Her Biliionaire Husband

Chapter 402

They Had a Divergence

Veronica was not sure how she should respond to the matter. Does an active sex life help me to sleep
better? No way! This is embarrassing! Since she was not certain about her theory, she took a mental
note to keep an eye on this matter in the future.

After she took a minute to catch her breath, she began to feel hungry. Sliding down from the bed, she
cleaned herself in the bathroom, then changed into her clothes.

Fortunately, Matthew was being considerate of her current career as a model. He did not leave any
hickeys on her yesterday; otherwise, she would not be able to go anywhere in that state.

Later, she dialed the room service to ask them to serve her dinner. As she was having her meal, she
checked her messages on her phone. It was at that moment she found out that Mia had taken the last
flight of the day to return to Bloomstead. Thus, she could only book the ticket for tomorrow’s flight
without any choice.

On the second day, she took the flight to return to the country. The local time was 7.00AM when she
arrived at Bloomstead.

Feeling like she was freezing, Veronica hunched her shoulders while tightening the trenchcoat around
her as the weather in Bloomstead was chilly.

As she walked toward the exit, she found a car parked outside and a man was leaning against it.

She stared at him in silence while he did the same.

When their eyes made contact, she rolled her eyes at him. Then, she immediately carried her luggage
and turned to the left side where the cab services were situated.

A cab rolled to a stop before Veronica in time, so she opened the door and got in. However, Matthew
invited himself into the car with a bouquet when she was closing the door.

“Why are you following me?” She scowled at him before she asked the driver, “Sir. I don’t know this
guy. Can you ask him to get off?”

The driver was observing them from the rearview mirror as he asked, “Where are you going?”

“I’m going to the Starshine Media Agency.”

“I’m heading in the same direction.”

Both of them answered one after another.

The driver sighed and he began, “Miss, you know it’s hard to make a living nowadays, don’t you? Since
the two of you are heading in the same direction, there’s no point in chasing him away. I’ll give both of
you a discount as a compromise. After all, there aren’t many cab services available at this time.”

Veronica stuttered, “I—”

Before she could reject, the driver already floored the gas and headed toward their destination.

“Roni, this is for you.” Matthew shoved the bouquet into her hands.

“I don’t—”

Just as Veronica tried to throw the flowers away, he quickly pressed her hand on the seat to stop her. “I
got the roses from the garden shed in the Kings Residence. Don’t let them go to waste.”

“What does that have to do with me?” She glared at him. “Stay away from me! Any closer and I’ll call
the police on you for committing sexual assault!”

She stared at him with a cold expression as the anger enveloped her mind. She looks like the Angry
Bird, he thought.

He found it both interesting and heartbreaking by looking at her irritated look, so he asked, “What can I
do to earn your forgiveness?”

At that moment, the driver burst into laughter. “Hahaha! I thought so! I was thinking that you’re related
to each other because you two look like a couple, no doubt! Let me tell you something: it’s common for
couples to fight, but you will make up later as nothing is going to dwell on you forever.”

Pursing her lips, Veronica turned her attention to the scenery outside without a word. You know
nothing! she thought.

“Last warning. Stay away from me!” Anger was boiling inside her as she did not bother to wear a
friendly look at him.

“You don’t need to be angry about it. I’ve asked Sean for a day off for you, so you don’t have to worry
about the deduction of your pay. Besides, he permitted you three days off. You can take your rest at

Last night, Matthew did not restrain himself because he was furious. However, he regretted his choice
for ‘torturing’ her and felt bad for her soon after, so he got in touch with Sean and asked him to allow
Veronica a few days off.

“Matthew, I told you before, didn’t I? I didn’t want you to meddle in my career. What do you think you’re

Veronica was merely sulking until she realized that Matthew was crossing her boundaries.

She had learned a lot from what happened to the Encounters Bridal Store last time, which included not
announcing her relationship with Matthew to the public at this point. Otherwise, the public would
criticize their relationship.

People would laugh at her for upgrading into a noble family, or accuse her of seducing Matthew to
become one of the Kingses, or blame her for sabotaging the relationship between Matthew and Tiffany
as his mistress and so on. Their words were making her feel uncomfortable.

Even though Veronica would no longer be mad as she had frequently heard those words from others,
the words still hurt her like a knife to her heart and the feeling was suffocating.

She was a tough woman who did not want to depend on others, even if the person was her significant
other in the future. She wanted to achieve the goal to become a better person who could stand beside

“Roni, I…” Matthew had always been the one who scolded others instead of being scolded, but things
were different at the moment. He was overwhelmed with guilt as he watched her silently with a tender
look in his eyes. She’s right. I’ve crossed the boundary.

“Please stop the car,” Veronica asked the driver.

The middle-aged driver was aware of the couple fighting in the back seats, so he advised instead of
stopping the car, “Oh, miss. Your husband did this for your good. Even though he’s wrong to meddle in
your business, he cares about you.”

Still, her expression sank and she raised her voice as she repeated, “I said, let me off!”

However, the driver was not stopping the car. Understanding the kind of person Veronica was, Matthew
interrupted, “Sir, please stop the car.”

“All right.” The driver stopped the car at the roadside when he finally realized the atmosphere between
them was terrible.

As the car came to a stop, Veronica did not think twice as she opened the car to get off, but Matthew
stopped her. “You don’t need to get down. I’ll go.”

His handsome face showed a hint of resignation. Before he pushed the door open and alighted from
the car, he cast a meaningful look at her.

However, just as he stepped onto the ground, Veronica threw the bouquet out and closed the door with
a thump. “Sir, you can drive now.”

Even if the driver was willing to offer a peace talk, he could only start the car as he was not in the
position to meddle in their business.

Matthew stood at the roadside when the cold wind swayed at him like a thousand knives.

He took out a pack of cigarettes from his pocket and placed one between his lips before he lit it. He
began to walk while smoking as thoughts were running through his mind.

He knew Veronica was furious. Even though it was a trivial deal to him, he had crossed her boundary.

Matthew finally knew she was much tougher than he imagined she would be. A sudden worry filled his
mind as the way she cared about the public’s opinion would push them further away from each other.

He pondered with a frown between his brows. Will everything change if Veronica is pregnant? As the
idea flashed in his mind, he immediately called Skyler.

“Matt? What’s wrong?” Skyler answered the call with a yawn, then he mumbled, “You better have a
good reason for waking me up this early in the morning.”

“How do I make it easy for someone to get pregnant?”