love was actually Hendrey. He had
looked into Larry and found out that he was the top actor at the moment. “I wonder if you’re lying this
time.” She just keeps fooling around. I have no idea who she really likes. He asked, “Hendrey’s your
first love, but you fell in love with Larry after that? Is that it?” He had been waiting in the lobby for her,
and when he saw her hugging Larry, he felt a fire burning his heart away.

“Um…” Veronica thought he was being imaginative. She wrapped her arms around his neck and
smiled. “You’re angry. Do you like me that much?”

He inched closer, his nose pressing against hers, and he bit her lip. “Answer my question.” He was
acting so much like the first time they met—aloof, distant, and bossy.

She gulped. “It’s not what you think. Crazy and I are just friends.”

Crazy? Veronica thought it was an innocent nickname, but it was not the case for Matthew. He thought
it sounded almost endearing. “Is he your ex?”

“No!” She frowned in displeasure. “You’re being too bossy, Matthew. So what if he’s my ex? So what if
he’s not? You’re blowing things out of proportion.”

“I’m blowing things out of proportion?” His face fell, and he stared at her sharply.

“I said, you—” She was going to say something, but he stood up and left the room. She sat up at once,
but all she could see was him leaving. “Matthew, you—”

He slammed the door shut and left before she could finish. Veronica sat on the bed and scratched her
head in resignation, but then her phone rang. It was from Yvonne. “Yvonne? You’re awake too?” she

Yvonne asked curiously, “Too? Who else is up? Is it Matthew?”

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